Chapter 17 : A Hint Of True Nature

As soon as I‌ got back to the dorm I changed into pajamas and slipped back down to the common room. I‌ had to wait for Ailean to return. Thankfully, besides some of my homework and tea I‌ brought with me a large blanket. Getting cozy in my corner- alone. Every time someone tried to come up and chat I‌ nodded my head no. I guess the whispers of Rob’s punishment was enough to keep them at bay till morning.

It had gotten late by the time the room emptied. All the creams had started to wear off and my homework was done so I put everything aside and closed my eyes. I haven’t seen the other common rooms but I’m sure we have the best one. I found myself dozing off…

“Scorpius, you shouldn’t hand that over.”

“If I do, they’ll leave Rose alone.”

“Rose is fine.”

“I can’t take those chances with my future wife.”

“You need to live long enough to be able to possibly maybe marry her.”

“It’s just one diary. I’m sure there is nothing amazing in it.”

“Are you telling me you looked first?”

“Of course not! Who do you think I am?”

“The Scorpion King.”

“Shut up, Potter.”

The sound of their irritating flirting prohibited me from actually taking a nap. Still, I had to keep my eyes close for decorum sake. How irritating these two were.

“Scorpius why are you even getting involved? We do fine on our own.”

“I’ve been thinking, Al.”


“Don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just when you start a sentence with I’ve been thinking it is either some annoying story about a library book or a bad decision involving gaining a positive image with my family.”

“It’s not about either of those.”

“Then what is it about? A homework assignment?”

“NO. It’s about the note I got back from her.”

“You haven’t showed me it yet.”


Did the two idiots not realize they weren’t even whispering anymore? No one would be asleep through this.

“Her personality is the worst.”

“It’s pretty bad.”


I clenched my fist in irritation. All I‌ wanted to do was sit up and smack them.

“She’s kind of right though…”


“We don’t really try that much anymore.”

“Why should we?”

“Because they’re our housemates and people change as they grow up. Haven’t the last few days been an example of that.”

“… we both know you are an amazing and kind person but most people aren’t like you.”

“As flattered as I‌ am I‌ am still being serious. Didn’t we give up on them? On everyone?”

“Don’t tell me you suddenly want to get along with everyone. Most of the people here talk awful about you.”

“But…look at the last few days. Since when have we ever had a half way decent time with all of them. They actually sided with us.”

“No, they sided with her.”

“BUT she sided with us.”

“No, she sided with herself. We both know there’s a difference.”


“Why are you looking at me like that Scorpius.”

“Because you are acting like a child.”



Seriously, who would still be sleeping after hearing Scorpius Malfoy shout like a little girl.

“Not nice, Al.”

“Then stop acting so crazy. Things are the way they are because we don’t fit in with our housemates.”

“That isn’t completely true. We all got along fine today.”

“Because they were torturing someone else.”

“Some of it just seemed like childish pranks.”

“You only say that because Ethel gave you some Shock-O-Choc after she finished her assignments.”

“Which she never would have done before.”

“Can you just drop this. Things aren’t changing or going to change.”

I could hear him laughing now.

“Al, come on, anyone can notice you melting over the last few days.”

“I don’t melt.”

“You do. You melt quite a bit when you are being teased by her.”



“I’m not giving you candy for two weeks.”

“You’re so cruel.”

“Can you just put the diary over there already. I want to go back to bed.”

“Fine, but…”


“You totally melt.”

It was hard to suppress my irritation at their awkward flirting. However, I‌ did my best to not move when the two walked over to put the book down. I waited for the sound of their steps to fade away before opening my eyes. When I turned a bit I could see they had placed the diary beneath one of my other books. He worked fast.

I reached for a cup of tea. It was still hot enough to enjoy a sip. A few moments later my brother walked into the common room and sat down next to me. “Elias screamed like a little girl.” I smiled. “Did he?” Ailean nodded his head. “Woke up half the boys dorm.” I‌ pulled the blanket higher up on me. “Did you happen to see Florence?” Ailean nodded his head. “I‌ checked just in case. Chelsey was hugging a pillow over her head.”

I‌ poured him a cup of tea. “The Ravenclaws should be satisfied.” He nodded his head. “I wonder if it will be worth it?” I rolled my eyes at my younger brother. “Would you like to be the one in the spotlight?” An evil smile on his face. “Come now, Sister. We both know it’s too late for that.” I‌ groaned into the cushioned emerald green chair. “That’s true. You are better in the shadows.” He smiled at me. “It’s not my fault you can be rash.”

I crossed my arms. He was such an annoying brother. “It’s called having a heart. You should try it sometime.” Ailean waved his hand away. “I’ll pass. The idea sounds horrible.” I shuffled the books around to find the diary and handed it to him. “Your present.” He scanned over a few of the pages. There it was. His evil planning smile. “This is so sweet of you.”

I‌ stretched. My body had begun to feel even worse after sitting and waiting for him. “Don’t do anything to horrible with it. Enough events are going on at the moment.” Ailean nodded his head. “I’ll just make a copy and put it back for now.” I sighed and stood up slowly. My whole body really hurt. I‌ don’t know if I‌ was going to make it to breakfast tomorrow. “Where are my notes?” I turned around to look at him. “I already left them in your room.” He stood up and wrapped his arm around me. Ailean grew to the perfect height to support me. “Yours are upstairs as well. Let me help you up.”

I‌ leaned into him as he helped me walk the stairs slowly. When we got to the split he carefully let go so I could lean on the wall. “Do try to get by without getting tortured next time.” I‌ rolled my eyes at him. “Everyday is a torture.” Ailean chuckled. “Goodnight, sister.” The two of us returning to our rooms. I do wonder how alert Gryffindor will be tomorrow.


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