Chapter 20 : 7 : 4

I had to admit it was not quite as boring as I‌ thought.‌ I suppose it was to witches what football was to muggles. There was appeal in the tricks and chase. All the different balls doing all their different things. In a natural way I did find myself rooting for Ravenclaw to win. It seemed some of the Gryffindors also had the best brooms. No surprise considering who their family was. However, they shouldn’t of look so shocked to see that Ravenclaw also had some.

I‌ wouldn’t say it was a sport I‌ knew how to describe. It really needed an expert announcer for it. Otherwise it would have someone like me who kept saying people or things were zooming around.

There was some obvious things though.‌ Rose was a talented chaser. The way she handled her broom compared to some of others was obviously more versatile. Even James didn’t seem as good as her. He however was very risky. It seemed sometimes it paid off for him. Their seeker did seem to be as they described her. Chelsey was fast and must of had great eyesight to move through the obstacle course of her risky and rash teammates.

I’d say Li was also pretty amazing. Gryffindors seemed to favor trick shots or difficult angles. He had to be very agile in switching zones to save his side. Griffin as well seemed to be quite a good seeker. The child seemed more serious on his broom than when I had seen him in the halls. The sight of Tir teasing James was quite funny. Also, how sleepy and irritated Shannon looked was pretty amazing.

From what I could tell, the irritation and lack of sleep made them irritated enough to not stay calm. They were brash, risky and aggressive. On the opposite, the Ravenclaw team seemed quite controlled. A few odd flights here and there but mostly put together. The current score was 7 : 4 in Gryffindor’s favor. It was games like this I‌ believed they said the Snitch would win it all.

I‌ could see Ophelia and Scorpius holding hands. Albus seemed to be looking at it annoyed. I really do wonder if they are together. Actually, with Scorpius’ obsession perhaps it is Albus who desires more and not him. Either way, those two needed some sort of solution to that unhealthy dependence they had. Rob’s voice making me turn around. “Gryffindor’s in the lead.”

Ah, there it was. That look that made you remember he was a scary possibly murderous individual. I could only nod my head. “For now. I‌ hear it comes down to the snitch.” Serpens narrowed his eyes at me. “Chelsey gets it almost every time.” I‌ pointed towards the two seekers. Griffin was in the league. “Does she?” They all turned to watch. Normally, she’d be able to pull out of this.

However, as if waiting for this moment one of the Ravenclaw chaser’s took a hit so their beater could send a well aimed strike right at her. James was the closest to her and went to try and save her. Everyone watching Tir fly right towards him- bumping him off course. Chelsey had to swerve to avoid it and Griffin snatched the snitch. The referee whistling. “Game to Ravenclaw.” Everyone in the stands standing up and cheering. Slytherin the second loudest house for them. Rob turned to me and nodded his head. I‌ was safe.

Ophelia and Scorpius looked down devasted. “They lost.” “Rose must be feeling awful.” I turned to look at them. “You two should go try and comfort them later.” Ophelia nodded her head. Scorpius looking unsure. “I‌ should right? That’s the right thing to do.” Ophelia took his hand. “Don’t worry. I’ll take you with me. Fred will help Rose hear you out.” Albus snorted. “Good luck with that one.” Scorpius turned to Albus. “Come with us?” He nodded his head no. “There’s no need for me to go.” Scorpius grabbed his hand. How were they not the actual couple? “You can say hi to Lily.” Albus sighed but nodded his head.

I looked over to Sulli. “Did we earn enough?” She nodded her head. “It was a good profit.” Cyst smiled at me. It really did always make me feel uncomfortable. “Our house wins in the end. How predictably enjoyable.” Rob put his arm around her and kissed her forehead. “Yes, yes. How predictable.” I looked away from his stare. I was not in the mood for feeling like I could be possibly murdered at any moment. Serpens the first of our row to stand up. “Shall we go eat now?” We all nodded. Dinner would be quite the celebration.

Albus awkwardly walked beside me. “Nothing happened with my brother, really?”‌ I shook my head no. “Your brother is an ass but he didn’t go off or anything this time.” He looked at me unsure. “Would you really tell me if he did?” I could only shrug. “Who knows.” A small smile appeared on his face. Perhaps, leasing the two of them would be easier than keeping them out of everything. They certainly got involved anyways. I leaned towards him. “I can tell you what he wanted to talk about later though.” Albus looked at me confused. “What he really talked about?”

I‌ nodded my head. “It was about you, of course. I figure you might as well know.” He looked upset. “He asked about me?” I‌ nodded my head. “Yes, he asked quite a bit about you. How you are, how you are living, whose making fun of you, who is secretly going against the ministry, who hates your father, who hates mudbloods, who of these you are possibly associating with…of course, there was also my favorite one. His most important one.” Albus looked over at me annoyed. “What was it? His most favorite one…” I smiled at him. The seeds of all of this was already there planted by his family. “He asked why after making up with your father you still insisted on hanging out with a Malfoy. And all the horrors he brings with him” Albus stopped in his tracks. Everyone turning to look at him.

Scorpius looked at him worried. “Al, you alright?” In took a few moments but Albus did look up and nod his head. “I’m fine.”‌ He continued walking. Albus leaning over to me to whisper. “Was there anything else he asked?” I‌ nodded my head. “You might want to hear about that one later in private.” I‌ watched him suddenly look very grim. He nodded his head and said nothing. I‌ turned to Wibert. “So, do you still call this not gambling?” He nodded his head. “Of course, not. The results were a proven fact as expected.” Ophelia clung unto her Gryffindor scarf. “It was certainly not a fact!” Scorpius nodded his head. “Or expected of Rose!”

I could only sigh. These losers….


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