24 : Packages

Kristopher chuckled at the expressions marring Mairi’s features. Compared to the others around them he truly was the least of her worries. “Well, it definitely isn’t for me.” He quipped. “It’s in my room.” He answered before his grandfather entered the room. He caught the present with one hand but made no move to open it. Aart was quite transparent in his favoritism though it was partly why he remained thankful he had been born a male. “This way.” Tilting his head in the direction he led her far down the hall where his room was. “It’s from the Draghi estate, but isn’t marked.” Picking the package off his bed he handed it over to her. Just by looking at the package it was obviously very traditionally Draghi just in the colors and presence of a satin bow. As soon as he’d handed off the package he grabbed a jacket. Leaning against the wall he smirked. “Well go on then.” For his sister to receive a package from the Draghi’s…there was no way he’d just leave her to open it by herself. Especially considering the whole house knew exactly which wolf boy she was interested in.


Aleera rose from the water some time later to begin her rather stringent beauty routine. Once satisfied she pulled open the double door to her room. The now familiar scent of dead flesh weighing in the air. To a human it would have been imperceptible, but for her… The young woman made her way over the balcony, doors opening on their own to reveal a new box exactly where the last one had been placed. With a snap of her fingers the note flitted over, levitating in the air for her to read. “Jewelry…” Her tone was skeptical as her gaze returned to the box.

“Will you not open the package, my lady?” A very deep voice reverberated through the room.

“Not this evening. No.” Aleera’s fingers twitched bringing a piece of parchment and accompanying quill to life. “Transcribe: ‘Apology and sentiment declined’.” When the note was finished she posted to the unopened package. “Return it to the sender, please.”

“It has been some time since a severed head has arrived in such decorum.” The voice sounded again. “In the past such transgressions were handled in quite a different manner.”

“I don’t intend to overexert myself for the sake of a child.” Aleera replied calmly, nimble fingers sliding through her locks to complete an elaborate braid style. “If the package returns, inform me in the morning please.”

“Of course, my lady.”


The following morning Antoinette rose with a stretch and a smile, blue eyes flitting to the sleeping man in her bed. Rolling over she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek before slipping out of bed and into the shower. With school the summer season in full swing it was her peak time for training and practice. With Virag’s present donned on her figure and one of his meals in hand she sprinted down the stairs to the deserted studio. “Let’s begin.” Her voice was chipper even this early in the morning as the lights turned on and classical music began to flit through the room. Over an hour was spent stretching and practicing traditional ballet. In her younger days these sessions were spent with many, but as she’d gotten older fewer participated as they were consumed with other matters. It made no difference to her though; when in doubt she could always call upon her brother.

Speaking of which she was sure he was busy training on his own- most likely engulfed in training of his own outside. It wasn’t until she entered the main training room that she found him, over exerting himself in a fashion she had seen far too many times. “Still bothered about last night?” Antoinette inquired from her vantage point.

Markus waited until he’d finished a set to answer his sister. “Just going through the motions.” He replied, his eyes never leaving the target ahead of him.

“When do you have to meet with her?” Antoinette asked, propping herself up on the bannister.

“Whenever she decided to get around to it.” His tone was rather direct.

Antoinette merely nodded. “Well why don’t we a challenge since I think it’s fair to say there’s no life left in your dummy.” She smiled when Markus cracked a smile and took that as an invitation to flip herself over the bannister to land a few feet in front of him.

“I’m not in the mood to get wet today.” Markus informed her.

“Then you better not be rusty.” Antoinette teased, raising her hands to collect the water from neighboring barrels in a swirl around herself.

Markus smirked. “Begin.”


Damian sat in his office, enjoying a morning cup of bitter tea while reading over reports that had been slow in arriving. One was a detailed account of his second son’s progression over the past few years. While he was keenly aware of his son’s shortcomings, it was an entirely different matter to read at the hand of someone else. “Xsaysarsa needs a different form of training. Our resources are proving unable to fix his…defect.” Looking up from the report he waited for his wife’s response. “Any suggestions?”


Let’s Go – Calvin Harris (ft. Neyo)

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