3 : Xiradis

The three Xiradis boys turned their attention to blonde who bobbed over to the birthday boy. The eldest, Akihiro, and the middle child, Hiroyuki, glanced over her with appreciating gazes. The youngest boy scoffing to go find one of their brothers. As he customarily checked with the one in his age group and the one he was actually close too.

On his way to trying to see Markus, who had ended up behind him near his sisters, Takahiro caught the eye of his cousins Freya and Aisla. His eyes turning to the wall of solitude that held Aeron’s permanent residence address. He gently nodded his head at his cousin to not be such a boor at an event. It made his life more annoying. His attention turning to the sight of poor Adolphe approaching Aisla. Should he stop it? Of course. Would he? No, it was not his job to do so. Some can only learn after the wound. And if they did not learn, well it was their fault in the first place.

Taka stopping when he found Maksim. He took two glasses of Champagne from one of the somewhat scantily dressed server’s tray. He personally thought it was somewhat awkward for the level of innocence his Aunt Mina raised her son with. However, he did not care enough to say anything. Instead he handed Maksim a new glass. “Enjoying yourself?” Taka taking a sip as he waited for an answer. It was obvious he did not really care what it was as he quickly switched topics. “My female cousins are admiring you as always. You should take a break from guarding that doll of yours and entertain them.” Maksim was aware that Taka and his brother’s refereed to his twin as a doll, because Taka said it only in his presence. However, Taka often expected Maksim did not become of aware how much all three meant it. He put his arm around Maksim, ignoring what ever comment he made next, and directed them towards his female cousins. Who were pleasantly surprised to enjoy him for once. Taka smirking at them. “Try not to completely eat him up. I do need my school life to be somewhat interesting.” Taka turning away before he could hear Maksim’s or his cousins’ reply. His attention caught at the sight of his miserable failure of a brother creating a spectacle with the blonde one. Pathetic.

Hiroyuki had walked away from the cake when he saw Antoinette pull Markus to the dance floor. After all these years and parties he had never gotten to dance with her. Her cousin Virag always seemed to slip right in. It could not continue. Hiroyuki deserved the attention of beautiful women. I mean…Look at him. He watched his prey switch from her brother to a random Xiradis cousin. He scoffed. That cousin was a waste of air. His attention turning over to Emilie, who got pulled in next. Ah, an easy switch. Hiroyuki weaving through the dance floor until he saw Emilie spin out. Hiroyuki gracefully catching Antoinette’s hands to twirl her around herself and back into him. A part of him wondering what to do next after he finished this dance…. Meanwhile, he caught of his brother dancing softly near him with Clothilde. A relationship he just could not understand.

Aeron who had been ignoring Taka’s suggestion was leering silently on his wall. His father, Eunan, was next to him on one side. His brother Rhiagan close enough. These things were such an unwanted responsibility. Aeron glanced over at his sister heading over to their cousin Adolphe. He was one of the few werewolves from Pyotr’s line, and he was going to be completely destroyed by his sister. What pity. He was a decent beta wolf. Aeron’s attention splitting to Ame. For a young girl a large amount of inappropriately aged men was heading over to her. It was unacceptable as she was certainly more his daughter then Pyotr’s. He pushed off the wall and began to head towards her when the movement of someone approaching Freya caught his eye. He tilted his head slightly and smelled who it was approaching. What a hassle. A sexually interested male. If only his sister made vines grow through their bodies to end them. He made his way over to Freya and bent down behind her to whisper, “Balcony.” He gently took her hand glancing at the man approaching. Aeron ignoring the fact he did not give his sister a choice and simply pulled her up and dragged her towards the balcony without consent. His father Eunan glancing at their direction, but offering no sign of any feelings on it. Aeron’s eyes briefly catching the sight of his cousin, Mairi. This one he enjoyed for a fox…

Mairi was smiling sweetly at her cousin Niklaus. She found him the easiest of her cousins from that line. Her hand slightly resting on his chest as she leaned in to talk in whispers to him. She was simply asking how he felt and how his training was, but she knew people assumed more. It couldn’t be helped. The sight of an attractive blonde exiting the dance floor to head towards Niklaus brother caught her eye. She leaned up to give Niklaus a kiss on the cheek. “Doesn’t he just look delectable.” She ignored wether or not Niklaus glanced over her new interest. Instead, she turned away from him and headed over towards her brother. She picked a glass for him as well on the way over. When she reached Rhiagon, Mairi handed hima glass. She smiled so sweetly at him. “At least try to blend in a little. You do claim to be better at this then Aeron.” The beautiful part of this cousin of hers was that he simply did not care about her opinions most of the time. Which meant he did not care if his physical location was being used to pick up a man. The two retained an amicable relationship. Mairi leaned closer to Markus and smiled sweetly. “What brings a Draghi male like you to this lovely compound?” Her head tilting ever so slightly to expose her collarbone and the slight better view of a chest. There were standard ways one could attract a wolf to bite.

Damian’s girls, after talking with their cousins, headed over to their parents. It did not surprise them to find their mother sitting on his lap at one of the tables. They were honestly quite embarrassing that way. However, when they thought about the other father’s having harems they gave their mother some credit. She knew their father did not like extra work, so she kept him busy enough. The three taking seats besides them. Akiko pouring her father a new glass from the table. She couldn’t help, but be a father’s girl. Yukiko placed a piece of cake in front of their father. Although, she did not expect him to actually eat it. While Kohaku simply sighed. “They really do put way too much effort in maintaining everyone’s attention.” Her head resting tiredly at the table. She was the youngest after all.

Taka who was on his way to Markus glanced over briefly. His friend lucien and his Lucien’s brother, Maxence, had taken over Maris to dance with her. It was odd how they were only sweet with children. Every other time, Lucien at least, was twisted. He appeared behind Markus. Taka’s eyes glancing at Mairi’s forward gestures. Ah, she was his mark for the night. Mairi was going to make him lose his comfort pillow. How annoying. Taka smiling smoothly. “Ah. It seems I am interrupting something for my dear cousin.” Mairi turned to glance at Taka. No sign of her annoyance crossing her face. Only a sweet smile. “Dear cousin? Surely, you are exaggerating. Why not go and intervene with your other cousins.” Mairi pointing to a crowd of men around Aleera. A few being his Xiradis cousins. A large foreboding smile appeared on his face. And for a moment Mairi regretted her comment, but the the thought of playing with an attractive male overwrote that feeling completely. Taka’s smile only grew. “Oh Mairi, I love when you give me games to play.” Taka turning around to head over towards Aleera. Eager to squash his cousin’s lives.

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