42 – Brothers

Chadwick closed his eyes. “Goodnight.” It was strange how he hadn’t felt all that tired until his back reached the mattress. Then the weight of the day seemed to finally catch up. He didn’t even attempt to climb under the covers. His eyes opened momentarily at the sound of music. It was like being a spa. He wasn’t complaining though and fell asleep quickly.

Mina woke to find herself alone. Pulling the blanket off herself she quietly tiptoed out into the hall, intent on bartering with the house elves for a mid night snack. After five years the house elves were quite familiar with her even though they still gave her quite a bit of attitude…she always managed to come away with a snack. Just as she went to exit the corridor leading to the kitchens she spotted Autumn leaving a door she’d certainly never seen before. With Autumn safely out of sight, Mina crept over to press her ear against the area where she was sure the door had stood. Her expression dulled when she couldn’t make out anything- damn this castle and it’s tricks! Turning to lean against the wall she took a bite of her snack, the fingers on her free hand idly tapping against the stone.

Damian sat in his office. A number of scrolls were laid out in front of him with the center of the desk taken up by a large map. Across the map items formed of a dull light slowly made their way around passing gold specks of varying illumination scattered around. On the edge of his desk stood a brown falcon with black marks adoring it’s wings. The falcon let out a noise, jumping from it’s podium to snatch the letter that attempted to deliver itself. Perching on Damian’s arm it held out the letter in it’s beak. Without looking up Damian took the letter with his freehand and read it over. “Thank you, Xiilthara.” At his words the falcon returned to it’s perch where a small dove was waiting for it. Grabbing a new sheet of paper he quickly wrote a response.


I commend you for your intuition. Continue with your efforts. Keep them at bay and an careful on the host for now. Inform me once you gain more insight into the Gaunts potential.

Also, it is now Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts.


By the time he finished drafting the letter, Xiilthara was already waiting. Damian tied it to his leg and sent the falcon off.


Just The Two Of Us – Will Smith

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