22 : Fridge?

A soft hiss escaped Freya as he entered her only to be immediately overcome by low purring. Curling her fingers into his locks she began to meet his rhythm with growing enthusiasm. Aeron had never shied away from making his needs known- or fulfilling them, and while it was normally the root of unnecessary tensions…there were times when it was agreeable. Freya’s quiet demeanor began to fade, claws locking into his flesh and eyes taking on a bright hue before dimming abruptly at her echoes. Returning to her affections she placed firm bites and kisses anywhere she could reach- anything to muffle herself as a familiar pressure began to build until it became impossible. Her body tensed around his frame, a shameless moan ripping from her throat as she sunk her fangs into the base of his neck. After several moments she ran her tongue over his wound, hints of a smile forming while her fingers lazily tracing down his chest. When she felt enough time had passed, Freya pushed away from Aeron and stepped out of the water in search of her dress. Pulling the minimal fabric over herself she waited for him to follow suit.


Antoinette was never not amazed at how perfect Virag was. If anyone had asked her whether her fridge was empty she honestly would not have been able to answer. Feigning a look of suspicion, she hesitantly took a bite. “Hm…it’s….” As much as she tried to make a face of disgust it was damn near impossible! “-It’s delicious. Thank you.” With a warm smile she placed a kiss on his cheek. It wasn’t until she noticed the present that she even remembered he’d said he had one for her. “Oh!” Lifting the top, she eagerly pulled each item out, holding it up to the light to get a better look. If there was one thing she loved; it was gifts- and food of course. “This is adorable! I love it!” Leaning over she ignored his kiss on the cheek to give him a proper kiss. “I’ll wear it tomorrow. It’s just in time for the new season.” Turning the octopus over in her fingers she couldn’t help but smile at the sapphire eyes. Why was it Tchaikovsky men always seemed to know JUST what to get someone? She was sure it was rooted in black magic but had yet to confirm her theories. Finishing her food, she promptly stood. “Come. I’m not the only one who should get a present tonight.” Catching the edge of his shirt in her fingers she gently pulled him further into her suite.


Aleera caught the tea cup precise yet graceful movements. “I can understand that sentiment.” Her biases aside, it had been a proper decision for Siavash to have retired to his own compound. The comment of his younger brother earned a slight twitch in her features. That child… ‘Special boys’…Yeah, that boy was surely special in his juvenile tendencies. A brow perked at Clotilde’s comment on strong women. “Is that not why you have Siavash so tightly wound.” A smile graced her features as she raised the porcelain to her lips. They truly were some of her dearest friends. “It’s no bother. This won’t be the first time I’ve had to manipulate an unruly child.” She offered her friend a wink before rising to her feet. “Besides, you should enjoy time spent with Siavash before seventh year begins.” She smiled again before placing a chaste kiss on Clotilde’s Placing a chaste kiss on Clotilde’s. Just as her hand was on the door she stopped. “I’m sure it will be…curious.” Xiradis men were not known for their…appropriate behavior, especially when it came to apologies. “Dors bien.”


Kristopher watched the interaction between Mairi and their mother with amusement. She looked so similar to their mother and yet was so inherently different in so many ways. The expression on his face made it clear he had not expected her to come back home tonight. For varying reasons. Moving to leave he stopped at his mother’s voice. “He’s handling for the Durmstrang Insitute. He’ll be back in the morning for your special day.” His gaze flickered back to his sister. After the gossip that had reached the household from the usual pipeline he was a bit curious himself- just not with the same intensity as his mother. Besides, with a mother like there’s you never had to be too curious. “Mairi, someone left a package for you.”


Aleera arrived back in her room to immediately realize something was off: her balcony door was open just a crack. With a flick of her wrist the curtains peeled back to reveal an elegant box sitting on balcony in perfect sight. “Hmm…” As she approached pungent smell assaulted her senses while she scanned the note- such a way with words. The lid to the box had barely been raised for ten seconds before she forced it shut again. Closing her eyes, Aleera took an internal breath. Curious may have been an understatement and a thousand scenarios ran through her mind on how to react to such a slight. Some ideas were far more brazen than the others, but in the end, she elected for a very simple reaction. In fine calligraphy she wrote the words “Apology declined”. Tossing his note into the flames she attached her new one to the box and sent it off. “Children.” She muttered before peeling off her dress and stepping inside the shower. After twenty minutes she lowered herself into a bath filled with rose water and closed her eyes.download

Children Of The Sea – Black Sabbath

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