5 : Dance Dilemmas

Adolphe had spotted the red haired beauty from across the room. She was a wolf he had encountered quite a few times from the distance. And she was tempting one at that. There was no harm for him to use the chance to…to get to know her better. That was the plan anyways…Before anything could happen he noticed his Aunt Evangeline standing annoyed behind her. Clearly, he was not allowed to have any fun at this event. Only help with the self playing instruments like some monkey. He nodded his head slowly to his aunt and looked back once more at the girl. He felt himself clenching his teeth in order not to do what he wanted. Adolphe gracefully exiting from the two to find his father over by the instruments. When he reached him he noticed his father had already turned to nod at his Aunt. All of their parents had to be part of some conspiracy from some cult. That was the only explanation for how … JUST HOW they were.

Hiroyuki was enjoying his dance with Anoinette. He found it quite effortless for once to not have to decide the rules of engagement. In fact, allowing her to set the pace was quite invigorating. It had been awhile since he dance with someone who was close to her skill level. His cousins preferred different styles of dance…And so did his partners. “Of course I can.” He murmured. To think he couldn’t keep up with this paltry level of physical movement. When the dance was over he left one of his arms around her waist and kept his grip on her other hand. “You weren’t so-“ Hiroyuki stunned by the image of a tall blonde man pulling his partner away. Wasn’t that Virag? It was Izask? Hell, don’t have twelve kids if you want someone to remember all of their names right. In any case, what gave the twins so much confidence to behave like this on someone else’s property. Hiroyuki growled. He was about to to take a step forward when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to see hi brother Aki with his arm around Clothilde’s waist. He was shaking his head no. “Let it go, Hiro. They don’t even notice.” Hero turned back to see the two had started dancing unaware of anything. He took a deep breath and sighed. Following Aki and Clotilde away from the dance area.

Maxence and Lucian were crouching as they helped twirl Maris around. Their sister and brother coming over to them. “Guys, you have to send Maris back to her mom. She needs to go to bed soon.” Lucian pouted at his sister. “Why are you always such a spoil sport, Zoe.” The boy next to her bent down to pick up Maris. He turned away from them to carry back through the crowd towards her parents. Lucian groaning. “There goes Raoul the whipped dog.”

Aeron pulled Freya put of the room and on to the balcony. He leaned against the railing on the balcony as she leaned into him. After she was done sniffing him, Aeron turned them so she was in-between him and the rails. His hands clenching the balcony frame. You could hear the tiny creaks of dying metal. He bent his head down to his sister’s neck and licked. Aeron’s teeth nibbling on her neck. He felt his body push against her. A low growl escaping his lips. He was hungry.

Aki lead Clotilde and Hiroyuki to his parents table. He pulled out the chair that was originally his mom’s and sat down. Clotilde been pulled on to his lap. “Right here.” Hiroyuki sat down glumly in the chair besides him. He hated being stuck at his parents table. Akiko smiled at Hiroyuki. “You look more depressed then normal, Hiro.” Hiroyuki frowned at his sister. “Stop enjoying it so much Akiko.” Kohaku turned her head, so she was leaning on her arms facing him. “It’s not like there’s anything else to enjoy.” Yukiko nodded her head silently. Aki leaning forward to take a bite of he cake offered to him by Clothilde. Autumn sighing. “Where is your brother?” Hiro sunk deeper into his chair. “With Markus.”

Eunan was relaxing against a wall with his son, Rhiagan, when he saw his wife approach. A small smile on his lips. He leaned froward from the wall. A slight twitch in his brow appearing when his wife changed directions. His eyes ran over to take in the sight of the male she was following. It was unfair of him to always have to be her babysitter. Eunan turned to his son. “Let Autumn know.” Eunan knew he may have to remove them from the party, so the young boy could have his party. He quickly walked away from the wall to follow after where his wife disappeared too.

Mairi smiled at Markus’ little quip. Of course they both knew why the other was here. Honestly, she was expecting more from a son of Illych. Mairi taking a small step forward at the mention of Taka. “I wouldn’t say that.” She placed her finger on his chest. “There are other things to be fond of.” Mairi placed her champagne drink on a servers empty tray and laced her fingers through Markus. “It’s time to dance.” She pulled him back towards the dance floor. This wasn’t the time for idle chatter.

Taka walked smoothly over to the crowd of men attending court around a particular draghi female. When he invited her to dance is when he decided to step forward. “Oh, I wouldn’t if I were you.” Taka smiling at the crowd. “I expected more from a girl of your stature.” His attention glancing over to his cousin. “Pitiful.” He murmured before turning to look at the others. “Little Xiradis try hards clinging to a Draghi female to make themselves feel more important.” Taka laughing for a moment. “Now if only they could actually be important.” His attention turning to the others around him. “And the motley crew of half baked princes, and heirs with way too many strikes against them. You must be desperate.” Taka walked even closer to the cousin that had offered the girl a dance. He rested his arm on his shoulder and bent forward. A large smile on his face. “Shouldn’t you be using this opportunity to kiss up to someone else. Like your f-i-a-n-c-e. Our cousin?” He looked at his cousin with a serious face. He and his delinquents needed to scatter. Their entertainment value was only this much.

Ame walked over to her brother Ambroise. “Have you seen Aeron?” He shook his head no. “Aeron, no, why?” She frowned, rubbing her foot into the floor. “He said he would dance with me.” Ambrose cracked up lauhing. “You thought Aeron would dance?” Ame punched his arm. “Shut it.” The boys besides them sighed. “You two are so childish.” Ambroise turned to look at his brother Allard. “Shouldn’t you be talking about yourself right now.” Ame skipping over to him to poke his side. “Where’s Seraphina, huh? huh.” Allard’s face turned slightly red. He coughed and started to walk away from his siblings. “I was giving her time to get used to the party before asking her dance…” Ame waved at her brother’s retreating figure. “Good luck.” Ambroise besides her snickered. “Yea, the whole party.” The pair hearing a deep cough from behind them. It was their father. “Be nicer to your brother you two. érted?” The two nodded their heads. Pyotr pulled them into his arms and smiled. “Jó. Then go on and enjoy the party.”


Wicked Game – Chris Isaak

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