Katsumi didn’t quite understand why he found Chadwick’s voice comforting. However, there was a tone to it that reminded him of those who voiced sleep tracks and meditation courses. He was silent mostly until they reached the Ravenclaw dorm. He couldn’t help, but have a natural response to Aria. Not only was she always around Chadwick pulling him away, she seemed to be a core reason of his hesitancy towards the exchanges. “Hello, Aria.” He introduced himself briefly. A sense of relief at Chadwick’s dismissal of the proposal. He followed Chadwick silently up the stairs. A part of him fighting the childish urge to stick his tongue out at her. When Chadwick immedietly went to change, Katsumi couldn’t help, but feel his eyes drawn to him. The way his body looked under the clothes. The movements he made to crack his shoulder. At the sound of the question he looked back up. “I assumed we would at least organize before the activites.” Katsumi chuckling a bit. “That may have been naive of me.” When Chadwick stood up and looked at him, Katsumi too began to change. First came his shirt. The lines of his muscles always seemed to surprise people. Next came his pants. It was simple to get out of them. Revealing simply black boxers underneath. Katsumi reaching for a pair of pajama pants to put on and nothing else. He walked over to his trunk and pulled out a bag of herbal tea. With a few swishes of his wand two cups of hot tea was being made. He walked over one cup to Chadwick and perched on the side of his bed, handing one of the cups over. “it’s herbal tea. Not only good for the bod, but helps with sleep. If you need sugar just let me know.” He took a sip of his drink slowly. “I know it may be overwhelming for you as well. It seems we will hold too much attention for awhile.” Katsumi swishing his wand again and a bag of treats coming out of his chest floated over. He leaned the pack towards him. “I know they’re all colorful, but everyone likes Manju.”

Autumn found herself escaping the dungeon to head to one of the open courtyards, After dealing with this aunt of hers she found herself needing some fresh air. She sat down one of the benches and lifted her head to feel the slight breeze. Her mouth parted as she slowly started to sing. “Kao wo awashitara kenka shite bakari, sore mo ii omoide data, Kimi ga oshiete kuretan da mou kowaku nai…” The wind seeming to pick up as she sang. It was almost as if it was picking up the leaves around her to swirl and dance. The air starting to smell faintly of blossoms.


Ichiban No Takaramono – Lisa

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