Landon watched Autumn, lingering on her as tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. It was honestly pretty cute and it only served to make her answer cuter. For the remainder of the evening he sat back and enjoyed Illych’s stories. Where many of his mates seemed to be envious he just found it entertaining. He looked over at Autumn again when she excused herself, follwoing her movement to his side of the table.

“Yeah- sure.” Chadwick agreed to find Autumn gone before he’d evenmanaged the first syllable. A troubled expression formed only to break when Landon’s hand connected with is back.

“Ease up, mate.” Landon chuckled, never one to let things get to him too much. It was something Chadwick both admired and was a bit concerned about.

Eventually Chadwick grew tired of the exchange of stories and rose to his feet. “I’ll see you in class.” The bags under his eyes gave nothing away.

“Leaving so soon?” Landon looked up at his lanky friend. “Alright, see you then.”

“Katsumi. Did you want to head back to common room or stay a bit longer?” Chadwick had inadvertently agreed to keep an eye on Katsumi, but at the same time wasn’t exactly going to baby sit someone his own age. If he wanted to stay then he was free to. Chadwick just wanted to hit the sack.

Bored Student

All The Tired Horses – Bob Dylan

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