Chapter 2 : First Flight

I can’t help but feel stressed this morning. No one told me about any of this! I have to take their exams! I’ve never been to a proper school before and they think I can take these O.W.L.s…. Extra tutoring. LIKE THAT WILL GET ME THE GRADES I NEED. And these N.E.W.T. courses I am supposed to be aiming for… What is this? No wonder no one just decides to go to school once they past a certain point. What am I even going to do with any of this. And HOW IN THE WORLD IS ALBUS POTTER A PREFECT! The arrogant brat got to have a say in things! Shouldn’t the Malfoy kid have it? My head was completely pounding on the way to class… All of these classes they had me in. I want to cry.

“Hey. There’s no need to walk alone. You aren’t a complete outcast just yet.”

I turned to look at the boy running towards me. He was so tall and thin, like a flag pole. His arms looked like they’d be as long as my legs from a distance, not that I was that tall in the first place.

“And you are…”

The boy chuckled. Something about it reminded me of Cyst… Although, the two didn’t look much alike, even if they both had red hair.

“Cena. Cena Flint. You met my older cousin the other day, Cyst.”

Damn. They were related.

“I did have the pleasure of meeting her.”

Cena grimaced awkwardly. There was something very gentle about him for what I expected a Slytherin to be. He was very calming. Perhaps, he was more dangerous than his sister.

“My apologies. Cyst is an awkward girl, but she means well. She inherited her unusual speaking pattern from our grandfather…”

“I see…”

How do I tell him I didn’t particularly care about any of this? Do I just out right say it?

“Yea. Rob, is a muggle born you know. And him and Cyst are dating. SO she really is just awkward.”

Oh, I had expected something between the two, but to think he was a muggleborn… in Slytherin. This was starting to sound more like the magically reformed house I heard about in the Chinese whispers.

“I see. He seems well suited for her.”

Cena laughed.

“He may be the only one on this planet that is well suited for my cousin.”

I nodded my head.

“Yes, she seems as if she would have her challenges.”

“I don’t know if they taught you transfigurations where you’re from, but Headmistress McGonagall teaches it, so it’s best to be prepared.”

I already knew that…Why do you think I was panicking, cousin of miss awkward.

“Why don’t you sit with me, Wibert and Ethel.”

Cena pointed the two kids ahead of us out. The first was a short guy with short cut brown hair.

“That’s Wibert Adcock. He’s a wee bit sore of a Half-Blood, but he’s an honest sort for this house. A good companion for starting out.”

He pointed to the second one. She was an average sized girl with strawberry blonde hair. It was in perfect ringlets.

“That’s Ethel Greengrass. She’s… Well, you probably know her family, but she’s pretty calm. As long as you don’t get in the way of her in class. Ethel’s been aiming for the Ministry since she was a kid and she already views her cousin Scorpius as dead weight. And she’s our Prefect for the year.”

I nodded my head. Cena was good and giving out concise and useful information. He was already much better than his cousin Cyst.


He smiled.

“I’m glad. I was so worried if you sat alone you would lose us house points.”

I could only sigh.

“It’s not funny. My older brother is in Gryffindor. You don’t understand the pressure to make sure he never wins a single house cup ever.”

“In Gryffindor?”

Cena could only sigh.

“He’s a James Potter fanboy. And they’re the same age you see. So when he found out…”

I put my hand up.

“No need to go on.”

Cena only sighed deeper.

“I know we aren’t supposed to hate them anymore, but… they can just be so bloody annoying.”

I turned my eyes to the loudest kids in the hallway. They were wearing red robes…

“My sentiments exactly.”

The two of us caught up to Wibert and Ethel in the Transfiguration room. Cena pushing my forward.

“You two have seen her before. This is the genuine Hyo-Eun Yong.”

Wibert stuck out his hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“It’s a pleasure.”

Ethel looked at me skeptically.

“As long as you aren’t one of Cena’s pet projects everything between us will fine.”

I turned back around to look at Cena. He was looking away whistling. Damn. I was a pet project. I sat down next to Ethel.

“It doesn’t matter either way. I need to get the best grade possible on these O.W.L.s and I’ve never even been in a Transfiguration class before.”

Ethel turned away and tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Well as long as you don’t slow me down too much than I can’t force you to not study with us.”

I covered my mouth and giggled. So that was it. Everyone was just a little bit awkward in this house.

“I didn’t know you could laugh.”

I found my smile disappearing and my normal stone cold demeanor appear.


“I told you it’s Albus.”

“Albus Potter.”

Scorpius grabbed Albus’ arm again. The smile returning to my face.

“I’ll be watching you. Just one mistake and-”

I cracked a huge smile at him. Nervous habits, you see. And boped him on the nose again.

“We are in the same house you see.”

Scorpius started to drag him towards their own table. It was surprisingly close to the Gryffindors. As it was the exact last Slytherin table. Scorpius seemed to be staring at a curly haired girl to the right of their table. Wibert seemed a little somber.

“I know it is funny teasing Albus and all, but maybe don’t do it as much.”

Ethel nodded his head.

“His dad is a complete protective basket case. Any excuse and he’ll jump right over here and try to wave his wand to make everything just right.”

“Guys…That’s a little-”

I rolled my eyes and ignored whatever Cena was trying to say.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t care about the Potters. In fact, I’d prefer to have nothing to do with them.”

Of course, Albus heard me. Not that he could say anything since class was about to begin. If only I could turn around and stick my tongue out at him. Sadly, I needed to learn how to vanish snails…

You could just throw them out the window, you know?


Sombody To Die For – Cursed Child // Albus + Scorpius



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