Chapter 15 : Crucios & Hot Uncles

Ailean sat down loudly besides me. “HOW‌ ARE YOU STILL GETTING INTO TROUBLE?” A few of the Slytherins around me laughed. All of them wondered the same thing. “I‌ swear it isn’t my fault.” He turned to glare at Albus. “You’re right. It’s Potter’s fault.” Albus looked annoyed. “How is it my fault?” Ailean scoffed. “Because your clan got involved and made everything worse and more frequent.”

Rob interrupting unusually early. “Doesn’t matter. It’s dinner time.” We all turned to look at him. He seemed a little tired and downhearted. Where was Cyst? Shouldn’t she have been next to him? In fact, Sulli was also missing and dinner was the one meal she was never late to. Cena took a large gulp of his tea. “Today has been rather taxing hasn’t it?” I‌ could only nod my head. “They are extremely obsessive.”

Rob looked up quietly. He didn’t seem well at all. “After your date I’ll be waiting for you in the common room.”‌ Everyone seemed really worried for a moment so I‌ nodded my head. “Okay.” Rob stood up and motioned towards Serpens. The arrogant prick also stood up. The two leaving the dinning hall. I looked over to Cena. “What was that about?” He shook his head no. “Nothing.” Clearly, it was something they didn’t by any means want over heard.

I looked down at my plate. The food here wasn’t completely to my liking. I‌ stood up as well. This was an unusually tense atmosphere. “I think I’ll go also.” Ophelia quickly stood up. “I’ll go too! We can prep for your date.” I looked at her annoyed. Cena waving us off. Honore electing to follow us out.

The walk back to the dungeons was pretty quiet. “What was that about?” Honore shook her head no. “Not here.” I‌ nodded my head. The three of us quickly moving through the stone walls to our entrance. Honore looking up grim. “Vengence.” The stone moved away to reveal the blue green hued common room. The three of us walking in. Sitting in the chairs of the room was a group of Slytherin students. Karl Jenkins was there as well. Rob was standing over him. A red light coming from his wand as he cried.

Ophelia looked away bitterly but pulled me forward. Rob stopped when he heard us. He turned around grim. “You skipped dinner.” I‌ nodded my head. “It was becoming too heavy for my liking.” I looked down at Karl. He was sitting on the floor crying. Did he do what I‌ think he just did? An older Slytherin looked down at me annoyed. “This is because of you you know. This punishment on him.” Karl looked up at me.

I sighed. “I‌ guess I‌ owe him then.” Rob turned to look at me. “You owe all of us.” He pointed for me to sit down in one of the chairs so I‌ did. Ophelia and Honore stood behind me. The others sitting down as if I‌ was on trial. Rob crossed his legs and looked down on me. “You have to answer to your peers about everything. The Professors have taken notice.” Serpens nodded his head. “And so have we.”

I scratched my chin awkwardly. “I don’t know where I’m expected to start?” Sulli looked up from her textbook. She had been reading the entire time poor Karl was being punished. “What did you say to James Potter to get him to walk away?” I forgot how to the point she was. This was awkward. “Albus knicked something off of his brother last year. Tir happened to take it from him. I‌ was offered the family treasure for going on a date with him tonight.” She nodded her head and looked down.

Serpens on the other hand scoffed. “Albus is a useless body in this house.” Rob ignored him and continued to remain stone face. “Is that all you have to say for yourself?” He was so scary. Seriously, scary. I get it more and more how he ended up Head Boy. Who else could get away with all of this? A muggle born torturing half bloods and pure bloods in the common room out in the open. “Is there anything else?”

Rob sighed. “Children are such idiots.” He turned to the older boy. “List her her crimes.” He nodded his head. “Betrayal of house loyalties, open displays of unneeded drama, loss of house points, damage on house reputation, unneeded professor attention, stupid actions, stupid comments and bloody ignorance on how to behave in public.” What. What was he even saying. I looked at Rob. He seemed weary. “Did you really think we weren’t keeping track of everything that has happened?”

Sulli looked up from her book. “You’re loud and cause unwanted problems.” She seemed annoyed. “You seem to have zero understanding of what you do and their consequences.” This was the problem with playing a long term game. Only a few others were in on it. You having to be the only one aware of the actions you took and why. Those selected losses an emotional burden on you. I bowed my head. “My apologies. It seems our own agenda got mixed in a way incorrectly with the house’s.”

Rob sighed. “Your own agenda.” I‌ looked back up at him. “I’m afraid there are certain instructions we have been given that are to remain private.” He stood up and pointed his wand at me, “Crucio.” I found myself falling forward screaming. My body curling up as white hot knives stabbed into me repeatedly. The pain was unbearable. Every part of me unable to handle the stabs and burns. Ophelia’s voice cutting in. “Wait, Rob! She has to go out with Tir tonight.”

A small tch sound was made but the spell stopped. I couldn’t help but find myself in a coughing fit. Honore helping me sit up silently. Rob looking down on me. “Do you have anything to say for yourself, orphan.” I shook my head no. Honore being pulled away by Ophelia as he cast it again. My body returned to a ball shape. Sweat pouring out of me as I‌ screamed. When it stopped Honore returned to supporting my body.

Sulli looked up from her book. “You need to remember this well, Hyo-Eun Yong. In this house we do not betray our own.” Serpens smiling at me. “When one does they are reminded of their place.”‌ His eyes looking over to Karl. I couldn’t help but shudder. I nodded my head. “I‌ swear. Nothing was meant to or instructed to betray Slytherin House.” Rob looked at me annoyed. “These instructions?” I‌ shook my head no. “I‌ cannot say until a certain time. It has been forbidden.” The heads gathered all looked at each other.

Cyst running down the stairs that led to the dormitory. “Rob! He wrote back.” He glared at me but motioned for her to come over. Cyst running into his arms and digging her head into his chest. Rob opening the letter and reading it out loud.

My Lovely Cyst,

It is as we have worried. Restrictions on the inheritance and long term agreed profits of the families have passed. Just the other day your Uncle Orval had his house vault emptied by a Ministry worker. Our dear neighbors, the Burke’s, had their home estate raided. They seem to suspect even the corners on the floor trim. The administration has also agreed to send reviewers to the school for the upcoming games. All of them will be coming to watch over it. We do worry about you. Rumors have come that you were having trouble with some Gryffindor slags. I’m so sorry we cannot say anything to their family right now. We have sent the best brooms available for the quiditch team in hopes that helps a bit. Your mother has also confirmed your requests for the summer so you can smile again.

Also, my lovely little girl, Cadmael has sent us a letter. He unusually asked us to watch out for his wards. Since he has come out of his isolation to send many of us letters please keep an eye out for them. I hear they are disasters.

Vester Selwyn

Rob looked back up from the letter. He pat her head. “Don’t be too sad, Cyst. The plans for the summer were confirmed.” Serpens nodded his head. “We also got better brooms.” Does anyone remember Karl and I are in pain on the floor? Anyone? Rob looked at me. Never mind, he can forget. I can be invisible. Suffering in silence is my forte. “Why is Cadmael Yaxley your guardian?” Cyst nodded her head. “It makes no sense. The old hermit doesn’t care about anyone.”

I‌ looked down awkwardly. “We don’t know. All we know is Cadmael was the one to take us.” Rob pulled Cyst with him to sit back down. She cuddled into him. He just continued to pamper her. “How odd. The same time all of this crack down is occurring again the potter and malfoy brat get in trouble, become bolder and then wards of Cadmael appear.” Sulli closed her book. “It has been one odd occurrence after the other the last three years.”

Honore helped me stand up and return to a chair. Ophelia seemed to have gotten Karl into one as well. Serpens turning to look at me. “Ravenclaw better win their match.” I turned to look at Sulli. She nodded her head. “Cena informed me. I can cast it.” I‌ smiled. “Don’t worry then. In the next week we will have more gains than losses.” Cyst’s face turned bright red and she pointed at me. “We better!”

Ophelia coughed awkwardly. “She’s going to have to shower before her date.” They all nodded. Serpens shaking his head. “Do something to make her seem more appealing, Ophelia.” She nodded her head. “That is my special talent.” The two of them helping me towards the showers.

When we were far enough away I‌ turned to look at the two of them confused. “I thought that spell wasn’t allowed.” Honore sighed. “Rob gets away with it because of his circumstances.” Ophelia looking away awkwardly. “As long as it doesn’t get too bad Professor Rhiannon is a fan of order.”

We entered the bathroom and the two helped me into one of the baths. “Still? Wouldn’t Potter and Malfoy freak out over this?” Honore shook her head. “Those two are treated with gloves.” Ophelia nodding her head. “None of this goes on in front of them. They are special.” I sunk deeper into the water. My body was so sore Honore and Ophelia had to help me from sinking all the way in. “They are even more pathetic than I‌ thought.”

Ophelia sighed. “That’s a bit harsh. They are just childish is all.” I‌ looked at her skeptical. “If you’re saying that they have no hope.” She pouted. Honore laughing. “That’s true you know.” I‌ found myself slipping below the water when their grip loosened. The hot water hurt my face. My body too sore to move. The two frantically pulling me back up. Ophelia looking worried. “How are you supposed to go on a date like this?” Honore nodded her head. “And you HAVE to go on this date.”

I‌ groaned. “Can’t I‌ just send Ailean?” The two girls looked at me disappointed. “No.” “That’s sad.” I looked at them sadly. “But my body hurts now.” Honore grimaced. “If you don’t go on this date a lot more then your body will hurt.” Ophelia smiling. “Besides, anything can be covered up with a bit of makeup and well placed accessories.” I looked at her confused. “What exactly needs to be covered up? I‌ was talking about internal pain.”

Ophelia pat my head like a child. “You’ll see.” I‌ turned to look at Honore for help. She nodded her head no. This is the thanks I get for helping her earlier?



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