43 – Bad Introductions

Mina practically reeled forward, her eyes widening at recognition of that voice- his voice. Turning to face him she held her snack close to her chest. “A better introduction?” She swatted his hand away. “Are you having a laugh?” Nervousness gave way to an irritation that had been simmering since this morning. With a quick glance around she pushed forward into his office. “I’m surprised you even remember what my favorite tea is.” She stopped at the sight of the room. A familiar twinge hit her. “Had fun with your student I see.” She murmured, maneuvering around the destroyed furniture to see a familiar falcon waiting on the desk. Reaching out her hand she took the letter while gently stroking the avian’s head. Without a word she held it up for him to take without looking at him. Mina had to bite the inside of her cheek to check her temper.


Bad Man – Esterly Ft. Austin Jenckes

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