Chapter 18 : Borrowing Brooms

Everyone in the room was early to breakfast. Those who were going to play in today’s match seemed to be scarfing down breakfast quickly. They wanted to be out before everyone else. The entire room was filled with joy and bets. Lots of bets. It seemed almost the entire Slytherin table was betting on Ravenclaw. Except, Ophelia and Scorpius. He alone was betting on Rose. “Rose will win.” Albus shook his head no. “She doesn’t win every time, Scorpius.” A goofy smile appeared on his face. “She does to me.”

The entire table groaned. There was something very unhealthy about all of this. His dependence on her confidence and assurance. Rose was an unhealthy aspiration for a geek like him. Maybe that was the point though. Something he’d never actually have to reach or attain. Cena flicked my forehead. “Wake up.” Sleepily, I turned to look at him. “If I wasn’t awake would I‌ be here?” Scorpius looked concerned. “Did you have trouble sleeping last night?” The two idiots didn’t notice at all the evil smiles on the others faces. Obviously, after being tortured and then forced on a date a person would have trouble sleeping.

I turned to ignore him. “We don’t have to do anything as non-participants right?” Rob shook his head no. “Other then show up to cheer no.” The food on my plate was pushed around more. “Good.” Ailean sighed next to me. “Shouldn’t you sound more excited? This could be fun to watch.” I‌ looked at my idiotic brother. “How could those words even leave your mouth.” He shrugged. “I’m just saying it could be entertaining.” I groaned and fell forward on the table. “What is entertaining about watching people fly on broomsticks to try and catch some balls.”

Serpens scoffed. “You wouldn’t understand proper entertainment. You were raised by muggles.” Ailean cracked up laughing. “That’s not it. She’s terribly afraid of heights.” The tense atmosphere that had started to build immediately disappeared to one of laughter. Cyst’s laughter the loud. “How can you be a wizard and afraid of heights. Flying on a broomstick is part of our blood.” Ethel nodding her head. “That’s pathetic.”

I couldn’t help but groan. “I’m not scared of heights. I‌ just get sick.” Wibert shook his head in disappointment. “That’s even worse.” Scorpius stepped in. “There are plenty of other ways to travel: carriages, floo powder, port keys, flying horses-” Ethel cut him off. “We don’t need the entire list.” Adrastea, a ways down, leaned towards us. “Does that mean you don’t own a broom?” I sat back up. “Of course, I‌ do. Cadmael would never let us come here without one.” Cyst looked unimpressed. “What brooms? Some of Cadmael’s homemade experiments?”

Ailean shook his head no. “He bought us the Nimbus 4200.” They all looked at each other confused. Cyst cracking up laughing. “He’s as crazy as they say. Who buys the best racing brooms for wizards who don’t even fly.” My brother looked offended. “I fly both with a broom and without one.” His face momentarily turning into a bird’s. She turned her head on him. “Meeting basic standards isn’t impressive.” Rob leaned forward curious. “Have you ever thought about Quidditch? There will be spots that will be needed to be filled for next year.” He shook his head no. “I‌ have not.”

Rob turned to Ethel. “You may want to try him out for next year.” I collapsed forward again. “Of course, Ethel is next year’s Captain.” She looked up from her tea to glare at me. “Is there something you have to say about it?” I didn’t even look up from the wood. “Naturally there is nothing.” A light humph was heard as a reply. The sound of people standing up. Rob’s voice taking charge. “It’s time for us to go.” Oliver’s following. “We aren’t playing today?”

Serpen’s egotistical chime followed Oliver’s. “A few of the Ravenclaws are borrowing brooms.” That was one way to tip the scales in their favor even more. Oliver’s curiosity getting the best of him. “Which ones?” Rob casually answered. “Tir is borrowing Scorpius. Griffin is borrowing mine and Li is borrowing Honore’s.” Scorpius sounded confused. “What? My broom is being borrowed?” Albus sounded enraged. “You’re just going to damage his broom!”

I sat up to see Serpen’s disgusted face. “Every member of the quidditch team supports each other, Potter.” Rob shook his head. “Relax, Potter. No one here is planning on destroying his broomstick. Besides, Vester Selwyn is sending the whole team Nimbus 4200 anyways. If there is an accident he has broom waiting.” The entire table looked excited. Albus seemed shocked and so did Scorpius. “You mean… I’m getting a broom as well?” He nodded his head. “You joined the team this year so you get what the team gets.” Serpen scoffing. “Don’t break it.” A small childish smile appeared on his face. What was so amazing? Rob literally just said nothing special was happening.

I turned to Rob. “If there is such a problem with Scorpius broom just give Tir mine.” They all turned to look at me. Cyst smiling. “She doesn’t fly it anyways. Just give him hers.” Scorpius started to panic. “No. No it’s fine. Mine can be used. I am part of the team.” Rob smiled at Scorpius. “I’m glad you are making good decisions finally. Your broom will be used.” He nodded his head eagerly. Albus on the other hand scoffed and turned away.

Ophelia looked upset. “You better not have done anything to your brooms to make things worse for Fred and James.” The entire table frowned. Rob waving it off. “Relax, Ophelia. There was no need to.” The group leaving. A‌ few moments later Ophelia turned to look at me. Now that Honore slipped away it seems I‌ had unwillingly become her new gf? “What does that mean?” Of course, she put that together too late. Now everyone was sighing. I pat her head. “It means nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

She turned to look at Wibert. The other two had slipped out as well. “What does that mean!” He shook his head no. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” She turned to look down towards Oliver. He simply shrugged. “I haven’t heard anything.” A small smile appeared on my face. Sometimes I‌ wonder what he has actually heard or hasn’t… Albus turned to look at me. What was with him? He should go take care of his boy toy instead of looking at me.

Ailean leaned down towards me to whisper. “Is everything good?” I smiled and gave him a hug. “Of course. Ravenclaw will win for sure. Don’t worry about your galleons.” Wibert shook his head no. “You shouldn’t gamble. It is an awful hobby.” Ailean smiled at him. “Didn’t you put money down on the game?” He rolled his eyes at him. “That’s not gambling when you already know the result.” .

Ophelia turned to look at him. “How do you already know the result?” I pat her head. “That’s just called an excuse just relax and root for Fred… and James.” She seemed unsure but nodded. “Alright, but if something is happening-” I‌ shook my head no. “Nothing is happening. We aren’t even playing.” Wibert nodded his head in agreement. “Rob would never allow it.” The entire table agreeing. Ophelia finally calming down. “That’s true. Rob wouldn’t do something so stupid.”

I looked down at my tea. Yes, Rob wouldn’t be so stupid…


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