Chapter 25 : Cadmael

When I returned to my room instead of my roommate I saw my brother waiting in my bed. He was reading through some the notes I had written. “Where’s Coriander?” Ailean didn’t look up. He was such a know it all. “The baths.”

I walked over to my bed and rolled onto the other side. There was only the hope he would leave so I could go to bed. “You really shouldn’t be this tired.” I hate everyone sometimes. “It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do so much acting.”

My brother leaned over to pat my back. “It is only for a bit.” I couldn’t help but groan. “I am aware of that already.” Ailean handed me his own set of notes. “Read it.” What else could I‌ do to stop him from getting over excited tonight? I took the notes from him and started to go over them. “You’ve really been running around the castle.”

He rolled his eyes. “And you are the one complaining about too much work.” I scanned over the words and ignored his childish behavior. “Why do you think‌ Rob revealed what he did tonight?” My brother looked away from the notes to me. “Are you surprised?”

I‌ nodded my head. “The story doesn’t seem very true.” Ailean shrugged. “It could be. A story told in many different ways starts to suddenly seem like different ones.” That’s true. There was no real reason to lie or make up such a story. It wasn’t hard to imagine that something like that would happen to him. If he really was the only mud blood in the house at the time. “It is just curious…”

Ailean looked down at me. He put the notes aside. “In what way?” I scooted so I‌ was sitting back up. “If you won’t reveal the use of the crucio spell but will reveal the use of imperio at that time to those two?” My brother looked at me curiously. “You wonder what the test really was on?” Of course, I‌ did. Who wouldn’t?

I looked across the room towards the door. “We all know who would take it worse. It seems more an attempt to build a separation…” Ailean nodded his head. He was smiling. “That wouldn’t be such a bad move.” I‌ shook my head no. “No, but remember… Those two only have real use when paired together.” He shrugged. “That’s only for now. Codependence can be destroyed.”

Codependence, huh… My brother was being unusually nice towards people’s situations. How odd. Was he more curious about them than I‌ originally thought? He pulled a letter out of his vest. “From Cadmael.” The old hermit would send letters to Ailean versus me. I wasn’t being watched that bad… I took it from him and opened it.


I‌ have reached out to old friends of the family. They are all atrocious inept waste of airs but do count as the bodies you need. Try not to remind their children how awful they are too much.

Also, the competition this year will have those bastards you want.

I’ve been notified you’ll need one of the old toys I‌ made.

Expect it next week.

Scorpius is a sensitive little girl…. give him a break. His dad is up my ass.

I’m fine if you kill Potter’s boy…boys…

They want our home.


I handed the letter over to my brother. He shook his head in exhaustion. My poor little brother was overworked as well. He pinched the bridge of his nose- between his eyes. “It is a marvel that their exists a person naturally more blunt than you.” I lifted my wand. “Incendio.” The letter burnt away into nothing.

I stood up off my bed and walked over to my window. It couldn’t open because on the other side of it was the lake. Seeing in the water was quite an amazing view most of the time. However, there were times one must be careful. “Homenum Revelio.” Pale light slithered out from my wand, through the glass and into the water. There was nothing but the usual sort. My brother pointing his wand at the door. “Colloportus.”

We both turned to the fire place in our room. It was in many of the student dorms to help warm up the place- as it was naturally darker in our rooms. However, true to aesthetic it was blue or green flames that were lit. I opened one of my drawers and pulled out some powder. It was tossed into the flame. The image of an old man appearing within it. “What.”

The two of us raised our wands. Copies of all our notes went into the flame. The old man’s head looked down for a moment before returning back to look at them. “It’s a bigger trash heap than when I was there.” We both nodded our heads. “Is that all?”

Ailean shook his head no. “They have moved their time table up.” A groan came from the fire. “Rushing like frantic prey the lot of them.” I couldn’t agree more. It was the perfect description. “Cadmael.” The old man turned to look at me. There really was always something very gentle in his eyes that never disappeared. “The Potter’s boy is worse than rumored. He is actively making an extreme following.”

The fire roared higher. “KILL‌ HIM.” We both looked at each other. That was not the smart move to make. Th fire calming down. Cadmael sighing. “Not now at least…” He was calming down. That was good. Cadmael was normally a very calm and slightly off intellectual. His emotional regulation abilities were not that great. “Your cousin sent word.”

We both immediately grew tense. “Really?” “What’s wrong?” Cadmael’s face twisted in rage. “They’ve upped the punishment and have switched to being in isolation.” The two of us were now the ones enraged. My brother more than I. “I’ll kill them all.” I put my hand on his shoulder. It was I who was here to temper him. “No. Our job is something else.”

Cadmael shook his head. “Don’t come home for break.” Those his final words before the fire returned to normal and he was gone. I gave my brother a hug. Ailean was much more attached to our cousin than I‌ was. I lifted my wand and whispered, “Alohomora.” The door unlocked and I let go of my brother.

A few moments later the door opened to reveal my roommate Coriander. She smiled at the sight of my brother. “Are you sneaking here to sleep?” My brother shook his head no. “No, she just forgot her book in the common room.” Coriander turned to me with a goofy smile. “Again? Someone really needs to have your books glued to you.”

I‌ smiled lightly. “That would just be too uncomfortable.” My brother nodded his head and walked out. “Goodnight girls.” Coriander waving him off. I‌ don’t think she had a thing for my brother but she certainly found him attractive.

She turned towards me. “Can we talk about what happened today?” I‌ looked at her confused. “What happened?” She rushed over an grabbed my hands. “Gryffindor lost! We won the bets! AND….” I leaned over with a very very very fake smile. “And?” Coriander looked away a bit embarrassed. “And Orrin asked me out.”

I‌ gave her a hug. Orrin was a 6th year Ravenclaw she had been crushing on for three years. “Congratulations, Cori.” She shook her head happily. “So when Li asks you out tomorrow you have to say yes. We can go on double dates!” Li… Why was he such an asshole. “Coriander…” Her eyes started to sparkle. “Please?”

I sighed. “I’ll think about it.” She gave me a hard squeeze and ran to her own bed. I was very happy to get into mine and just go to bed.  If I‌ was lucky I‌ could sleep and never wake up but first I had to quickly send a note. I tapped my wand on a piece of parchment before falling to sleep. As always, my wand rested beneath my pillow. It kept it calm.


Fire Face

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