Chapter 22 : Poly Juice

When we entered the Room of Requirement I noticed it was now just a simple sitting parlor. The pair opening one of the tables in the room to pull out a potion. Please tell me that was not what I was thinking it was. Tir smiling. “Time for you to drink up.”

I shook my head no. “Absolutely not. I’d rather be caught than have to drink a poly juice potion.” Li walked over to me with an evil smile. Was this payback? “We need to get you into the Ravenclaw Common Room.” Again, I shook my head no. “There really is no need. I‌ can just wait here.” Tir smiling. “Most people would want the chance to see another house’s room. It’s a gift.”

Nope. I was not climbing the tower and sneaking in to it. It was not worth the possible drama that could come from it. Tir turned to Li. “We may have to hold her down.” I started to retreat towards the door. “No.” Tir lifted his wand. I CAN’T USE MAGIC. BLOODY HELL. CADMAEL! “Levicorpus.” My body was lifted up and started to hang upside down. My hands immediately holding down my skirt.

The two walked up to me. Li smiling as he forced me to drink the potion. “It’s really not that bad.” I started to cough. My entire stomach hurt as my body seemed to swirl. After a few gruesome and horrifying moments it seemed Isolda was the one hanging in the air. Tir cracking up laughing. “She stayed in the common room and skipped dinner just so you could celebrate with us.” He ‘gently’ let me down. When Li offered me a hand I hit it away. He shook his head sadly. “You can’t seem threatening with Isolda’s face, you know.”

I took many deep breaths. There was a reason I‌ was here. We knew there would be hardships and torture. I had signed up for it. I could do this. This disgusting taste in my mouth would someday go away. The mission… The mission… Fuck the mission. I will get my revenge. Ignoring the two of them I  changed my robe out for the Ravenclaw one they had prepared in advance for me. At least, I looked good in blue.

The three of us walking up and up towards their tower. I was doing my best to remind myself not to look at the height or my stomach would feel even worse. We walked up the tower until we reached a stature- Rowena Ravenclaw. Their founder. A riddle singing in the air, “I have branches yet I‌ have no leaves, no trunk and no fruit. What am I?”

The two of them turned to look at me. “Well, Isolda?” “Do you know the answer?” Do I? A foreign newbie wizard who was taught random mostly dark art magic? Sure…. I know the answer. I glared at the two of them and crossed my arms. I hate riddles. Sighing, I looked up at the statue. “Gringotts? A Bank?” Wow, I‌ was right. The statue moved aside to let us in to the tower. I almost wished it hadn’t when the immediate views from their endless windows revealed how high up we were.

A group of students in the dorm were shouting in joy. Wait… Was the entire house in on this? Li leaned down to whisper to me. “Don’t worry. It’s not about that.” I turned away from him and let Tir guide me into the room. He stepped on to one of their table’s and bowed. “Ladies and gentlemen. I‌ present you our companion in arms. The one who helped us shut down the Gryffindor winning streak, our ‘Isolda’.”

It was clear everyone knew I was not Isolda. They were smiling and giggling. In fact, the real Isolda was winking at me from the crowd. I watched Tir gesture to an older male and female. The two stepped up. “We haven’t met yet. I am Ravenclaw’s Headboy Benjamin Goldstein.” The girl smiled at me. Were her teeth glowing? Why would someone want glowing teeth? “Patsy Rooks, Head Girl Extraordinaire.” She spread out her arms and magical glowing confetti was released. Everyone clapped. Instead, I turned to look at Li confused. He waved it off.

I smiled weakly. “Nice to meet you? Are you sure you want me here?” The two of them laughed. “Yes.” “Of course, I always need suggestions on my tricks.” Patsy jumped off the table. “What did you think? Honestly?” I‌ looked around the room. Many were encouraging me. “It was really bright?” She nodded her head eagerly. “And?” I‌ shrugged. “Maybe have a few change colors? Or create a pattern like fire works?” Patsy hugged me. “I‌ knew I would like you. They said I would like you.” I‌ awkwardly turned to look at the rest of the house. They were smiling warmly.

She let go of me and hopped back up on the table. Benjamin laughing. “Patsy comes from a performing house.” I nodded my head in understanding. He continued. “Our house wanted to thank you for helping Tir and Li. Griffin and them are the best players we’ve ever had. Being the first in forever to break Gryffindors win streak is just so great.” Patsy nodded her head eagerly. “Our House Head is rewarding us with color-chaning ink and quick-quote quills.” I‌ see… Sounds great? I smiled at them.

A young boy stepped forward… Wasn’t his name Lysander. “And my parents get to visit!” His parents… Scamander… I‌ nodded my head again. “I’m glad?” Benjamin laughed. “Don’t worry. If you want to sneak in we will help you.” Maybe? I‌ looked around the room very confused. Li shaking his head. “Enough of this. Let’s celebrate.” Everyone started shouting. Streamers flying in the air and candy? Butterbear? Music?

Li jumped off the table to grab my hand. He twirled me around. “Time to dance.” Cyrus shook his head when he appeared out of no where. “Don’t go too far. It’s weird seeing you with Isolda.” Li laughed and nodded his head. Instead I‌ glared at him. “Too far! With him! What are you even saying…” Cyrus chuckled and went over to the real Isolda. The two beginning to dance. Li pushed me deeper into the horde of Ravenclaws so I had to dance with him. I should of never come.

He smiled at me. “You aren’t enjoying this at all?” I shook my head no. “I don’t fit in to this. It was an annoyingly sweet thought though.” I hope my fake smile wasn’t twitching. He shook his head no. “You can have some fun you know. It’s allowed in life.” I could only scoff silently. An evil smile appeared on his face. “Are you afraid to dance?” Afraid? To dance? Please. I’ve faced scarier things in my life than dancing.

I shook my head no and pulled him close. My head turned to look at the boy by the music player. “Don’t tell anyone that I‌ enjoy music.” The few Ravenclaws by us that had been watching smiled as I lifted my wand. A soft whisper escaping my lips as the player changed to a Tango. There was only one Tango dance I‌ knew. Cadmael forced me to learn it in case I needed to dance. Was he perhaps a Seer? No… never mind. He was just crazy. Li looked shocked. I loved making people look shocked.

He started to stumble to keep up. Li maddeningly looking good through his tumbles. The idiot kept forcing me to be the one dancing as he simply supported my body. Idiot. Moron. Frustrating piece of meat. I would be killed if I‌ didn’t take advantage of this moment. I‌ was forced to use the athleticism one acquired growing up in the streets. The claps at the end meant nothing. Instead, the stare off between the two of us was more important. It seems this was now a war.

Patsy interrupting the mood by running forward smiling. Her teeth were now glowing rainbows. I had meant the confetti… “That was amazing! You have to teach me how to dance like that!” I looked away from Li and nodded my head. “Honestly, it is the only dance I know. My guardian forced me to learn it.” Isolda giggled from the crowd. “Always downplaying herself.” Cyrus nodded his head. “You should teach Patsy some moves.” Tir agreeing. “She does need more than just glowing things for her act.”

I watched Patsy turn to him and shoot glowing confetti from her sleeve in his face. I couldn’t help but giggle. She was a confetti prank bomb. How wonderful to have around just in case. Imagine, James coming up to me and SURPRISE glowing confetti in your face. Benjamin looked at me happily. “What are you laughing at?” I‌ smiled at him. “The idea of James getting a large amount of glowing confetti in his face next time he approaches me.” Everyone started laughing.

Patsy grabbing my hands. “You help me with my performance and you have a deal.” What? I wasn’t actually thinking of confetti bombing James Sirius Potter. Tir flashed me a thumbs up. “…Thanks?” She leaned in even closer. “Well. Is it a deal?” I looked around the room for help. No one was helping. What was it with all the students I‌ met outside of Gryffindor not helping!? I nodded my head slowly. “Sure…” I‌ was punished with another one of her tight huge. The glow from her teeth hurt my eyes. It got brighter when she was happier.

Li pulled me back from Patsy. “Pats, can I‌ borrow her for a moment before you take her.” She turned to Li. “You better not be letting her run away. If you do there will be glowing slugs in your bed. I‌ swear!” He looked uncomfortable but nodded his head. Tir flashed Li a thumbs up. Wait… No… They were not making it seem like that… I was suddenly covered in the soft warm gazes of hopeful students. My stomach was beginning to hurt more.

Li pulled me into one of the closets. “Muffliato.” He made sure the door was closed and the lights were off. Was his a stickler for atmosphere? The pale light from lumos coming from his wand. “Here.” Out from his pocket came a piece of parchment. Parchment? I did all of this for parchment? Whatever. I’ll at least pretend I‌ understand it is important. There is time to figure it out. “Is this what I think it is?”

He nodded his head. “Albus dropped it when he was running a corner. Mrs. Norris almost grabbed it but I‌ got it first.” I nodded my head. “Is that how you figured out what it was?” Li smiled. “Well, it wasn’t like this when I picked it up.” I took a deep breath. The Tango had completely worn out the last of my emotional patience after all of these last few hours…events..days… I took the piece of parchment and smiled. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

Li smiled and leaned closer. “I have another proposition for you if you want?” Nope. I‌ was taking a break before I started work again. “No thanks. I’ve decided to take a vacation.” He cracked up laughing. “Are you sure? It’s long term and has many benefits.” I don’t want to know. I walked out past him, tucking the parchment into my robes. When I got out I‌ noticed the polyjuice potion had worn off. I was free.

Benjamin held Patsy back. “No, stay just a bit more! I‌ have questions.” I smiled sympathetically. “I’ll talk with you about it next time.” She smiled. “Promise? You have to promise?” I nodded my head at her and turned to leave. Tir held the door open for me. “Go on.” I walked out the door. Li shouting behind me. “And change out of those robes.” I shook my head no. Let’s just say this was my ‘gift’.

As I‌ walked down the halls towards the dungeons every passing student saw me and laughed. When a few stopped me to ask I‌ explained this was my gift. They laughed even harder. I‌ received way too many hugs. There was only few more things I‌ had to do before I could go to bed.

When I reached the dungeons I turned into the kitchens before my house. There stood a Hufflepuff boy I hadn’t met before. A large smile on his face. “I’m Edde. The one who sent you the note.”

Yea, I‌ got that.


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