49 – Grab Them

Mina stood partnered with William and Stavros; two partners she wasn’t entirely confident about. Between William’s longing looks in Amara’s direction and Stavros’ need to continually primp himself.. She could only think one thing. “It’s going to be a bloody bath.” She muttered, immediately turning on a smile when William glanced down at her. “Sorry, what were you saying” He asked, unable to keep from getting another peek at Amara. “Nothing, love. Not a damn thing.” She gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Glove up boys.”

Aria smiled when she saw Chadwick. “Sure thing!” She handed him a pair of gloves and goggles. “Do you want to help on vine duty or seed duty?”

Chadwick was finishing typing his apron. “I’ll take vine duty so it’s between you to.” He offered.

Jen wasted no time in latching onto Illych. “I know a bit about the Snargaluff’s already, so this’ll be a piece of cake.” The wink she gave to Illych was far from the smile she gave to a few onlooking females. Who knew the girls at this school could be so desperate?

From across the way Professor Sprout could see the horror that was Mina’s group. It’s was complete free for all with Mina in the middle looking like she was trying to fight off vines AND get the seed. Stavros clearly trying to help from a distance. “None of the others are being this violent!” William practically shouted while doing his best to tie vines together. Mina was too focused to say anything. The vines were moving so madly all her attention was solely focused on trying to subdue them, but everytime she touched one it was as if they were becoming more aggressive! A rogue vine shot out at her face, thorn slicing her cheek. At the sight of it Stavros instinctively held a hand to his own cheek. “Stavros grab them!” Mina’s voice was somewhere between distressed and laughing- perhaps a teeny bit manic? Stavros began working from the outside leaving Mina and William in the thick of it. “Wait.” William murmured. “Keep touching it, Draghi. It’s focusing on you.” He whispered as if the plant might hear him. Mina hesitantly nodded, “Okay…?” The two boys released the plant for a moment so it was just Mina. A thick vine wrapped around her wrist and tightened at which point both boys went back to work. Not wanting to take anymore abuse, Mina shoved her hand through the thorns to lock her fingers around a pod. In response another vine sliced the side of her neck. “For the love of-” “Got it!” William and Stavros both held up a pod in triumph. “Ahem!.” Mina shot William a look as if to emphasize she was still trying to FREE HERSELF. “Oh. Right.” William helped get the thick vine off of her so she could break free. “Great teamwork.” Stavros nodded quite content with himself. Mina held up her finger to say something, but was too winded to lay into him. Then she saw how William was back fixated on Amara. “Such twats.” Mina muttered, glancing down to pick a thorn out of her arm. One of her gloves had been claimed by the Snargaluffs and as far as she was concerned, it could have it to the end of days.

“Do you think he’s her type?” William suddenly asked. “Pardon?” Mina asked, having to look over to see who he was on about. “Oh….” How to answer that?! “I don’t know. He seems a bit…maybe too pretty? Like a Brazilian Stavros, maybe?” She shrugged. “Yeah, but is that her type?” William asked again. Mina just stared at him for a moment. “No idea, mate.”

Once the pods had been put away and class was dismissed, Landon made his way over to Larissa. “Hey!” He gave her a smile, the edges of his face a bit dirtied from his tumble with the Snargaluff. “I wanted say good job at the bootcamp with morning. Most of ladies don’t come until season starts since they know I can’t exactly drag ‘em out of bed like the fellas.” He gave a Russell a pat on the chest for emphasis. “Once we get positions sorted and all, I’ll be able to fine tune it a bit better for ya.” He nodded.

Without missing a beat, Nicole was silently lurking from afar. This girl again. Why was he talking to her? Shouldn’t he be staying with his partners?! With an internal groan she turned make brief eye contact with Jen. Which was worse? For her it was definitely Larissa, but in the grand scheme of things it was probably Jen.


You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

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