44 – Irritations

Dimitrov watched her slowly move into his office. It was like watching a young doe slowly move exactly to the spot you wanted her too. He shook his head. “I don’t know why you would think I would joke.” Dimitrov’s eyes watching her nervous quirks. “It isn’t that hard to remember.” At the mention of having fun with a student he made a face. “There is nothing fun about the student you saw leaving my office. Her family is an irritation and a problem. I was giving her a warning to stay out of trouble and….away from you.” He casually looked around the room. “This mess is from a different depraved child.” Dimitrov casually took the letter from her and opened it there. His eyes scanned the simple response. A small tch escaping his lips as he saw the correction to his tittle. Dimitrov turning to Mina. “Let Xiilthara return.” He nodded to the bird on her arm, watching it fly back to its master. His attention returned to Mina. “Merikh says hello.” Dimitrov tossing the parchment aside on his desk to deal with later. He walked over to the door to his office. “I have work to do tonight. I will see you in class.” As she walked out the door, his fingers brushed against her arm. A soft, low and sensual sigh escaped his lips. “Mina…”

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