7 : Psycopaths

Virag found himself excusing himself from his parent’s company in order to find Antoinette. He had yet to dance with her tonight. It caught by no surprise that she was already on the dance floor. However, it did take him a double take to realize she was dancing with Hiroyuki. Now,t hat was indeed a shocker. Hiroyuki never seemed like Antoinette was an object of interest for him. He waited over by the edge of the dance floor for the song to finish. To his surprise, the pair kept dancing through the next song. After a few dances, Virag felt himself getting slightly impatient. Hiroyuki had a tendency to just sleep with anything and that would get in his way when it came to dancing with his cousin. SO he did what any good cousin would do and slip into between the dancers and twirl Antoinette into him. “Let’s dance, Solnishko.” He flashed a smile at Hiroyuki before dancing her away deeper into the crowd of dancers.

Aeron leaned his head up with a smile on his face. His tongue tracing over his canines. A deep growl in his throat. Aaron leaning forward to meet her lips. The sweet sensation of her blood entering his mouth. His hands moving so they were place on her lower back and and shoulder blades. Aeron’s tongue inserting itself deeper into her. His hands bunching up into her dress to stop the desire to scratch into her back. The taste of blood exploding in his mouth. His hand traveled down and up her dress. Aeron’s nails scratching into her thigh. Growls erupting in his throat. He leaned away for a moment to look at Freya. His eyes moist with his canines out. Blood dying his lips red. He wanted more.

Eunan had left the main hall to find his mate. She was approaching an older Xiradis male. Well, older may be relative in this sort of arrangement. He was found himself leaning against a wall a decently small distance away in case he would need dos step in. It was the sort of request of him he hated to fulfill, but sadly understood the reason why. A small smile appearing on his face when he saw her turn away from him, no mess behind her, to come to him. A low growl in his throat when he saw her lean up on her tip toes. Eunan’s hands wrapping around her as her fangs sunk into his neck. She was always so precise in where they ended up. Eunan allowed himself to be the one pinned as she drank her full, but when he felt like it reached a certain point, the moment he felt like he would soon have to cover up being slightly dizzy in front of others, he turned so she was the one pinned against a wall. A low growl in his throat as he smiled at her. “You look beautiful tonight, my tine.” It was true. His mate was a vision in those clothes of hers. Tearing her from them was quite the pull to resist. It was one of the reasons why he was wasting time talking. He needed to keep his mouth busy. Alas, the irritation from having to talk outwayed its usefulness and soon his lips met hers and his hand found its way into her as he nibbled on her. She really was a delicious treat.

Mairi was enjoying herself with Markus before she noticed his attention had returned to his sister. She had the feeling she was about to be used as a tool for another’s game. Pity. She smiled at him and allowed herself to be pulled into his dance. It was by no means that challenging to keep up with his tango. She was trained by he mother to look good and this was just a part of it. When he finished she leaned up on her tip toes and whispered in his ears. “It’s a shame. You were so nice looking too.” Mairi leaning back down with a smile on her face and her hands on his chest. “Unfortunately, I only have fun with someone if their attention is on me and not for challenging someone else.” She smiled at him one more time before disappearing into the crowd of dancers. A large smirk appearing on her face once she was away from him. She wished she could see his face when his body reacted to her walking away. To when he discovered orange lines all over that chiseled body of his. She saw Taka across the hall and decided to head over to him…

Illych had just excused himself from a conversation with his brother and Adeline when he felt his wife slip into the space besides him. A smug smile appearing on his lips. There seemed to be no one else in the world that fit into that space like she did. It was as if she was made for it. And if you asked anyone who knew them they would probably say she had to be for them to have ended up together. Illych nodded his head at her words. His children were surprisingly …. close knit perhaps might be the word for it considering what some of their relatives were like. Illych was proud of the fact his kids actually loved each other. It wasn’t such an easy task considering their environment. His eyes catching Maksim across the room. Alas, there was always one exception. A part of him feeling bruised as he saw his soon holding court with a group of females. Even exceptions weren’t exceptions with everything he supposed. Illych leaned down to kiss his wife’s forehead. “We may have done alright if they can do at least this.” He took her hand and started pulling her towards the dance floor. “Come, pchelka, let’s how them how it is done.” Of course, he meant those annoying Xiradis watching his kids as well.

Taka was enjoying the site of them scattering like the ants they were when he heard the girls voice. He turned around to appraise her. She was clearly as beautiful as she has always been. There was not much to say about it. He understood why so many of the men at this party wanted her. Looks, intelligence, status. Aleena Draghi was an ideal match for any elite on paper. However, as the eldest daughter of themes obnoxious couple in high society he knew she must have some serious character flaw. It was guaranteed with her genetic makeup. Then it appeared. Her flaw. Aleena seemingly had no understanding of rank. How obnoxious. His whole body becoming stiff at the feeling of her… did she just have the audacity to pat his cheek!?! What was he a child! Taka’s eyes narrowed as he watched her attempt to walk away from him. He grabbed her wrist and stopped her in her tracks. Without any questions he removed the champagne glass from her hands and put it on a waiters tray. It was never safe to leave the Draghi’s anything for their hands to grasp. Taka pulling her in close before letting go of her wrist. “Understand one thing, Aleera. You are a guest on someone else’s property.” He leaned down, so he was hovering over her. “Try not to make such social blunders. It reflects poorly on everything associated with you.” He took a step back and picked up a glass of champagne for himself. Irritation could still be seen from him. Taka hated dealing with the Draghi’s. They were all psychotic children who liked to make everything their toy. He flashed her a warning smile. “But do enjoy the party. I’m sure you are an expert at fielding through the trash.” He turned around and started to back over to his parent’s table. Taka unbuttoning one of his suit’s buttons. This damn affair was a bigger hassle then it should of been. He spotted Lucian and Mairi heading towards him from opposite directions. He sighed. The would reach him before he reached his parent’s table.


I’m Not A Psycopath – Sherlock Holmes

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