6 : How to Tango

Antoinette’s features lit up at the familiar warmth of Virag’s embrace. Out of her seemingly countless supply of cousins- most from Pyotr and Adeline alone; Virag was undeniably her favorite. Not that it was a secret. At least, certainly not to him. Their relationship had started innocently enough when they were just children. To be honest, she couldn’t remember how old they’d been, but she could still remember their first kiss. It was a chaste little thing followed by her scurrying away giggling to find her sister who’d set her up to it in the first place. From there little dares had slowly evolved to curate something she couldn’t quite put a name on. While she was free to explore options and have fun, somehow, they always ended up intertwined before an unreasonable amount of time passed. Aleera had often teased that he would be the man she settled down and while the idea of settling down terrified her…Actually- no. The idea simply terrified her and she never entertained Aleera on the matter. Tangling her fingers in the soft hair at the base of his neck she brought herself closer to him. “Are you joining us tonight? It’s going to be fuuuun.” She cooed in a sing song voice before catching sight of her brother from the corner of her eyes. He was dancefloor and it wasn’t her doing! Peeking at her cousins on the stage she gave them a wink. “Follow my lead.”

The cries of metal earned a small tilt of Freya’s head. Moving her hands to rest on his shoulders, olive eyes closed momentarily at the sensation of his attentions on her neck. Nimble fingers curled into the fabric of his shirt once his teeth began scraping her skin only to relax at his growl. Leaning back her eyes shone luminescent, protruding fangs coated in blood. Just as the dark liquid began to trickle past her lip, the vampire brought him in for a kiss as form of transfer. Every few moments another incision had to be created in order to keep the flow of blood constant.

Damian glanced over to at the sound of his eldest son. Seeing how he had Clotilde on his lap brought him a small sense of pride. It was nice to see his sons taking after him in some way. The sight of Hiroyuki already sulking killed it instantaneously. Thankfully, his daughters were quick to capitalize on the issue. He wasn’t very concerned with where Taka was. He had more responsibilities than the others and was prone to causing far less of a ruckus.

Ana trailed behind the man until she was beyond the well beyond the confines of the banquet hall and in a poorly lit labyrinth of halls. Her eyes narrowed, spotting the man with ease, but looking upwards to see a Xiradis crest. Pity. From scent alone, he would have been quite the treat. A sudden breeze passed through her earning a mischievous smile. A more familiar treat was coming. Turning on her heels she welcomed her mate with a fire in her eyes. Pressing up on her toes she wasted no time sinking her fangs into his neck. After all these years his blood still called out to her like a drug and she still picked the same spot every time- the place where he’d been marked ages ago. Locking her arms around his neck the woman feasted, quelling her instincts to drain him until he decided it was enough.

Markus raised a brow at Mairi’s touch. While he was used to attention he had to admit he wasn’t used to this…level. He simply wasn’t the type to attract it. According his brother he was too boring to be enticing- a compliment when it was coming from the likes of Maksim. “Oh, is it now?” He chuckled, allowing himself to be pulled out. Moving his hand to her waist he intended for a simple dance…Then he heard the familiar tune of tango music. Glancing over at his sister he rolled his eyes at the smirk adorning her features. Leave it to him to have Antoinette as his closest relative. He watched Antoinette step out and ensue ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ftLLKrC81s ). When Antoinette finished she gave her brother a cheeky wink, gesturing for him to continue. Markus heaved a silent breath, pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment and shaking his head. Hints of a smile formed regardless though as he was never one to back down from his sister’s challenge. He was; after all, the one she trained with. Holding out his hand for Mairi to follow his lead he gave her small nod of encouragement before commencing.

Evangeline appeared next to her husband, sliding her hand through his arm as she watched their children move about the dance floor. Approval was quite apparent at their children’s capabilities. “It’s nice to see them dance with someone else for a change.” She noted quietly. From the corner of her eye she could see the expressions of Xiradis guests and merely smirked. What did they expect? Besides, the gods knew they needed a new form of entertainment once in a while.

Aleera took a sip of her champagne, watching the young Xiradis with appraising eyes. Seeing how quick the others were to scatter in his presence truly came as a surprise. This boy was merely a child, yet a few choice words had them blowing away in the wind. Soft murmurings of a spectacle caused her to focus on the dance floor where it appeared her younger siblings were succumbing to their usual antics- acts of showmanship in the arts. Peeking over at the boy she gave him a soft pat on the cheek. “Thank you for freeing up my time. Enjoy the banquet.” And with that she moved to fully appreciate the show.


World Argentine Tango Show

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