21 : Birds

Aeron’s whole body relaxed into Freya’s. His sister so naturally fell into place into his arms. Allowing her to lift his head from her collar bone to her lips. Freya was such an adorable excuse maker. If she wanted him to kiss her she only needed to say so. His teeth nibbling on her lip to enjoy all the flavor that he loves. Aeron’s own claws just only breaking her skin on her back as she dug her nails into his. A low intimate growl escaping his lips. He wanted her. She wanted him. Aeron could feel his sister’s legs tighten around him. A huge tease as he heard her purr and press against him. Aeron slid up her up in his arms so her breast would be closer to his mouth and he began to tease her just as she often did to him. A part of him silently sliding into a place it almost considered as home. His mouth moving from her chest back to her throat. Aeron couldn’t help, but lick, growl and nibble on repeat. A slight rhythm beginiing to grow.

Virag held out the cook ware and smiled. “I made some Pelmeni in case you wanted comfort food after tonight.” He put the cookware down on the small table and picked up another container. “There’s also prepackaged meals for the week. I noticed your fridge was empty again and you have all those events next week.” He pulled out a seat next to her and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Edd meg.” He leaned forward to light the big candle stick on the table. The mood was always an important thing. He carefully turned around to pull out a fancy black box onto the table. He pushed it forward towards her. He watched her open it. The shining new black dance shoes, the tights, and the jewlery cuff she could wear when she was dancing. It was a silver octopus if you looked closely with sapphire eyes. Virag couldn’t help, but rub the back of his head shyly. “I know you don’t normally wear anything too spcific ro nautical, but I thought this was simple enough for your tastes.” Virag leaning forward to give her a kiss on the cheek. “The birthday boy shouldn’t be the only one who gets presents today.”

Clotilde didn’t even lift her head when she heard the three knocks. She simply swished her wand and had a cup of tea prepare itself for Aleera. When she perched on the couch the tea cup floated over to her. ” We both thought it would be better to not have a Xiradis on property – officially or unofficially.” She smiled a bit before continuing. “Besides, he had to give a lecture to his younger brother.” Clotilde reached out for one of the colored macroons. They seemed almost always available in this household. Perhaps, Evangeline really was the ‘french’ one. “Taka doesn’t listen to many people. Special boys in that household never really have to it seems.” She looked up and smiled at Aleera. “But that’s why G-d made strong women is it not?”Clotilde leaned back into the couch and chuckled. “If you need me to whip Siavash into shape for you tomorrow to make the situation better just let me know. He should be useful for something for his friends.” She stood up for a moment when Aleera was leaving. “Ah. I almost forgot to tell you. He’s been instructed to send you an apology note. I hope the little one sends the appropriate gift.”

Taka returned to his room in frustration. He was not surprised to see two naked slave girls in his bed. “This again…” He murmured to himself. The damn idiots trying to ingratiate themselves to him. Pathetic lot all of them. This family could learn one thing from tre Draghi’s- have a time period of stricter selective breeding. He unbuttoned his shirt and walked towards his bed. The two quickly standing up. He looked at the taller more tan one. “Prepare my vitamin drinks, a pot of tea and than you may excuse yourself to service who ever sent you.” He stopped her for a moment and then pulled open a drawter. He casually wrote a note that was semi polite and handed it to her. “For your master.” He instructed the second girl to go prepare his bath, pajamas, and heating pads before sending her off in the same manner. Taka sitting down at his desk as the two ran around. Now what was it he should send her again?

Mairi returned hom exhausted. “Home so soon, Mairi?” She looked up to see her mother slink from the shadows. Standing silently behind her was her brother. A shudder running through her. “Yes, the party ended early.” Mairi watched her mother slink forward and wrap her hands to her face like an inescapable snake. “Oh. Did it now? But you looked so pretty tonight.” She took a deep breath. Looking her mother in the eye sometimes was quite diffiicult. “You know how these things go. Xiradis -Draghis there’s always something.” Her mother moved her hand down so she was now hugging her daughter very close. There was no escape. “And who was it that ruined my little cubs night.” Mairi shuddered. “Taka was just venting as usual.” Laelas leaned down and smiled at her daughter. “IS conflict with Aleera now venting as usual? I had no idea of this shift.” Mairi clenched her teeth. Fucking Lucian and Fucking Asgar. She would need to talk to that bird brain later. The shitty vulture. Mairi took a step away from her mother. “Of course. Taka losing his temper is nothing new.” She looked around the dark halls. “Where is father? I have to ask him something.” Laelas turned to her beloved son. “Kristoffer, do you know where he is?”

Taka found himself struck with motivation. He snapped his fingers and the balcony to his room opened. A flock of birds flying in. He whispered them a set of directions and walked away from his desk and into the bathroom. He had no problem sliding into the bath and enjoying his alloted thirty minutes. Taka closing his eyes and zoning out. When his internal alarm went off he got out and stood and looked into the mirror. An evil smile on his face as he fixed his hair and started his oddly long and complicated bed time routine. “What a pain.” He grumbled as he cracked his neck.

Lucian sat with his siblings in Maxence, Raoul and Zoe in their common area. Who knew where Ophelia was. Probably chasing the skirt of their absentee mother. Maxence was even more seemingly quiet than usual. Raoul was frowning. ” I can’t believe you let a bird play the lead role.” Lucian rolled his eyes. “I am also a bird, am I not?” Raoul growled at his brother. “You are a Draghi. ON DRAGHI LAND.” Lucian only took a sip of tea. “Relax, brother. You don’t have to make a show for your superiors.” Zoe hit Lucian’s arm. “Lucian that isn’t nice. Trying to fit in with your family isn’t a bad thing.” He rolled his eyes. “Please. Besides, Ophelia must I remind you that our last name remains Bellchant. Keep our heads down and don’t get in the way and you may keep the Draghi privildeges.” Raoul growled again. “Lucian!” Maxence clapped his hands. “ENough you two. The matter is over.” Zoe nodded her head. When Maxence finally talked you understood why he was the most loved of the siblings. The one that got along with the Draghi’s best. Almost naturally. Lucian leaned forward to get some grapes on the table. “I suppose. Aunt Laelas has taken up the mattter as an interest.” Raoul leaned back into the sofa and groaned. Maxence looked away; while Zoe shuddered. Lucian winked at her. “Smile, Zoe. That is your potential mother-in-law.” Zoe stuck her tongue out at her brother. “There’s no way I’m letting dad marry me off to that psycopath.” He cracked up laughing. “Yes. Dad will certainly marry you off to dear sweet Allard instead.” Maxence clapped his hands once more. “I said enough.” Lucian rolled his eyes but remained quiet. He didn’t need this brother running off to tattle to Aleera. He already had Maksim pains.

Taka instructed the flock of birds to send him the head of the man he vented with early. He opened the jaw for a moment before leaning away to scavenge through a drawyer of ‘appropriate’ gifts he was instructed to have prepared just in case. He selected a simple, fine cut platinum and emerald hand chain and put the beautiful velvet box in the man’s mouth. Then he lifted the head and put in in a beautiful box. On the outside he wrote a single note.
“I was instructed to apologize.” In case she was dense enough to not open the gift he wrote on the back. “You are expected to open this at the very least.” Taka tapped his wand and watched the package be picked up by the birds and carried off. She would receive the present on balcony. Clotilde was always very helpful.


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