Chapter 14 : Performance

I was walking out of class when I saw James Potter, Houde and a few other upper years waiting for us. Everyone immediately become wary. Except the other Gryffindors. Shannon and Florence were smiling. James stepping forward. “I’ve heard what happened.” Ethel stepped forward. I completely forgot she was our years prefect. “James, we don’t allow other houses to bully our students.”

Albus walked forward. I definitely forgot he was the male prefect. In fact, no one liked him or considered him in charge. Did he get it from favoritism?‌ “James, this isn’t your problem.” His brother ignored him completely. What a crappy brother. Instead he looked at Ethel. “Your new student is causing too many problems. Keep her in line.”

I took a step forward. “I’m right here. You should just talk to me about your concerns over my behavior.” He turned to look at me annoyed. “Last time I‌ talked to you we lost house points.” I rolled my eyes at him. “For grabbing a girl’s arm and insulting our house. I don’t see the problem.” Houde behind him stepped forward. “You’re the problem!” A‌ boy on his other side stepped forward. “You haven’t even been here long and you’ve set up many of our house mates.”

By the look on the rest of Slytherin’s face that must be Elias. It was time to earn my due. “Sons of whores should stay out of it shouldn’t they?” He started to approach me. Everyone seemed to grow concerned. “What did you say!” I stood my ground. “You heard me. Your mother slept with a married man. He drove a kind woman to madness. You should be ashamed of yourself to be proud of that. Walking around here like you are owed something.” I walked even closer to him. “There is nothing special about you. Other then being a Potter fanboy.”

Elias raised his wand. “Bombarda.” I raised my wand expecting to get hit. However, the spell reechoed off. Cyrus had stepped forward. That wasn’t who I was expecting. “Are you mad, Elias. To cast an explosion spell at a new wizard.” Isolda stepped forward after. “What she said wasn’t nice but you all haven’t been nice either.” Tir and Li stepped forward. Li nodding his head. “Anyone would start to get a bit nasty after putting up with your torments two days straight.” Tir turning to the Hufflepuff house. “They’ve insulted her for not having parents, insulted her for her house, for being new to magic, blamed her for potter family problems, for other students work and physically harmed her. Now an explosion spell.”

James stepped in front of Elias. “Tir, stop pandering to an audience.” It was time for my acting skills to shine. “Don’t talk to him like that, Potter. He’s right. They all are. I said something wrong in the moment. I‌ let my feelings get to me. Don’t take it out on Ravenclaw.” James turned to me. “Then take the punishment you deserve.” Ethel scoffing. “What punishment do you think our house mate deserves.”

James walked towards me. “I’ll be fair. We’ll settle whether or not you confess with a duel.” Before I‌ could nod Albus stepped forward. “James! You can’t duel someone new to magic. She doesn’t know enough spells. The Bombarda alone would of sent her to Madame Pompfrey.” He really did have a habit of ignoring his brother. This may be a good time to play that card I was holding on to. “I‌ have a different idea. I’ve been told something about you. A horrible nasty thing I’ve kept to myself. If you agree to go have a conversation with me in private- leaving everyone here out of this- I’ll tell you what is being said. I’ll even tell you who hates your house so much.”

Everyone around me looked shocked. Houde shouting. “Who would believe anything you have to say.” I‌ sighed. “You would be surprised how much you hear when no one cares about the pathetic orphan child.” I felt Isolda’s hand on my shoulder. A sad smile appearing on my face before I turned back to him. “Slytherin or not, I’m not a cruel person. I‌ would of told you already if I would of been able to talk to you without getting physically assaulted.” James narrowed his eyes. “Fine.” The Gryffindors looked shocked. I turned to everyone and smiled bravely. “Don’t worry. You guys won’t get harmed.” A‌ few random students seemed to look at me more favorably. Others more concerned.

I‌ followed James around a few corners before we got to a dark end. He lifted his wand. “Quietus.” He looked down at me. “What is it you want to say in private?” I smiled at him. His confidence was really unnerving. “I’m surprised you even accepted.” James narrowed his eyes at me. “I’m not going to make the situation worse for my housemates.” So he did have a brain somewhere in his skull.

I leaned against one of the walls. “Last year, a certain family treasure of yours got knicked. Seems it was Albus wasn’t it?” James seemed even angrier at me. “You stole it from him.” I‌ shook my head no. “Me? How could I? I wasn’t even here.” He walked closer to me again. What was Gryffindors and invading personal space bubbles on a very frequent basis?‌ “Then what about it.” I smiled at him. “Seems whoever did steal it put it on the market at Borgin and Burke. I heard a couple of the Slytherin students say a bid was taking place on it with their parents.”

He looked completely shocked. “That bloody idiot…” I‌ smiled at him. “I may have heard which student was thinking of taking it during the trade for our house instead.” James didn’t seem to trust me. “You would sell out your own Slytherin?” I sighed. “I never said the student who could take it was a Slytherin. They just happen to know our house would want it.” He seemed to become wary. “You aren’t implying it’s a Gryffindor?” I took the chance to walk away from him a bit. Reclaiming personal space was a priority. “I’m saying that if you want it back I don’t mind giving it to you.”

James looked at me shocked. “Why would you give it back?” I shrugged. “It’s not like I‌ particularly need it?” He returned to being annoyed at me. “What do you need then?” A large smile appearing on my face. “Honestly, half the accusations that have been put on me are false. The bad luck of being the new naive kid. Three promises from you and you can have it.” Why did he walk back up to me again? He was much taller than me. There was no need to try and force intimidation. “Promises.”

I‌ nodded my head. “Yea. I need a break from being blamed for everything. It’s making being the new kid even harder.” That was true. They were making my life miserable. The damn red coats and their loud ruckuses. He glared at me. “What promises?” I smiled at him. “For you to never say my name out loud again, for you to never duel me and for you not to mention this agreement at all to anyone.” To my surprise he cracked up laughing. “You really are a Slytherin. You almost had me going for a moment.”

I‌ shrugged. “My brother and I‌ have had to deal with a lot. We both know people aren’t trustworthy. If you don’t promise me I won’t believe you.” James sighed. “You don’t want to duel me that bad?” If it was at the moment I‌ would lose. There was no way I wanted to lose. Especially if there wasn’t a good reason for it. I didn’t say anything. “And your name?” I rolled my eyes at him. “Too many Potters have been saying it lately. It’s giving me a headache.” He nodded his head. “Fine, I‌ promise.”

I‌ shook my head no. “Didn’t I‌ just open up to you and say we don’t believe in people. That’s not the promise I want.” James looked at me shocked. “How can you not know magic but know about that.” I smiled at him. “Our guardian is a Yaxley. Former Death Eater and all.” He grit his teeth. “You really are the worst sort of people.” Why? For ensuring someone sticks to their promises? How terrible of us. I‌ shrugged. “Think about it. Just find me before the game starts tomorrow.”

James looked at me surprised. “You are giving me time to think about it? I‌ could tell everyone?” I walked forward and stood up on my toes to pat his shoulder. “I’ve already said I’m not that bad of a person. Just distrustful. Take your time to think about it.” I‌ started to walk away from him. “It’s not like it bothers me if you don’t have it. I’m sure it would look good in a Burke vault.” He turned around quickly to look at me. James had no idea if I‌ was teasing who would buy it. Too bad for him I just kept walking.

When I turned a certain corner the usual group was waiting for me. Isolda looked worried. “Are you okay? He didn’t do anything did he?” I‌ shook my head no. “There’s always some lie going around about his family. He’s too curious not to want to hear.” Li looked curious. “What was the lie?” I‌ shook my head no. “It’s honestly very awful. I’d rather not help spread it.” Cyrus pat my head. “You are a contradiction, you know that.”

I shrugged and looked over at the smiling Cena. He was the only one who looked happy. The others irritated or concerned. Albus looking away awkwardly. “James didn’t do anything, right?” I‌ shook my head no. “Besides invading my personal space bubble numerous times, no.” Scorpius sighing in relief. “We were all concerned he would do something brash.”

I just started walking towards Astronomy. “Doesn’t matter either way. The problem is taken care of for now.” Tir looked over curiously. “Really? That simple?” I‌ sighed. “He’s really image conscious.” Wibert nodded his head. “All of them are.” Ethel scoffing. “If they don’t look like pure brave knights they freak out.”

Tir held open the door to the classroom for us. “Still don’t push yourself too hard. You’re not actually good at being mean.”‌ He made sure to say it loud enough so multiple students could hear. Cyrus shaking his head. “The only thing she is good at is being blunt.” I‌ ignored them and walked over to our side of the room. Ethel sliding in next to me. She leaned down to whisper. “You are going to tell me later, right?” I suppressed my laughter and nodded. “As soon as he takes the deal.”

She smiled at me. “The class is on Jupiter’s moons. Know anything about it?” I leaned forward and sighed. “They all have funny names.” Her smile faded. “We have a house mate named Callisto.” My sighing got louder. “Great… More names that are hard to pronounce.” The teacher starting the class. About half way through a note appeared in front of me.

Tomorrow, come to the kitchens before curfew.


Edde? I‌ slid the note into my book and returned to half falling asleep. There had to be a way to make this more interesting?



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