Chapter 19 : Borgin & Burkes

I was heading towards the stands with Wibert and Opehlia. The normal two shadows trailing behind us. I wonder what James had decided on. His time was almost running out. As the captain, I don’t think he had any time left either to run and find me. I suppose I’ll have to do something else with the map. Ophelia twirled her Gryffindor scarf. “James will win. I know it.” James, huh? Not Fred… Can she really hide anything? Scorpius nodded his head. “Rose is there so they will. She’s one of the best chasers.” The two smiling as they discussed Gryffindors win. The rest of us looking disgusted.

A voice calling out to me. “Hyo-Eun, wait!” I turned around to see James Potter. He was standing there alone with his broomstick. Ophelia smiled widely. “James.” He nodded his head at her. His stalker got more attention than his brother. No wonder Albus was such a sourpuss. “I need to talk to you for a moment.” I‌ tilted my head confused. “Me? Why?” James looked annoyed. “You know why. Now get over here.” Albus glared at his brother. “You aren’t supposed to be here, James.”

James really did ignore his brother’s opinions when they were different then his. This would delay the game. No time for entertainment. I nodded my head. “Alright, let’s chat for a moment.” Ophelia seemed a bit jealous. While the other three shocked or annoyed. I followed him to one of the little quiet side areas within the stalls.

He seemed very grumpy. “Just those three promises?” I nodded my head. “Yes, unless you want more?” James lifted his arm out. “You can never duel me as well.” Fine, not a problem. I nodded my head. “Alright.” We gripped each other’s arms. He looked around. “Where is your third person?” A few seconds later a rat in the corner grew into my brother. “I came just in case.” James rolled his eyes. “I‌ should of known you two were alike.” Ailean shook his head looking offended. “I am only here because my sister asked me to be.” He raised his wand.

I looked James in the face with a smile. “Will you James Sirius Potter never say my name again?” With a grimace he shook his head yes. “I‌ won’t.” An evil smile on my face began to appear. “And will you James Sirius Potter agree to the terms of the both of us never dueling each other.” A small tch sound was made but he nodded his head. “I‌ agree to the terms of us never dueling each other.” My evil smile bloomed even wider. The light of the red magic reflecting in my eyes. “And will you James Sirius Potter seal this vow by promising to never tell anyone about it.” I watched him grind his teeth together before answering. “I‌ promise.”

The red light twined around our arms. Ailean removing his wand. A goofy smile on his face. “You really should of taken advantage of the moment and asked her to never be able to say your name.” James blinked at him confused. “What?” Ailean just shrugged. “I’m just saying. If she for petty reasons wanted you to not say her name then you should of just done the same.” He looked at my brother surprised. “That’s ridiculous.” I ignored the two and pat Jame’s shoulder. “Go out there and have some fun. Ophelia bet on you winning the game.” He looked away awkwardly but nodded. “I won’t forget this, you know.” I smiled at him. “That’s fine by me.” James left first.

My brother turned to look at me. “I can’t believe he agreed so easily?”‌ I shook my head in exhaustion. “He really is an idiot. To not understand how serious this was.” Ailean nodded his head. “Spoiled children never do seem to understand these things.” I nodded my head in agreement and waved him off. My brother had returned to a rat to move somewhere else. I‌ walked around the corner to see everyone was waiting for me. They seemed anxious.

Ophelia worried. “What did James have to say?” Scorpius seeming very concerned. “Are you alright? He didn’t say anything to bad did he?” Albus shook his head no. “She’s smiling. Normal people don’t smile after dealing with one of my brother’s temper tantrums.” Wibert shook his head no. “But she isn’t a normal person.”

I‌ laughed as I‌ walked back up towards them. “I’m smiling because your idiot of a brother agreed to pull his house back from their slander for awhile.” Albus looked unconvinced. “My brother agreed to that? To leave a Slytherin student alone?” I nodded my head. “He’s very image conscious you know. All he wanted was to know some of the bad rumors and who said them to drop it.” Wibert scoffed. “The idiot. He should of just gone to Oliver.” Scorpius looked a bit unsure. “Oliver is still a Slytherin. I‌ don’t think James would approach him.”

I put my arm around Ophelia. “It doesn’t matter. The situation is solved for now.” They all nodded and we headed towards the stands. When I wedged my way next to Sulli some of them seemed disappointed. However, as she was reading her journal I wasn’t entirely sure she even noticed. When I‌ looked down, however, I‌ noticed she was keeping track and recording the betting pool.

I‌ leaned down towards her. “You did make it favorable for Ravenclaw win correct?” She nodded her head. “The majority of people bet on Gryffindor.” I smiled. “Seems like our house is winning in the end.” Sulli nodded her head. “As it will always be.”



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