Katsumi had already begun to scramble his things back into his bag when Chadwick asked if he was ready. Katsumi nodding. “Yea, let’s go back. He followed Chadwick out. Doing his best to ignore the snickers from Eloise and the smirk on Chigaru’s face. He was very happy not be placed in their house. He knew he was being quiet at first, but eventually he took a deep breath and started to speak. “I’m sorry…for being pushed on you…It’s just I’m not very good with new people…I’m not very comfortable…Autumn…She saw I was okay and forced me on you…” He bowed towards him. “I am really sorry!”

Autumn stood in the dungeons, right in front of the ‘super difficult’ to open office door of Professor Rhiannon She looked the door up and down. It would be impressive to any third rate hack. Perhaps, even a warmup challenge to a talented spell caste. However, Autumn was blood and so their was nothing locking this door from her. She opened her mouth slightly and let the whispers of serpents slowly escape. The locks on the door twisting around to their proper places. The large stone door opened to reveal the hall to the office. Annoyed, Autumn marched into the room. The stones closing after her. If only she was aware of the shadow looming around the corner watching her.

Professor Rhiannon had been enjoying a nice cup of tea when she heard the whispers of a snake. She put her cup down in annoyance. There were only two people that could enter her quarters in such a manner. And by her fortune it was obvious which one would intrude on her privacy at such a time. The sight of her niece walking towards her just increasing her irritation. “And why are you here?” Autumn looked her aunt up and down. While, her mother was red haired and grey eyed this woman was black haired and hazel eyes. It was a marvel that they were sisters. “Mother interrupted my social life to demand I hand this over to you.” She held out her palm and the paper swan slowly drifted on its own to her aunt’s desk. Professor Rhiannon silently opened the note. When she was done she crumpled it up and threw it into the green colored flames of her fireplace. “What an annoying woman.” Autumn simply shrugged. “A blight on anyone whose fate is tied to hers.” Professor Rhiannon rolled her eyes. “Children are such dramatic annoyances. As a spoiled heir of a clan and her child you would not be aware of the irritation she can be.” Autumn could not let that slide. “Please, she was gracious enough to leave you to your own fate for years. She inflicts her tricks and trials on an entire country, her husband and even her own daughter. Why do you think I’m even here?” Professor Rhiannon leaned back into her chair wearily. “If you are not just hear to protect the Katsumi boy than this year will most certainly be an atrocious mess.” Autumn nodded her head. “Most certainly, Aunt.” At the sound of the aunt she sat back upright straight. This child was most definitely just as annoying as her mother. “Don’t you have a curfew to make?” She rolled her eyes. “I didn’t think my aunt and househead would be such a backstabber to her own house.” Professor Rhiannon raised her hand and pointed to the door. “Go.” Autumn nodded her head and walked out of the office. Professor Rhiannon taking a sip of her tea. “Really, Fionnula.”


And Snake Starts To Sing – Bring Me The Horizon

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