45 – Screaming

Mina’s expression contorted. A different depraved child… “You’re so disgusting.” The words slipped out before she had time to catch them. Her eyes widened once she realized what she’d said. “I…um…” The loosening of the falcon’s claws barely registering. “Of course, Merikh does.” The words were laced with biting sarcasm. “Why else would you be here then?” Sliding her hand across the desk she slid the note up her sleeve while pushing off the desk to exit as swiftly as she‘d arrived. With one step out the door her body seemed to stop of it’s own accord at her name on his tongue. She swallowed. Her mind was screaming not to make eye contact; to just leave and perhaps never attend Defense Against the Dark Arts again. “I thought you were kicking me out?” Her eyes slowly slowly rose to meet his; lingering on his lips for a moment too long. “Or have you changed your mind suddenly?”


Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

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