“Definitely naive.” Chadwick chuckled. “But, it’s all in a day at Hogwarts I suppose.” Leaning against the bedpost he moved to unbuckle his belt. His hands unconsciously stilled at site of Katsumi. “You’re…freakin’ ripped, mate.” The surprise clear on his voice while he busied himself with peeling off the rest of his clothes until he standing in a pair of grey boxers. Between the two of them it was clear who had the better physique and while he was surely used to being on the lower end of the totem pole by now…he quickly donned a pair of sweatpants and spare t-shirt. “Thanks.” He accepted the tea with a customary sip. “I just take it plain. Never been one for the dash of milk and two sugars.” He smiled, looking down at Katsumi with another sip. “I don’t mind, really.” He shrugged. “I just don’t want to be included in all the mess.” Watching the bag float above them he peered closely to see what was inside. Long fingers slipped inside to pull out a dough light confection. Raising it for a sniff he took a hefty bite. “Hmm…” His eyes narrowed thoughtfully while he chewed. “That’s really good! Here-“Kneeling down on to the bed he held out the other half for Katsumi. “I’m full from dinner. Have the rest.” With another crack of his neck he propped himself up on his so he was looking up at his newest dorm mate. “When we go to Hogsmeade I’ll take you around for all the good treats.”

Priscilla walked through the halls with silent determination and a coy smile on her lips. From across the way she could see Carson heading in her direction. “Shouldn’t you have retired by now?’ She smirked.

“I could say the same to you.” Carson bantered. “I was caught up with the study group turned social hour in the library. Something you weren’t present for.” He watched her meet his gaze unbothered. “I’m assuming you made your mark?”

“Would a lady ever tell something like that?” Priscilla asked with feigned innocence.

“Nice try. You may be able to fool him, but never me darling.” Carson murmured his attention pulling from the girl to the nearby courtyard.

Priscilla noticed his lack of attention and looked to see what had grabbed it. “Isn’t that Autumn?” Carson merely nodded at her question. “That’s quite the display she’s putting on.” Priscilla noted.

Carson turned to her. “Hurry back before one of your frenemies catches wind.” Not waiting for her to leave he moved to stand on the very edge of the courtyard. “Talk about a new and exciting form of magic.” He finally commented loud enough for Autumn to hear. He inhaled the scent of cherry blossoms. “It seems the rumors were true.” He mused, taking a step into the grass. “If you’re seeking privacy I’d suggest of the smallers ones. Everyone either comes to or passes by the Middle Courtyard.”


Diagon Alley – Harry Potter

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