Chadwick enjoyed the decompression of stepping into large airy corridors. Sliding his hands into his pockets he jumped, tilting back on his heels at Katsumi’s sudden how. “I-it’s no bother. Really.” He scratched his head, a somewhat low laugh sounding in attempt to conceal his embarrassment. “Hogwarts can be a bit daunting.” He admitted. “But you’re my housemate and I’ve got your back.” He placed a hand on Katsumi’s shoulder. “It’s a cultural exchange anyway, right?” Guiding him back to their common room the door opened to reveal several Ravenclaws spread about the room working on Merlin knows what.

“Hey Chadwick. Did you want to work on something with me?” Aria’s voice called across the room.

“Sorry, Aria. I’m going to hit the sack tonight.” Glancing back at Katsumi he led him into their shared room. He immediately slipped out of his robes and pulled his short over his head before cracking shoulders. He could practically hear Jen’s shrill voice nagging him to stop slouching- the memory was enough to forcibly straighten his posture. “So what’d you think of the..study group; if you can even call it that.” He muttered the last bit while bending down to put away his clothes.


Gives You Hell – All American Rejects

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