43 – Relationship Comparison

Dimitrov felt like he finally had a moment of reprieve when he sense someone playing with the walls that made up the front of his office. He stood up quickly, irritated. “That damn bird!” He rushed to open the front of his office. The stones starting to move away. A scowl on his face. “Don’t you have somewhere to be you lit-” His eyes moving down to see Mina. Dimitrov’s entire atmosphere changing. With a cough he fixed his uniform and his scowl. “Mina. What brings you to my office this evening?” He reached forward and gently touched her cheek before withdrawing his hand. “I had planned a better introduction to my arrival.” Dimitrov gesturing to his office. “You should come in for a cup of tea. I have your favorite.”

Mr. Tiger was sitting at his desk working when a piece of parchment appeared on his desk. He could smell the stench of dog hair. Irritated, he called out to his wife. “Honey.” Fionnula walked into the room in her pajamas. “Yes, dear?” Her eyes settling on the image of parchment paper on his desk. “Do we even need to open this?” Fionnula shook her head. “From what I hear from my sister he is the whining sort. Just throw it into the fire.” Mr. Tiger looked at her unsure. “You sure?” Fionnula moved so she was sitting on his lap. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled. “I’m sure.” Mr. Tiger threw the parchment into the air and it burned away. Fionnula rewarding him with a kiss on the cheek. He smiled at her. “I have to finish this work.” She gave him more kisses. “Come to bed.” Mr. Tiger gave a little sigh. He knew he was about to cave.


Choo Sunghoon Wins Again

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