50 – Teases

Katsumi was relieved when Aria agreed. He was getting the vibes that Aria wanted a sexual relationship with Chadwick- which would mean Chadwick would have no time to hang out with him. “I can do vine duty. I’ve done similar things before.” He put his gloves on and rubbed them together as if preparing to go. The only thing to do was work until they were successful. The hope was that Chadwick would be in Arthimancy with him next class and Aria would not.

Illych shook his head no, wrapping his arms around his brother. “I’m afraid I already told Pyotr I would always be with him.” Pyotr looking at his brother. He would love to throw him under the bus, but at this point it would mean dealing with Jen trying to grope his brother for an entire period. Pyotr smiled at Angelica, a female in Hufflepuff. “Angelica, I said I would partner with you next time. Illych and I can deal with the vines, so you won’t get injured.” Illych walked a way a few steps from Jen and looked at the pot. “Yes. The two of us can handle this. Angelica take care of your hands when you go for the pod.” She nodded her head excitedly. A quick flash of a smug smile at Jen and she skipped over them. Herbology may become her new favorite class.

Larissa felt as if Landon had finally gotten the memo when he arrived in front of her. He was a bit slow, but his talent and looks had so far made up for that in her mind. She flipped her hair behind her ear naturally. “If I commit to something I have to follow through with it. Gender doesn’t matter. I told you I would play for the house team.” She took a closer step towards him. “However, after seeing the bootcamp today I have to say I have some worries.” Larissa moving between him and Russel. “Maybe we should go over a few things at lunch?” She turned to smile at Russel. “You are looking like all muscle at the moment. Where’s your stamina? I bet I could flu circles around you.” Larissa flashing a coy smile before she turned back towards Landon. “Isn’t next period free? Maybe we should talk before lunch?”

Autumn walked calmly out of Herbology. She had no need to mention anything to the rest of her house since Eloise would know anyways. The walk to the infirmary a quiet one. When she entered the infirmary she showed her hand. The nurse seemed worried, however, Autumn could not see tis as anything but a small cut. She followed the nurse to a bed and held out her hand. Autumn watching her patch it up with a potion and a swish of the wand. “Thank you.” The nurse nodded her head. “Off you go to class.” Autumn stood up and started to walk out of the room when she heard the nurse call. “And be careful, deary!” Holding back a sigh she exited the infirmary. Only to run into her least favorite person. She attempted to walk past him, but failed. “Causing mischief are you.” Autumn glared at him. “Yes, I purposely made a Snargaluff attack my hand, so I can be late for my class to spend time in the infirmary. You caught me.” Professor Dimitrov returned the glare. “Careful, bird. I am still your Professor.” She rolled her eyes. “Careful, dog. You may overstep your bounds.” Dimitrov stepped closer to her. “You are lucky I am too busy to do anything about you being here.” Autumn smiled at him. “Woof woof,” She walked away for him. Her expression returning to neutral. He was such a pain.

Eloise was wrapping up everything at the end of class when she spotted Amara peeking over at Chigaru. With a small smile on her face she leaned closer to him. Just a hair breath away, she whispered. “I’m bored.” He looked up from the soil covered table to look at her. “I can tell by how close you are to me.” Eloise leaning past him to toss her gloves on top of his. “Care to entertain me?” He sighed. “aren’t I already being cooperative by standing here?” She leaned away and frowned a bit. “You call this cooperative? You are standing here as if you’re a statue.” He looked down at her. “You mean to say I am acting normal. What a crime.” Eloise nodded her head. “Exactly. You as someone who is quietly accepting of fun should be more receptive.” Chigaru sighed. “We do not always have similar tastes. Besides, I am not in the mood to make that any more tense.” She let her hand run across his arm. “So all your saying is I have to make you in the mood?” He looked at her hand for a moment before turning away. “Lettice, I have a question.” Eloise watched him walk away and giggled. Her eyes catching Adeline’s. A smile was on her face as well.

At the sight of the scene that played before her Amara found herself steaming. Chigaru was his! He was not hers! This game of hers was not allowed! She was to be a snake with someone else. How did Chigaru end up in that awful house!? She was going to fume on over when she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Mathias. “Amara, Do you have Arthimancy? If you have it like I do we could walk together.” She did in fact have Arthimancy. She looked at him grimly. “Don’t you have Larissa?” He shook his head in mock grief. The annoying idiot. “She chose not to take it.” What a lazy exchange. Amara nodding her head. “Fine.” Chasity walking up over. “Arthimancy right? Let’s go.” The two turned to look at her shocked. Mathias looking the most confused. “Your in Arthimancy?” She sleepily nodded her head. “I’m good with numbers, so why not.” The two looked at each other and decided to say nothing.


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