Chapter 12 : Keep The Mood

I‌ headed towards lunch with Li and Isodola. It turned out Isodola was a half-blood. Her family knew Cyrus’. Since he was muggle born they agreed to help look after him. The two of them were now dating. She seemed to really love him. Li on the other hand may be scarier than Tir. He may be the real brains behind their duo act. Maybe even his acting coach. The three of us entering the great hall and heading towards our tables.

Rob had something to say for once. “Do you have anything to say?” I looked at him confused. “Both Professors are now a fan and I‌ gained us house points in the end.” He nodded his head. “Those factors are what is keeping my anger at low. I’m still angry.” Cyst nodded her head besides him. “How could you do that to Karl?” I‌ rolled my eyes. “No one here really cares about him. Besides, I‌ did what I‌ did for the house.” Rob looked at me skeptically. I smiled at him. “Trust me, I’ll reveal the truth two days from now.” A small smile appeared on his face. “It better be as good as your implying. Professor Rhiannon was not happy with us.” I‌ nodded my head silently as the others made their way into the table.

Scorpius sitting next to me. Why? Why do the two of them keep coming back? I‌ don’t want them. He looked up at Rob. “Rob, if anyone is going to be punished punish me. She did it to help me.” Everyone looked up from their meals confused. Rob waving their attention away. “There is no need for you to get involved Scorpius. The matter has been handled for now.” He leaned forward. “But. Surely there is something I‌ can do.” I‌ sighed. “I’m not getting punished.” Scorpius looked at me shocked. “You’re not?”

I groaned. “And stop saying I‌ did it for you Malfoy. I didn’t. You and Potter are not my friends. You are not people I care for. Stop assuming I care.” He nodded his head silently. I waved Ailean over to sit next to me. Between Scorpius and I. Albus looking at Scorpius confused. He didn’t seem to understand what was going on. Good. As I had said to Scorpius, when the two of them get involved things blow up even worse. My example today should of proved that to him.

Ailean looked at me worried. “I heard from Faolan and Gideon that Florence went crazy during break.” I looked at him confused. “Gideon is Cyrus younger brother.” Oh, so those two were the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw he had met previously. Wait… did a muggle family get two magical sons? What odds. Sulli, appearing out of nowhere like always, nodded her head. “Oh yea, it is all over the school. The 7th years are going crazy about it. James had to be told to quiet down during class. Emily had to be guarded by her house mates.” Cyst scoffed at her. “Who cares about James and 7th years. All the 6th years were in a fuss. Do you know that half blood Elias dared to come up to me. He had the nerve to insult our house.”

Rob pulled her in to a hug. However, his eyes were mad. It was unpleasant. I wonder who‌ Elias is? I‌ looked at Cena. He even seemed upset by the comment. Ailean asked nervously. “Who is Elias?” Many of the Slytherin’s grew quiet. Sulli answered calmly. “He’s my brother.” Now I‌ was confused. Sulli was a pure blood. She was the only one who really didn’t seem that bothered by the topic. “It’s not an unusual story. My father had an affair with a muggle. He works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. He was out in the field one day and saved this Muggle woman. The two got together for awhile. Elias is their child.”

Cyst gripped Rob’s arm tightly. “It’s more than that. That bastard child is a blight on us all. A complete disgrace to all Wizard kind.” Scorpius and Albus looked just as confused as I‌ was. Shouldn’t they know more about their house mates? Ethel, in her monotone voice, continued the story. “Sulli’s father was away so much that her mother ended up in a bad place. She never got out of it.” This was getting more and more confusing. Also very heavy. Scorpius and Albus looked worse than I did though. Really, shouldn’t they know more than me about their housemates? They have been with them for five years now.

Cyst hit the table. “Don’t sum it up like that. Don’t let it sound so light. Elias is filth. How dare he even go to a wizarding school.” You know it is serious when even Ophelia is not commenting. Scorpius and Albus were looking at her for social cues. To my surprise it was Karl who revealed the truth. A happy grin on his face as he told it. “If you are going to talk about it shouldn’t you tell the whole story. Sulli’s pure blood father was so in love with a muggle he was never home. His poor pure blood wife was left alone and started to go mad. Then he moved the muggle and her son into their house. Spoiling them rotten. Her mother then gave birth to a squib. A useless baby boy. Sulli’s mother killed Elias’ mother and herself.” Karl looked so happy. If his goal was revenge on me he wasn’t quite smart. All he did was piss off even further all the wrong people. He took almost all the remaining heat on me away with it. The entire table, his goons included, were glaring at him.

Rob pulled Cyst closer and glared at Karl. I thought his eyes were stabbing him. “Karl.” He shut up but the smile remained. Sulli seemed the least bothered by it. She really was a strange girl. I nodded my head. “So we hate, Elias. Got it.” Everyone took a deep breath. Cyst calming down as she looked at me. “That is correct. We hate him. You do nothing for him.” My brother and I‌ both nodded our heads. She turned to look at Scorpius and Albus. “You keep far away from him.” The two silently nodded their heads. Albus looking over at Gryffindor. Was he part of James’ followers? The two apparently were finally starting to get in with their house mates. If they didn’t want to mess it up they should avoid him.

Ailean smiled. “I know a way we can have some fun.” Everyone turned to look at him. His face kept morphing into different creatures. A small smile on my face. “Anyone know what he’s afraid of?” Sulli smiled. “He’s terrified of my mother.” Ailean returned to normal. A‌ large smile on his face. “All I‌ need is a picture.” She nodded her head.

I turned towards Karl. “So, Karly… Are you going to be a problem?” Everyone turned to look at him. One glance from Rob and he quickly shook his head no. I‌ turned to our two problem children. “And you two?” They both shook their heads no.

Ophelia breaking the mood. “So what are you going to wear for your date with Tir?” Ailean’s hair turned red and people laughed. “My school uniform?” She looked completely offended by my answer. “But it’s a date.” I‌ sighed. “On campus.” She shook her head no. “That doesn’t mean you can’t dress yourself up a bit.” I couldn’t help but groan. “You do realize I‌ don’t like Tir, right?” She smiled brightly. “That’s only for now, silly. You could have fun tonight and fall in love. You can’t ruin such a chance.”

Cena smiled at her. “Is that how it happened for you and Fred?” She looked taken a back but nodded her head. “Of course. Of course it was.” It doesn’t help when it sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. Adrastea decided to join the conversation. “If you don’t like Tir why’d you kiss him earlier?”

There was no surprise anymore about everyone knowing everything that happened. “Florence was really irritating.” A lot of my house mates nodded. “So you don’t have any feelings for him?” I‌ shook my head no. “He’s an arrogant playboy. That’s just the thing I am not falling for at first sight.” Oliver smiled next to her. “That’s true but many girls find him handsome.”

I shrugged. “Looks aren’t everything.” Ophelia giggled. “You do find him handsome.” I looked at her confused. “I do have eyes, Ophelia.” Her giggling got louder. “I know. I‌ know. It’s just that before now I‌ wasn’t sure if they worked properly.” Ailean glared at her. “She doesn’t need working eyes. It’s better that way.” Cena cracking up laughing. “Relax, from what I‌ hear it isn’t Tir she has her eye on but Li.” Everyone started to whisper. This house was a nightmare. “I am not looking at anyone! We just got here. I am not interested or looking for a significant other. Stop listening to all the gossip. Especially, Cena’s.”

That was it. The entire table was cracking up laughing. Oliver wiping tears from his eyes. “You’re so easy to tease, Hyo-Eun. You need to work on that.” I turned away from everyone.‌ Why did Albus seem relieved? Potters. Mad all of them.

Rob smiled a less threatening smile again. “Let’s keep this mood for the rest of the day. No more losing house points.” Everyone nodded. It seems we were all on the same page that there was something seriously scary about Rob.


Slytherin House Points

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