Chapter 28 : The Beginning Of Consequences

I sat at the lunch table ignoring everyone. In fact, I‌ was even ignoring my brother. For different more complicated reasons…. Ailean was being a shitty younger brother. He was acting like a more self aware version of James.

Ailean was so frustrated he was actually talking to Albus. “Isn’t this childish?” Albus nodded his head. “Very. She could of just said no.” Scorpius interrupting the two. “That’s not the point here, Al.” The two of them ignoring him completely. Albus pointing to Cena. “And you. Stunning her like that.” He only smiled. “I was paid for service is all.” Ailean glared at him. “Were you?”

Cena turned to look at Rob. “Ravenclaw gave us the notes you wanted.” Sulli looked up from her journal. “Where are they?” He pulled out a stack of papers from his bag and handed over to Sulli. She immediately started to go over them. Rob turning to Ailean. “It seems it was worth it.” My brother narrowed his eyes at him. “Hardly.” A much more innocent and childish expression returning to his face. “My sister isn’t talking to me.” No, I may as well be mute. This is my tiny rebellion against everything. I let my head fall forward as I went to try and force myself to take a nap. However, I‌ kept my ears open to hear the rest of their conversations.

Albus was complaining to Cena. “Sulli would of been fine with out it.” I could hear Cena’s mocking tone. “And how do you know that?” Rob’s deeper voice interrupting. “Do you know something we don’t.” The change in atmosphere made my hair stand up. Albus needed to learn to shut up and not piss off the wizard who was secretly given permission to use dangerous spells. “No… I just think if she is that talented she could figure out how to copy whatever they did.” Yep, it was getting worse.

Sulli’s voice a beautiful curse. “Do you?”  I looked up to see Albus’ expression. It was hysterical. Unsure, nervous, anxious, false bravado… Different changes happening all at once. “I‌ do…” I sighed and put my head back down. “Poor Tir…” I could feel my brother squeezing my hand underneath the table. The sharp scales he grew pricking into my skin. And he said I was the childish one? Giving scale cuts to your own sister.

Scorpius did his best to calm down the situation. “The good news is we are up on house points now.” I could hear a multitude of scoffs and sighs. Serpens annoyingly smooth voice remarking. “Idiot.” Was that Karly chiming in next? “Not nearly enough.” Poor,  Karly. Life wasn’t always safe and secure. Sometimes it required having a bit of an edge to it. Rob seemed to be interested though. That was a curious thing. “Agreed. Who knows what will happen next week.”

I lifted my head. “Next week?” They all turned to look at me. Cyst smiling. “Done with your tantrum already?” Sulli turning to Serpens. “You won the bet.” Ailean glaring at him. “What bet?” The cocky pure blood smiling. “That she would fold this ridiculous act by the end of lunch.” Money was exchanging hands. This was a very annoying house. “What’s next week?”

Ethel sighed. “They’re announcing it tonight but everyone knows about it. It’s the Tri-Wizard Tournment.” Rob leaned towards me with a sarcastic light in his eyes. “It was already delayed to give you two some time to adjust.” Oh, I was so shocked. Ailean seemed upset by my bad acting. “Oh, I see.” Ophelia cracking a large smile. “James is going to represent our school.”

Albus seemed to be bitter about that. “It’s not set in stone.” Serpens nodding his head eagerly.”The cup will surely find someone more worthy than James Potter.” My eyes glancing over to Albus. His face was pale but he said nothing. Scorpius happily chipping in. “I bet it will be Rose.” The entire table groaning except Ophelia. “It will be James!” The two bickering between each other.

Rob caught my eye. “In any case, tonight at dinner they will tells us when we leave for Durmstrung.” I could only sigh. “Yippie…” Ethel looked at me annoyed. She didn’t seem to realize I was not excited. “Don’t be too excited. You still have charms before dinner.” I groaned and put my head down. “Yippie…”

Albus scoff almost echoing in the hall. “Another class for her to struggle at.” Without raising my head I slowly lifted my wand, whispering, “Colovaria.” His hair turning bright red. The entire table cracking up laughing. Scorpius leaning over to tell him to check his hair.  Albus went to lift his wand when Rob interrupted. “Abus, we are in the dinning hall.” Everyone turned to look at the Professors. They had taken notice but as of yet not said anything.

He grumbled. “Tonight then.” I flicked my wand once more. His hair was now pink. Scorpius covering his mouth so he would not crack up laughing as his friend’s face started to turn to match his new hair. Ethel standing up. “It’s time for class.”


Tri Wizard Tournament

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