48 – Annoyed

Larissa felt completely annoyed that Landon had not noticed her once the entire workout session! Here she was acing each exercise and looking amazing while doing it. All the girls were staring at her brother. Shouldn’t the men be staring at her? At least Mina was staying behind to clean the equipment. She was excited to sit by Landon. Everything finally looking up when Amara pulled her away by the entrance. What now! “Larissa, I need your help.” Her help? What would the conservative princess want with her advice? “Hurry up. Sitting next to Landon has already become impossible at this point.” Amara did her best to squash down what she actually wanted to say after that comment. “Chigaru’s eyes have been on Eloise as of late.” As of late? It’s been like two days? Amara, no one likes clingy girls. “So? The girl is a tease. Even if something happens, she’ll just move on and then you’re good.” Amara narrowed her eyes. “He shouldn’t do anything with her in the first place.” Sighing, Larissa pulled Amara towards their table. She also wanted at least a bit of breakfast. “Fine, I’ll give you some tips.”

Katsumi had wanted to go early to herbology with Chadwick. However, he had been caught by Adeline. She gestured for him to sit besides her as she drank her morning tea. Waving goodbye to Chadwick he sadly sat down next to her. Adeline drank a few more sips of her tea before speaking. “Now, Katsumi we must discuss this approach of yours.”

Autumn had tuned out the entire opening speech of Herbology. She had heard the words Snargaluff pods and checked out. “Autumn.” She came back to what was going on when Eloise and Chigaru handed her safety equipment. Eloise was giggling. “You should at least pretend to pay attention.” She put on the safety equipment and shook her head no. Eloise simply tapped the stump and vines shot out. Autumn and chigaru ducking and tying the vines together eventually. Eloise elegantly, after no work at all, pulled out the green pod. She waved at Professor Sprout and called her over. “The green pod, Professor.” The Professor nodded her head and was going to move on when she saw Autumn’s hands. The vines had torn through her gloves a bit and a scratch was bleeding. Professor Sprout took the gloves off her hands and examined them. “You need to be more careful. Off you go to the infirmary.” Autumn looked down at the cut on her hand. “There’s really no need Professor.” Proffessor Sprout shook her head. “Go get that healed.” She begrudgingly nodded her head and exited the green house. It’s not like she didn’t have plenty of time until Arithmancy. Even if she was a bit late, Katsumi would take all the notes she needed.

Katsumi had walked over to Chadwick and Aria. “Do you need a third?” He turned around briefly to show that Adeline had already partnered with Celene and Sarah. He looked down at the plants. “We have a similar plant where I’m from. We try to tie the vines.”

Amara was partnered with Mathias and some other girl she couldn’t remember the name of. It was hard ot focus on the plant when she saw how well Chigaru and Eloise worked together. Chigaru and her had never done anything that smooth. Even though they grew up together and had done plenty of things together. Her brain told her that Larissa was right. When the girl grew bored she would naturally leave Chigaru alone. Something in her gut told her that this time it may be something different. Especially, when Eloise turned to look at her for a moment, smiling. “Amara?” She turned to look at Mathias. He was holding the green pod proudly. “Mission accomplished.”


Ring The Alarm – Beyonce

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