Chapter 13 : S

After lunch was a history of magic. It sounded more interesting than it was. According to Ethel the entire class was basically about the Giant Wars. Scorpius and Albus were lurking in our shadows again. Cena turning back towards them. “You two going to walk so close from now on?” Albus scowled at him. “We are walking a normal distance away, Cena.” He shook his head no. “Absolutely not, Potter.” Albus looked annoyed. “Albus, not Potter.” A very teasing smile appeared on his face. “But Hyo-Eun calls you Potter?”

Albus turned to glare at me. I‌ could only shrug. “We’ve already been over this.” He turned his head on me. “You can only call me Albus. It’s my name.” Cena just smiled. “We know. You’ve said it so much lately, Albus Sevrus Potter. I guess only Hyo-Eun is special enough to call you Potter.” He glared at Cena. “That’s not it.”

Scorpius turned to look at me. He seemed really anxious. Scorpius could just listen to that anxiety and not talk to me. That would be great. “Do you know anything about giants?” I looked at him annoyed. “They’re big.”

Karl scoffed a bit a way down. “That’s all? Moron.” I ignored the comment and turned to Ethel. “If there’s anything else I’m sure Ethel knows it.” She nodded her head. “Of course. You’ll pass the class or else.” I nodded my head. We all knew she meant it. Wibert turning to look at Albus and Scorpius. “So is this a thing now? You two stalking us to every class?” Good question,‌ Wibert.

Albus rolled his eyes at him. “How can we be stalking you when we have to go to the same classroom.” Cena smiled down at him. He really was awkwardly tall. “Every year up to this year you two would keep away from the rest of us. Remember? There shouldn’t be a sudden reason to want to associate with us spooky conniving snakes.”

Scorpius looked absolutely flustered. “I‌ never thought that! It just seemed-” Albus cut him off. “Stop playing games, Cena. We all know none of you wanted to be near us.” He cracked up laughing. “You two are idiots. Most of us don’t care about you at all.” Ethel nodded her head. “After being miserable and alone your first two years… There’s no need to think of you.”‌ Wibert nodded his head. “The only one who cares about you is Jenkins over there. He’s got a weird thing for you two.”

Cena nodded his head. “I‌ bet it’s really a thing for Scorpius apparently real father. A big crush on the madman himself.” Scorpius looked offended for once. “Draco Malfoy is my father.” Albus glared at him. “Didn’t I‌ say to stop playing games.” Cena pat his head. “What would be the fun in that? If our little sourpuss is going to start talking to us again we might as well have some fun of it.” I looked over at Karl. “Hey, Karly. Was it a thing for the real father or for the real Potter. A secret boner for his fame.” Everyone around us cracked up laughing. Even some of the Gryffindors in the hallway.

Cena turned to them. “We are selling him to your house for the ripe price of 100 Galleons.” They all shook their heads no. Karl looking enraged. “100 galleons!”‌ Cena nodded his head. “You’re right. That’s too much. Let’s go for 10 Galleons.” Everyone started to laugh louder. Shannon stepping up to defend him. “You shouldn’t talk about your house mate like that.” Florence nodded her head.

I leaned on Cena and started to laugh. Really, I‌ have the worst nervous habits sometimes. “It seems we have had a change of heart. What stands before us is the great defenders of snakes.” The mocking tone in my voice couldn’t be covered up. I‌ looked over at the Hufflepuff house mates. “You all should be careful. They seem to change their minds so quickly. Their loyalty doesn’t seem to be as real as you would think.”

Rose stepped forward. “I’ve been keeping silent because the Professor asked us to but that’s enough. You are really going too far.” I smiled at her. I haven’t actually been this nervous in awhile. While, she was not intimidating, I‌ had to admit their was a presence when all the Gryffindors stood by each other. “What do you care,‌ Weasley? They’ve all seen how you abandoned him. I’ve been here for only a short while and even I‌ can see it.”

I‌ walked over and pinched Albus’ cheek. “Your poor misfit of a cousin. Choosing to spend his time with the Malfoys over his own family. Not living up to your expectations of him.” She looked taken a back. Scorpius cutting in. “Hyo-Eun, Rose isn’t so bad. Don’t talk to her like that.” Right, he was obsessed with her. Even though she paid him no attention and didn’t like him at all from what I‌ heard. I‌ ignored him. “What happened to the importance of family? Weren’t you all supposed to be a loyal lot.” Scorpius grabbed my arm. “Enough. Please.”

I shook my head. “Fine, continue to protect the feelings of a hypocrite.” My attention turned to Albus. “And you should grow a back bone. They treat you like crap and you put up with it. It’s embarrassing. No wonder Karly makes fun of you.” Albus looked taken a back. He assumed I‌ was defending him. I‌ was not. I was just nervous and annoyed. It was a horrible combination for me. It rushed my long term plans into short term ones. Not even the wisest of ones.

I‌ walked over towards Karly and pat his shoulder. “I think you’re a little too brash about it but I‌ get it now.” He looked at me confused but nodded his head. I chuckled and walked away from my house towards Li, Cyrus and Isolda. They seemed uncertain. I put my arm around Isolda. Ignoring the attention it brought. “You were right before. Everyone here is a proper prat.” She smiled a bit. Cyrus clicking his tongue. “You really need to work on that bluntness of yours.” The three of us heading towards the classroom. Li shaking his head no. “Come on Cyrus, that was pretty funny. No one says anything to Rose and her lot.”

When we arrived at the class I‌ had to say goodbye and headed to my own table. Tir winking at me on the way. Cena slid in next to me. A large smile on his face. “You are so entertaining. You know that right?” I flipped my book open. “I’m glad I‌ amuse you.” He nodded his head. “You completely do.” Ethel turned around in front of us. “Entertainment aside can’t you learn to shorten your speeches?” Wibert doing the same. “They really are too long.” I‌ sighed. “If you shorten them even more those rock head’s wouldn’t be able to get anything through their skulls.”‌ The two nodding in agreement.

A note appearing on my desk.

I can fight my own battles.


Cena looked over and smiled. “He can fight his own battles now. That will be some fresh entertainment.” Ignoring him, I wrote back.

Have fun then. Keep your demented family away from me.


Our Professor was a ghost. A very dry and boring ghost. Somehow, he made the reading of facts even more lifeless and dull. Many of the students ignoring him. An evil idea popping in my head. “Cena…?” He turned to look at me. “Yes?” I smiled at him. “You wouldn’t happen to know a nightmare spell would you?” An amused smile appearing on his face. “I‌ do. I’m not able to cast it.” I twirled my quill around. “Do you know someone who can?” He nodded his head. “A few.”

I smiled at him. “Well then. Florence will have a rough night.” He chuckled quietly. “Not Rose?” I shook my head no. “She isn’t Chelsey’s roommate.” Cena nodded his head. “That’s true.” I‌ narrowed my eyes at my notes. “Besides, there are better ways at poking her.” He looked at me intrigued but said nothing. Another note appearing on my desk. It was from Scorpius. How predictable.

Don’t do anything to Rose.


I wrote back as equally predictable.

I’m not taking requests right now, Malfoy.


This class was way too boring. The ghost Professor hadn’t even looked back from the board yet. It has already been ages.

A deal then.


I‌ turned to look back. Scorpius was looking at me anxiously. He had it bad.

That desperate?


Cena glanced over. I nodded my head no. He shrugged and looked away. Cena was still probably peaking over anyways.

I know where Ophelia keeps her diary.


An evil smile appeared on my face.

How devious of you.


The Professor only turned around for a moment. He really didn’t seem to care about giants all that much.

Just leave Rose out of it.


I thought about it for a moment. As far as dramatic scenes and events I‌ have already done more than needed. There was no real need to do anything. However, watching James Potter and Fred Weasley fight over a girl would be a pretty hysterical show.

Fine. I’ll wait for your delivery.


Cena looked over at me. “Anything interesting?”‌I‌ shook my head no. “Scorpius is really desperate about Rose.” He nodded his head. “Isn’t it sad to watch?” I couldn’t help but agree. “Very.”


Rose Granger-Weasley

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