Chapter 21 : 5 Years

We entered the great hall. Everything was decked with Ravenclaw banners. Upon our arrival the professors lifted their wands and blue lights shaped like eagles flew around the room. The Ravenclaws cheering and shouting. They entered the room as heroes. Griffin was being carried by his housemates. Tir and Li jumping with joy. Slytherin and Hufflepuff happily getting to their own tables. Only Gryffindor seemed torn between having a good game and being dejected at their loss.

After the congratulations and reward announcements were over and the students started to scream quieter we finally got our food. It was a feast for sure. The house elves must of been working very hard. There was even some food my brother and I‌ would find truly enjoyable. Everyone happily chatting away. Cyst’s laughter filling the table up.

Rob turned to me. “Any plans for tonight?” I‌ nodded my head. “Some until later.” He smiled. “Well, save some time for your housemates. Tonight is a celebration.” Scorpius looked away bitterly. “Do we have to celebrate every time Gryffindor loses at something.” The entire table, including Albus, said at the same time, “yes.” Ailean smiled. “It’s a traditions. And traditions are great.” Scorpius looked over at Gryffindor sad. “Not all traditions…There are some that we end for reasons.” I leaned over to get enough distance to hit his back. “Snap out of that. Tonight is a happy night.” Serpens rolled his eyes. “You can always mourn for your girlfriend tomorrow.”

Cyst laughing. “Girlfriend? Scorpius? That’s never going to happen.” Scorpius seemed to disagree with her. “You don’t understand. The seeds have been planted. There is hope.” I turned to Albus. He just shook his head like he had given up trying. Ophelia was smiling at him eagerly. She was egging him on. Even though we all knew even she actually didn’t believe it. I smiled gently. “I’ll tell you what. If you can get Rose to go on a date with you I’ll get Cadmael to give your father that Dark Artifact he couldn’t get his hands on.”

Scorpius turned to look at me. “How do you know about that?” Ailean smiled. “Why wouldn’t we know about that?” I‌ leaned past Albus to look at Scorpius teasingly. “Isn’t it a good deal? A date with your beloved and a gift for your father?” Albus shook his head no. “Don’t do it. It sounds too good.” Scorpius looked at me unsure. “I swear. It is only a congratulations gift.” I‌ leaned away. Cena cracking up laughing. “Besides, she’ll never say yes.”

Rob looked at Scorpius. “So? Do you want to try?”‌ Cyst smiling. “We will all be watching.” Scorpius nodded his head. “I‌ will always try when it comes to Rose.” Albus looked like he swallowed something very bitter. On the other hand I‌ smiled. “Good for you. You’re an old school romantic. Maybe you’ll get the girl in the end.” He stood up. “I‌ will.” Albus pulled him down. “You can’t fail now, idiot.” Scorpius looked around him and blushed in embarrassment before he sat back down. “I‌ knew that.”

I‌ turned away from them to look at the Ravenclaw table. They were all so happy. Li turning a moment and catching my eye. He winked at me. I quickly turned away back to my own house mates. Oliver waving towards me. “Speaking of Gryffindors, I‌ heard James called out for you before the game.”

Ugh, everyone suddenly seemed very interested in me again. I nodded my head. “He wanted to know about some of the worse rumors about him and his father.” Adrastea seemed uncertain. “That’s all?” I‌ nodded my head. “The idiot is so image conscious he asked me to tell him. In exchange he’d reign in his house a bit on the rumors of my brother and I.” Oliver looked confused. “Why didn’t he just go to me? I’m the one who knows everything.” I‌ shrugged. “I guess because you’re a pure blood Slytherin and he doesn’t have an excuse to ask you?” Serpens scoffed. “Potters.”

Cyst leaned forward towards Albus. “Are you that crazy about your dad? Fighting a whole house over what people say about him.” He shook his head no. “I don’t have the time to fight the entire world over it.” She cracked up laughing. “That’s true isn’t. Everyone knows your father and what he did.” Albus looked away uncomfortable. She turned to Scorpius. “The same for you. No escaping that name.” Now he too looked uncomfortable. She then turned to look at my brother and I. “And you two can’t escape not having one.” Cyst’s laughter getting louder. “Isn’t it funny?” Rob sighed. “Cyst, this is one of those moments where the phrasing is a bit… incorrect.” She shrugged. “But the whole thing, Potter’s comment included, is funnier than anything Ophelia has ever said.”

Everyone turned to look at Ophelia. She seemed to be conflicted on how to receive that. Considering what she just saw was not funny to her. Karl interrupting the conversation. “It is funny. Completely funny. The perfect Malfoys have that as an heir. While, the perfect Potters have a squib as theirs.” I sighed. “That wasn’t even the bad joke.” My brother shook his head. “You really should get that part right before you comment.” Cyst hitting Rob’s arm. The entire thing was hysterical to her. I‌ smiled at Karl. “Besides, Karly I thought we were on the same page about your hidden love affair for the two of them.”

His face turned red. “Love affair! For those two.” The people around him started to crack up laughing. I‌ nodded. “Yes, your love affair. Your devotion to them. Your wondrous thoughts that take up your days and nights. Your passion for everything they do.” Scorpius and Albus started to crack up laughing. His face got redder. “What is your problem? Do you not learn anything?‌ After last ni-” A stern voice interrupting. “What about last night?” Karl turned to look at Rob. He looked very serious. “Uh, nothing…”

Rob shook his head no. “No, go on. Something happened last night that I wasn’t aware of.” The table had gone quiet.‌ Albus and Scorpius seemed confused and nervous. I‌ looked over at the shivering Karl. I feel bad for him. He’s sort of a sad little boy trying to find his place in the world. “We talked about the note Florence sent. He wanted discuss whether my friendship with Ravenclaw was more important than my housemates.” Rob turned to look at me. “Did you?”

I nodded my head. “Poor, Karly got his words tripped up in his mouth. He ended up agreeing to just stay out of it all.” I turned to look at him. “Right?” Karl slowly nodded his head. “Right….” He looked at Scorpius and Albus. “I‌ sometimes forget myself when these two show such stupidity under their famous conditions.” Rob nodded his head. “I see.” He returned to eating. “Not much can be done about that. It’s fair to question loyalties in the beginning.”

Ethel elected to speak up. “It’s fair to question them through longer times as well.” Cena chuckled. “As we have also done with Scorpius and Albus.” The two seemed shocked and confused. How were they such ignorant and spoiled children? It was like they only saw less then half of the real world. Scorpius looked confused. “What do you mean…” Serpens rolled his eyes. “They mean that where you stand and who you stand with is still uncertain.”

The two boys looked at each other. How are they still not understanding what was actually being said? Albus seemed infuriated. “You mean all these years was a simple test to you guys!” Scorpius reached for him but was shoved away. “The constant bullying and harassment meant nothing to you!” Scorpius looked sad. “Al… calm down.”

Rob shook his head. “Can’t you two see why you were tested and left out of things?” Serpens scoffed. “They can’t. They’re idiots.” Albus glared at him. “Shut your mouth Serpens.”‌ He rolled his eyes. “Why? Why should I‌ listen to you, Potter?” Honore shook her head. “Because of his father.” Albus seemed to get even more upset. “Not because of my father.” Rob looked at him with a smile. “Then why?” Albus eyes swam with confusion. Finally, they settled a bit. “Because of me. Because I’m someone to listen to.”

Cyst cracked up laughing. “This is too funny. I can’t.” Sulli looked up from her book. “I can’t tell if he’s had a self realization or is just stumbling through words.” Scorpius looked down at his book. He pulled out a note. I wonder if that was my note. It would certainly fit the scene. Albus hit the table. “I’m serious. I’m someone to listen to.”

I leaned towards him and smiled. “Alright, Albus. Tell us why we should listen to you.” His anger faded as he looked at me shocked. “You just called me Albus?” I‌ nodded my head. “You said you were someone to listen to. We are waiting.” He looked around the table. Things were the same yet different. Albus was not sure what to do. “I…” I turned away from him. “Forget it.‌ Potter is just Potter.” Everyone cracked up laughing. He was taking too long to use the gift I‌ gave him. Scorpius shaking his head. “You’ll see. Al is someone worth listening too.”

Rob turned to look at Scorpius. “What about you? Are you someone worth listening to? Would Rose listen to you?” Scorpius looked confused. When it came to himself it was much harder to answer. Al nodded his head for him. “Yes. He is someone to listen to. Rose is just too daft to listen to anyone other then her mother and herself.” Rob smiled. “Well, having a parent as the Minister of Magic does carry some weight with their words.”

Albus looked even worse now. What was his dislike for the ministry? The majority of his family worked for it in some form or another. Hell, his most intimate relatives basically ran the entire thing at this point. Cena turned to look at him. “You’re unusually ugly looking.” A cat like smile appearing on him. “Is the idea of that so horrible to you?” Everyone turned to look at Albus. Scorpius interrupting. “No way….. Having a relative in that position is an honor. Cyst shook her head in disappointment. “No one was asking about your love affair.”

Wibert nodded. “Having family in positions of power have pros and cons.” Serpens rolled his eyes at him. “Because it is the same for muggles and wizard authorities.” I turned to look at Cena. I thought Wibert’s dad was just a cop? Ethel explaining for him. “Wibert’s father is the Chief of Police of London. He is one of the few muggles who works with the Ministry.” Oh. That was a twist. No wonder he was so sour. Famous muggle father and a mother who married him. I watched Albus and Scorpius look at him differently. The two always seemed so unsure of their feelings. Also, dumb. Very very dumb. Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to not know this about your own house mate after 5 years?

He only shrugged. “His job is annoying really. I am forced to agree with Serpens in that it is not the same as the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.” A smug smile appeared on Serpens face.  I shook my head. “Why do you feed his ego?” The table laughed. Serpens not bothered by it at all. Rob pointing behind me. “It seems someone is here for you.”

I turned around to see Tir and Li. Li looked disappointed. “Couldn’t you let me surprise her?” Rob shook his head no. “No, you all have already had too much fun.” He glared at Rob. “Says the Rich bastards.” Almost the entire table smiled. Compared to the other houses it was true the average within this house was higher. Cena turned to smile at Li. “If I wasn’t not mistaken your father makes decent money himself. He is a well known Auror.” Really? Li’s father was an auror?

I turned to look at Li. Now he was ignoring me? Not all the times before I wanted him to? Ethel shook her head. “Please, like the others his father got the job by being offered it for fighting and surviving.” Instead of getting mad at her, Li simply nodded his head. “True.” Sulli looked up from her journal. “The real interesting money making thing is the creation of the Talpa potion.” The talpa potion? My brother also shrugged.

Li smiled at me. “It’s like being a chamelon.” Serpens interrupting him. “You mean a fake metamorphmagus.” What? Everyone seemed to ignore Serpens. Li continuing. “It lasts the same duration as the invisibility potion. However, instead of invisibility it basically changes the outside form of a person to blend in with what ever they are standing against.” I looked at him confused. Wibert commenting. “It’s cheaper than the invisibility potion and lasts longer.” Serpens scoffing. “Yes, but it only works when you are by a concrete object and only allows one trick at a time.” Cyst smiling at him. “Sounds like you’ve tried it?” Saros his younger brother finally talked. “He probably tried to sneak into the baths.”

Serpens face turned bright red. How odd of a color for him. It was fantastic. “I would never!” Saros turning away from his brother no longer interested. My own brother smiling as if saying see I told you so. Tir smiling. “Anyways, now that we have reminded ourselves how wealthy we all are can we take her now?” Rob opened his hands. “Go for it. We aren’t stopping you.” Albus glaring at Tir. “Take her? Why would you need to do that?” Li smiled at Albus. There was something a bit cruel there. As if like James he was looking down on him. “For celebration of course. Our entire house wants her. We’ve prepared a present.”

I smiled and stood up. People were listening and watching. “A present for me?” Li nodded his head. “Because of you Tir was in a good enough mood to stay focused in the game.” I chuckled. Acting was annoying. “I’m glad I could help with his faults.” The students around us cracking up laughing. Li throwing his arm around me. “Come on. I’ll show you what we made.” Everyone watching as the three of us walked out of dinner early.

The two of them had such evil smiles on their faces. I looked at Li. “So do you get along with them because you’re rich?” Tir looked at Li smiling. “Is that it, Li?” He shook his head no. “No, it’s a much more silly reason.” I tilted my head curious. “Go on?” Li smiled at me. “Why do you even want to know?” I could only shrug. “Curiosity is my folly.”

Tir hit his arm to nudge him on. “Go one, tell her.” Li sighed. “My parents are divorced. My mother went on and married a muggle.” I looked at him confused. “And you hate this?” Li shook his head no. “Nah, he’s an okay guy and both my parents are happier.” Now I was confused. What was the connection then? Tir had an evil smile on his face. Li sighing. “The pair met through Hawke Fawley, Sulli’s father.” What? Sulli’s father had a ridiculous name like Hawke? That was hysterical.

Li moved his hair away from his face. Was it a nervous habit? It seems more like he just wanted a fake movement that seemed to make him more appealing? “We had a lot of awkward family dinners growing up. Elias is such a prat so it wasn’t hard to choose who to hang out with.” I nodded my head in understanding. Elias seemed very annoying. From his story to his reaction and entitlement from it. Completely and udderly the type of person I did not like to handle.

We reached the Room of Requirement. It seems we were handing things off in a horribly obvious secret location.


Ministry of Magic

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