23 : Apology?

Aeron had been completely in the moment until he felt the sensation of his sister biting down on his neck. The familiar moment of unconscious rage and conscious pleasure rushing through his body like electricity. He leaned his head back and let out his shameless moan. When she was done he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. A part of him wished she was a messy eater. His eyes following her as she waded out of the water. As he began to wade back towards he realized his clothes were in complete tatters. With a sigh he bent forward and shifted. Aeron nuzzling his sister’s leg before he took of running towards home. He longed for the forest, the trees and the hunt. He had yet to completely satisfy himself.

Virag couldn’t help, but smile at Antoinette’s invitation. He eagerly followed her deeper into her suite. A low sultry voice whispering in her ear. “Я не могу ждать”

Clotilde smiled a moment before reaching out. A simple quill and piece of parchment paper appeared. She took another sip of tea as it began to write.

She completely has no idea. This will surely be entertaining Mon Ours.

Mairi turned to look at her brother. Both excitement and fear crossing her face. This could go either way at the moment. “For me?” She walked over to him slowly. Was he going to try and torture her in some crazy way. “Where is it?” Laelas laughed slowly. “it is so beautiful to see my children getting along.” She narrowed her eyes. “If only your father was here a day early.” The three of them heard a knock at the door. Mairi turned around to see her grandfather. Her body naturally settling on a combination of distrust, anxiety, disgust and anticipation. Aart walked in with his arms spread wide and a large smile on his face. I have brought a present for my grandchildren.” He tossed a box at Kristoffer. Then he handed a box to Mairi. She opened it and saw langiere. He winked at her. “For that wolf boy of yours you are interested in.” Mairi want to groan. They were so disgusting and way too well informed. She accepted her grandfathers hug. “Thanks.” Aart smiled at her. “If it works there’s no need to thank me.” He hugged her mother, his clear favorite. “Don’t think I forgot about you my dear.” He handed her a slip of paper. When she opened it and smiled Mairi knew it was time to excuse herself. She turned to brother and said. “So this package?”

Taka had been working at his desk when he saw a package delivered to him via bird. He was annoyed to see it was his package. He sighed in his chair. “Draghi’s.” He scanned over the note. Frustrated he repackaged the gift with a new note.

“I have been informed by my brother you wished to clean up the uninteresting mess yourself. This is the only part left. It is yours. The jewelry is your ‘apology’ sentiment.”

This time he clearly left a magical arrow pointing to the head and the jewelry box in the mouth. With irritation he sent it back off. He called for one of the slaves. She was new. Skittish and fumbling. He didn’t have time for it.

“Ask one of the others to show you how to prepare a vitamin pack and hot tea.”

The poor girl stumbled on her way out, but he paid it no mind. He could understand why they were afraid of him. If only his cousins shared that sentiment. A note appearing on his desk. It was in Aki’s handwriting.

“Did you actually apologize?”

He groaned, but sent a letter in response.


Dullahan – Sam Kelly

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