20 : Anything Can Be Solved Over A Cup Of Tea…Or Started

Freya could hear the pitter patter of her brother’s steps long before his scent reached her. At the sound of his growl she ceased her song to watch him approach, offering no resistance as her form was brought against his own. Trailing her nails down his back she noted the tension in his body earning a firm tilt of his head to bring his lips to her own. Even with the healing factor it was rare for her to allow him to feed on her directly. To this day she much preferred her method of simply slicing her tongue or cheek in order help his quell his affliction. Once satisfied she began to nuzzle against him, a low purr sounding as she began to softly nip at the base of his neck whilst her legs tightened around his waist.

Maksim’s eyes shone at his sister’s simply, yet clear words with his relatives. Markus simply nodded at Aleera before walking off- another thing Maksim found amusing. His brother truly was of werewolf kin in his loyalty and in his inability to become an alpha. Antoinette exchanged a look with her twin before regarding their sister. Without a doubt the celebration was over, but Antoinette simply wanted permission to leave. Aleera’s nod was all she needed to give her siblings a chase kiss on the cheek and disappear into the night leaving Maksim and Aleera in one another’s presence. “Should we retire?” Maksim offered, scanning the club to see how few Draghi dependents were still mulling about. “Ga dan maar door. Ik heb iets om voor te zorgen.”

Markus arrived in front of his door, waiting to release a long breath once he was securely inside with the door shut firmly behind him. Pulling off his shirt he sat down on the edge of the bed and merely collected himself. There were things he had learned to do to keep a calm demeanor and this was one of them- it was a low rate version of meditation. He could hear his sister somewhere in the hall but made no effort to contact her. He figured she was either stopping in to grab something or already had something to do in her quarters.

Antoinette entered her room without an air of care in the world. As far as she was concerned none of the ruckus has been in any way connected to herself which meant there was no reason to put any more thought into it. “Oh! I thought you would have gone home!” Her face lit up at the sight of Virag, her eyes falling on the food. “Mmm. What’s it this time?” Leaning over the pot she closed her eyes to enjoy the delicious scents. How Virag was such an amazing cook never ceased to amaze her. Just the thought of his cooking alone was enough to make her salivate.

When Aleera stepped foot on the Draghi estate there was complete silence. To a newcomer it might seem as if the grounds were in deep rest and yet as she crossed a courtyard she was soon met by four elderly women. “Word has spread of your inability to restrain the Xiradis boy.” The first woman spoke as if there were acid on her tongue. “If you are to invite them into our lands you must properly vet them. It is your responsibility.” The second woman reiterated. “I am aware, my ladies. I sent-“ “It does not matter who you deigned to send in your place. The responsibility is yours to handle the arrogance of Xiradis.” The third woman cut her off briskly. “The boy will be properly contained the next time I encounter him.” Aleera replied firmly. “You will remind him of his obligations…or have you forgotten your own?” Not two moments had passed before Aleera was left to her own devices in the courtyard. The young woman blinked once before continuing to a quite familiar room. After three melodic knocks she stepped inside to find Clotilde perched on a couch. “Has Siavash elected not to join you tonight?”


Young Love – Kip Moore

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