Dimitrov eyed the girl. She was an aggressive one. No, corrected. She was an experienced one for her age. He raised his hand to her cheek and tilted her head. “Isn’t it my job to be?” His other hand pulling her close. Dimitrov’s hands securely resting on the small of her back. His lips reaching just a bit away from ear. “Where would you like to start?”

Autumn had not wanted to admit she was enjoying the social. It was only day one…She didn’t have to stress and worry yet. Autumn could simply lean back and listen to the tales of the fumbling red robe..robes. She did her best to hide the small smile on her face at his stories. How unencumbered they were and happy was something slightly envious. She tucked her hair behind her back, as if she was almost shy.
“It’s both exactly what they say it will be and completely different.”
When she saw everyones reactions a part of her wanted to put her head down. She should of gone with some stupid answer like ‘it’s great so far!’, but no she was honest. Comfort returning to her as she saw Landon make a joke. Autumn wouldn’ admit to being thankful, but she was. The stories ontinuing with Illych’s comparison of the joint beauxbaton and durmstrung soirees to the potential ones here. Quite a few Hogwartians looked as if they wished to switch gatherins. Jen in particular seemed to be fantasizing some childish dream. She felt a paper swan land silently on her lap. Autumn standing up shocking everyone.
“Excuse me, I have to go.”
She quickly gathered her things and turned to Chadwick.
“Chadwick, can you make sure Katsumi gets back to the dorm in one piece?”
She didn’t wait for an answer. This was the only chance she would give him. EVER. Autumn quickly escaping the library to return to the dorms

Autumn opened up the letter. It was from her mother.
I hope your first day is going well? Your father misses you so much~~~ I had to stop him from rampaging~ He is just adorable isn’t he? Anyways~~~~ I need you to do me a favor? Okay~~ Just go meet your aunt for me and tell her I have a deluvery~
Love, Okaa-san~
She threw the note into the fire. Great, let’s meet the aunt that already didn’t seem to approve me. Autumn running upstairs to crash on her bed. This whole thing was a mess.

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