Chapter 16 : Sulli Love

I stood waiting by the great hall. My normal uniform was somehow neater and better looking on me. Ophelia had done my hair so it was styled instead of just down. She had also given me a pair of emerald snake earrings and a small emerald choker. I felt like she had suddenly made me a very fashionable person. A few of the students lingering outside before curfew were looking at me funny.

Tir showed up looking the same as always. A bright smile on his face. “You left to dress up.” I sighed. “Ophelia insisted.” He walked over and took my hand. “I have to thank her later.” I could feel the eyes on us. It was annoying. “So where are we going?” He smiled at me and started to pull me through hallways. “You’ll like it, trust me.” I‌ nodded and followed him silently. Tir took us to an unusual door I had not noticed before.

However, he didn’t take us in right away. Instead he leaned down to whisper. “We just need to wait a few moments for our spy to catch up.” I‌ nodded my head. Florence was predictable. The two of us creating a wonderful act until we felt her presence. It seems she was hiding behind a wall. I leaned forward to wrap my arms around him. “Just one more moment.” He looked at me confused but said nothing. As soon as I spotted a gloomy Sulli behind a wall I smiled. “So, what’s the surprise you wanted to show me?”

Tir smiled and opened the door. He quickly pulled us in. What was inside was a beautiful but simple room. It was made of bleached wood walls and had a warm fireplace already going. He pointed to a table. “I‌ heard about it from my parents. It’s called the Room of Requirement.”

I watched Tir take out a tiny bag. All of a sudden he was pulling out some food and tea. He smiled. “You left dinner early.” I nodded my head. Playboys knew how to be thoughtful…or fake it at the very least. Tir poured me a cup of tea. “This place will only show up if you need it and it changes how it looks and what’s in it.” I couldn’t help but chuckle. “You needed a date spot?” He nodded his head. “For this particular circumstance.”

I‌ shook my head. “I’m sure you’ve taken many ladies here.” Tir chuckled. “Only a few. But the room is different every time.” He had included some fresh bread rolls so I‌ eagerly reached forward for some. They were heavenly. “It is an interesting place for sure.”‌ It also didn’t require a lot of movement which was a place for how sore I was. Ophelia and Honore had covered my body with so many creams to try and make walking easier.

Tir happily took a sip of tea. I had to admit I‌ was curious about something. “Why does Florence like you so much?” He sighed. “Her parents work for my family. She grew attached as a child.” I put my tea cup down. That can’t be it? “That can’t be the whole story? She’s extremely ‘attached’.” He slumped into his chair and groaned. “Her father’s a squib so it was hard for him and her mother to get a job. My parents employed them to manage the grounds and gave them a little cottage to sleep in.”

I cracked up laughing. “So you’re her hero.” He nodded his head. “She’s never looked at anyone else.” I started to drink the tea again. It was pretty delicious. Especially, after a story like that. “I have to admit that is hilarious.” Tir sighed. “It’s really not that funny. She never leaves me alone.” I‌ smiled at him. “How could she abandon her wonderful savior?” He glared at me. “Enough already.”

I reached out for another bread roll. “Sure, we can drop it there.” He sit back up more comfortable. “Do you have anyone you actually like then?” He turned to me surprised. “Why do you care?” I‌ could only shrug. There was no way I could say I was wondering if he actually wanted to be a hero for someone else. “Just curious.” Tir looked away. “Sulli.” Sulli! No wonder he was so friendly with Slytherin house.

I cracked up laughing. “Sulli!” He turned red and looked away from me. “It’s not that funny.” I nodded my head. “It completely is.” Tir leaned farther away from me. I had to lean in towards him. “Is it her beauty? Her ambitious research?” He continued to look away from me. Tir’s face still red.

I chuckled and leaned away. It was time for my third bread roll. The ones he brought were really good. Especially since my stomach was in knots from before. Finally, he turned back around. “And you?” I shook my head no. “I‌ haven’t been here long enough. Besides, I don’t really have an interest.” Tir looked at me with a sly expression. “Should I‌ tell that to Li?”

I looked at him confused. “Sure?” He cracked up laughing. “You are so daft. I’m telling you Li is interested.” Is he? I’m pretty sure it is for other reasons then. I shrugged. “That’s nice for him.” Tir leaned closer. “Going out with him would be an asset for you.”

I leaned away from him. “And how is that?” He smiled. “He’s a well liked and popular non Slytherin. Comes from a good family and is liked by the current administration. He’ll definitely help your reputation problems.” I smiled at Tir. “I see.” He continued. “The Professors like him- including our house head. Attending certain events with him as a date won’t bring attention or be considered a poor choice. He’s also pretty cooperative and easy on the eyes.” I shook my head. “Then you go out with him.”

Tir shook his head no. “As I said. My heart belongs to Sulli.” I couldn’t help but scoff. “And your body belongs to the rest of the female students?” He could only shrug. “A man has needs.” I shook my head in disappointment. “Maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten her interest.” He shook his head no. “We talk. Her research is more extensive than mine. Comparing notes is painful. There’s no way Sulli would look at anyone until they were as capable as she was.” That could be true. She was a die hard research fanatic. All of her time went to it. I’ve heard from a few people she’s a genius. No wonder the Ravenclaw house always seemed to have their eyes on her. All of them wanting to discuss and dissect some topic.

I wondered… “Does she care if her husband is a pure blood or not?” He shook his head. “She only cares if they are muggle born.” Well that was for obvious reasons. It was understandable. “Isn’t Carrow a pure blood house?” He nodded his head. “Not all of us are anymore but my parents are.” I‌ nodded my head. “I’m still trying to understand how this pure blood thing works. There seems to not be so many options.”

Tir seemed to sigh. “There used to be more if that was your thing. But time changes thing and so does politics. A lot of the houses are dead or already mixed.” I nodded my head in understanding. It was a dying notion. Unlike in the East where it was still heavily emphasized. How else would certain traits be guaranteed to be passed on? Certain magical abilities or aptitudes did linger within certain groups. That was how it worked. “I see. Whose your mom then?” He looked away awkwardly. “It’s Vada Selwyn. Cyst’s Aunt.”

I couldn’t help but crack up laughing. “Cyst is your cousin!” He nodded his head. “As you said… There is a period of not many options for those who desire such things.” I leaned forward smiling. “Do you want it? A‌ pure blood wife?” Tir leaned back in his chair. He seemed to be thinking about it. “I’d say I‌ prefer it. For magical inheritance and wealth more than superiority. However, I wouldn’t shun someone over it.” That was fair. As I‌ said before, certain traits within certain groups.

He looked over at me curious. “What about you? You are a pure blood.” I could only shrug. “Well that has certainly not been very important fact in my life.” Tir handed me another roll. I don’t know whether to be flattered about the attention or annoyed. “That’s true. We were told before being discovered you all knew nothing about magic and lived among muggles.”

I nodded my head. “We grew up moving between houses that took care of parent-less children. When we discovered magic it was more of an unknown problem than a gift.” Tir cracked up laughing. “It couldn’t of taken you long to discover considering your brother.” I shook my head no. It wasn’t something to laugh about. “My brother had it bad. We ended up in very superstitious homes.” He stopped laughing and nodded his head. “I see.”

I quietly ate the roll handed to me. Tir turning to look at me once again. “How do you know you are pure bloods then?” I poured myself some tea. “When we were found the wizarding government discovered who our father was. He was some dead youngster of a pure blood clan.” Tir looked down at his own cup. “Did they not want you two?”

I sighed. “That’s a difficult question. They are known for their transfiguration abilities and gifts. Ailean has skills that are cherished by the clan.” Tir looked up at me. “But?” I shrugged. “At the time, there was no proof of our lineage from our mother’s side. They sent payment to Cadmael to be our guardian.” He nodded his head in understanding. “I‌ had no idea that crazy hermit knew people on the other side of the world.” I chuckled a bit. “Yea, he really seems to have an odd reputation.” Tir nodding his head in agreement. “It really is odd you know.”

The two of us become silent for awhile just eating the food in front of us. He ate more than me. Odd considering he probably actually already ate a proper dinner. Finally, he spoke again. “So are you going to root for our house tomorrow?” I‌ nodded my head. “As long as I‌ get what’s promised after you have my full support.” Tir smiled. “You’ll have it. Might as well give it to James Potter.” I smiled. “Maybe.”

He looked at me curious. “Wasn’t that what you talked about in private?” I looked at him confused. “Was it?” He shook his head and sighed. “Just finish eating already. We have to be back in the common rooms any moment.” I stashed a few of the bread rolls and stood up. “Let’s go then?”

Tir and I exited the room. The door vanishing behind us. He waved goodbye at me. “I’ll look for you in the stands tomorrow.” I‌ smiled at him. “Don’t worry. I’ll sit next to Sulli.” He shook his head and walked away. I wonder if that was meant to be a secret?


Magical Bloodlines

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