9 : Family Bonds

Mairi spotted Lucian looking bored by his siblings. It was understandable. They either turned out to be a complete dull like Maxence or a problem child like Ophelia. She walked over to the group of young Draghi’s who had somehow managed to squeeze an invite to this event… Well, Lucian would most likely have one… The rest of them shouldn’t of been able to come. Even if Maxence loved to play with Mina’s kids and try to be a good cousin. Mairi arrived besides Lucian and put her hand on his arm. “Lucian. This is where you’ve been hiding all night.” He flashed her a cocky smile not so different from her cousin Taka. “Hiding. Oh no. You know I prefer other habits.” Mairi had to roll her eyes. He was like a less dangerous Taka alright. She tucked her arm through his and smiled. “If you aren’t hiding then you wouldn’t mind being my escort for a moment.” He perked an eyebrow up at her comment. Was he being used for a man or just company. You never really knew with her. Zoe pouted. “Ho w come Lucian gets to have all the fun.” Lucian turned to his sister. “Because I’m not the one hiding from your Allard.” Zoe’s face turned red as she stamped her feet into the floor. “Lucian!” He cracked up laughing and started to walk away with Mairi. Mairi shaking her head as they walked towards Taka. “Must you be such a sadist, Lucian.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Of course.”

Aeron allowed himself to ignore everything around him as he leaned deeper into Freya. It didn’t really matter what she did to him or what he did to her. What mattered was that they were together. It was supposed to be that way. Always. However, if he didn’t pull back soon he would do something that would probably get him in trouble with hosts. He would have to continue this later. Begrudgingly he pulled backk from Freya. The sound of clapping in the room behind them. He held her waist gently as she wiped the blood from his lips. A small smirk appearing on his face when he watched her nip him and then walk away first. Females. He fixed his hair and attire before entering the party. He wasn’t surprised to see Taka shooting him a look from across the room. Or that his brothers were doing the same thing. They needed to relax. He didn’t cause anything. Aeron walking across the room to find Ame. He had promised her a dance and ayoung child like her shouldn’t be left unattended for so long.

Autumn turned to look up at Rhiagan. Displeasure on her face. He only came to talk to her when there was something going on. There shouldn’t be something going on at a child’s party. She squeezed Damian’s leg and smiled on the inside about the small kiss. Her husbaund has such strange moments of affection at times. She stood up and stretched slightly. Autumn had spent too much time on his lap. She caught the eye of a few females who seemed to notice her approaching absence. A hint of irritation flashing in her eyes. Her daughters and her eldest quick to catch it and sigh themselves. Akiko standing up and wrapping her arms around her father from behind. “Ab… Did you know that Dalir lost one of his sons this morning. I heard he challenged Ebrahim over some girl.” Kohaku leaned her head back down on the table and turned to look at her father. “Some girl? It was Garshasp’s daughter. The one who kept trying to climb up.” Yukiko turned to glance at her mother. She flashed them a tiny smile and she turned to walk away. Her hands lingering past Damian’s arm as she walked away. Akihiro pulling Clotilde closer into him. His head resting on her. His family was so tedious at times. Akihiro feeling the pat on his leg from Clotilde. A small smile that couldn’t be seen appearing on his face. Hiroyuki on the other hand just sighed. A part of him torn about the news of someone dying from a challenge. A part of him thinking he would of easily survived a fight against Ebrahim. And another part of him just tired of it all. He looked up at his sister, Akiko. “Ne, Kiko. Why do you even care about their drama. Yatsu exist to just exist. Besides, even if Ebrahim gets her. She has slept with half of the men around his rank. If they had children you couldn’t even know if it was his.” Akiko, while still leaning against her father, smiled. “And how would you know so certainly about that Hiro. Have you perhaps sampled the dish?” Hiro rolled his eyes at her and turned away. “Even I have some standards.” Aki leaned back into his chair and sighed. “You mean her chest size.” Hiro growled, but said nothing. Yukiko looking at him so disappointed. Kohaku turning to her dad. “Ab. This has dragged on so long…..”

Autumn had walked around a corner where she could smell Eunan when she saw the two of them. Whatever Xiradis who was dumb enough to leave with her wasn’t there anymore. All she saw was EUnan leaning over her enjoying her low placed hands as he nibbled playful on her. Kami. Those two would probably do it right here if someone didn’t stop them. But it’s not like she wanted to walk into that. SO she just waited against the wall of the other side of the corner. When they were done, Autumn walked over to them and simply handed Eunan a fresh shirt. It was still black of course. Without saying anything to the two she simply walked away sighing. She just wanted to return to her husband.

Taka felt himself filled with irritation. Draghi women and their uneding psychotic confidence in themselves. It’s like they forgot Xiradis were masters at breaking them. To think of him as a child or an easily unravable piece was just beyond ludicrious. He didn’t even have any rivals. But at least he maintained manners about her insanity. He quietly listened to what she had to say and then with narrowed eyes watched her walk away. Taka was always patient about his prey if he needed to be. Aleera Draghi’s skill set on paper made it plausible she could be great prey. And she clearly deserved to be. His irritation being squashed down as he turned around and started walking in the opposite direction towards his parents table. HIs mother wasn’t on his father’s lap which was never a good sign. Either one of his relatives was misbehaving or she was off killing something in irritation. And no one wanted to annoy Mina with the mention of deaths at her child’s birthday party. Before he could get there though he found Mairi and Lucian by his side. She looked at her confused. “Weren’t you just teasing Markus.” Mairi flashed him quite a smirk before speaking. “Past tense would be incorrect.” Taka rolled his eyes at her comment. Markus wouldn’t be in for a fun night if he had those orange lines on him. He must of done something to annoy her. Lucian sighing. “I know this is a child’s party, but isn’t their some interesting entertainment.” Taka smiled at his friend. “What? You don’t enjoy your cousins or your Draghi entertainment.” Lucian scoffed at him. “This is not Draghi entertainment.” Taka nodded his head. “Well, not everyone can just bring a Valentina level event on the drop of a dime.” Mairi cracked up laughing. Lucian sighing wearily. “Ugh. Mother.”

Autumn quickly walked through the crowd of people back towards her husbaund. She did her best to hide her irritation at the looks at her. Sometimes she wished she could just light them all on fire and watch them burn. BUt the chain of events following that would just be so tireding. She spotted Lucian, Taka and Mairi from the corner of her eyes. Autumn understood how those three ended up as the closest thing Taka could have as friends. One was mini less threatening version of him and one was a relative who was actually enjoyable. Her eyes searching the crowd for Markus. It was more surprising for Taka not ot be near him. OH well. She wasn’t that curious. Autumn reaching the table and sitting down on her husbaunds lap. As she wrapped her arms around him she leaned forward. “It didn’t become a problem.”

Everyone in the room turning to see what was happening at the event closing. Aleera and Anotinette were opening the door to some sort of afterparty. Virag the first to step of the crowd smiling. He wrapped an arm around Antoinette’s shoulder and pulled her through the staircase laughing. It was no surprise to see his siblings and other Draghi relatives descend down the stairs. Clotilde stood up and took Aki’s hand. He raised an eyebrow at her. She smiled. “It will be fun.” He looked around at his family and nodded his head. “Yomi would be better then this.” He stood up and spun her around once before walking with her down the stairs. Taka turned to catch his fathers eye and smiled before descending down the stairs with Lucian and Mairi. Hiro was quick to jump up from his seat. “Finally. Free.” He eagerly walked to catch up to Aki and Clotilde. Akiko watching Aeron and his relatives walking down the stairs. She turned to look at her mother. Autumn just shrugged. Akiko stood up and stretched. “Wel its been awhile since I’ve had any sense of excursion.” Yukiko standing up silently and following her sister. Kohaku stood up wearily. “Ugh. Someone needs to watch our brothers.” She slowly trailed after her sisters. When the stairs closed up Autumn turned to Damian. “I do hope the amount of people murdered is limited.”


Fathers And Daughters – Michael Bolton

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