Chapter 29 : Pink Hair Encounter

All of us left charms eagerly. There was a short break before dinner. Albus was the most eager to take a break after everyone, including the professor, couldn’t stop staring at his hair. However, that eagerness was cut away when Shannon, Florence and the rest of them showed up where we were sitting. “Pink hair. It suits you.” We all turned to look at Florence. She was smiling widely. “James will definitely agree.” They really liked to throw his brother in his face.

Albus narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t think you know my brother very well.” Shannon cracked up laughing. “Maybe you don’t know him. He’d never let someone do that to their hair and get away with it.” Scorpius cut in. “Why do you care anyways? It has nothing to do with you.” Shannon turned his head on him. “It’s none of your business, Malfoy.”

Now everyone that was in the courtyard was starting to pay attention. You can’t say a name like that that loudly and not expect people to turn their attentions towards you. Albus narrowed his eyes at him. “It isn’t any of your business, Shannon.” Shannon walked even closer to us. I was surprised to see Ethel stand up. “Watch what you say about my cousin.” Scorpius looked up at her utterly stunned in disbelief.

Florence brushed the hair away from her face. “Since when do you care about your cousin, Ethelind.” I could tell Wibert was starting to grow agitated. He never took it well when someone insulted Ethel. Cena, per usual, was simply watching with interest. He was a wait to strike sort of guy. I calmly looked at Shannon and Florence. “Why are you over here anyways? James assured me he would reign you two in.”

She became completely agitated. “Reign us in! Someone needs to reign you in.” I scoffed at her. “It’s like you don’t even have a speck of self awareness.” Shannon’s attention turned to me. “Watch what you say to her, minger.” What? Everyone in the courtyard seemed agitated so it must be something bad. I looked at Wibert. He was the calmest. “He’s calling you unattractive.”

Everyone seemed shocked when I simply shrugged. “Oh, that’s it. For a second I thought it was something insulting.” Cena chuckled. “It is insulting.” Florence smiled widely. “She doesn’t even understand basic language. No wonder the Professors are worried about her.” Albus went to say something but I put my hand on his shoulder and shook my head no. He looked at me confused. “It’s not worth it. Those two can’t seem to understand that not being attractive in their eyes isn’t an insult. It’s a compliment.”

An evil smile spread on Cena’s face but I ignored it. Instead I turned my attention back to the two idiots. “Muppets like them will never understand that not being attractive to insects is fine.” The two’s faces began to match their robes. Both of them lifting their wands. Pembrooke and Avis appeared pulling in Edde and Emily. “See.”

Emily crossed her arms. “What are you two doing?” Shannon barely recognized them. “Stay out of this. We have business to settle.” Florence nodded her head. “If the professors won’t punish her for being cruel to another student then we will.” Edde raised his wand. “Absolutely not.” I sat back down on the ground. It didn’t seem like I would have to do anything. The two idiots and their possy always walked themselves into trouble.

Instead, I lifted my wand and turned Albus’ hair back to its normal color. “All fixed for dinner.” I was given the silent message, ‘I’ll deal with you later‘. Good luck with that. Emily smiled at me. Did I earn some brownie points? “That’s hardly cruel.” Edde nodded his head in agreement. “You two have done worse ‘pranks’.”

Florence glared at the two of them. “We’ve never done anything to a Potter.” Everyone turned to look at Albus. He was very whiny about not being compared to his father’s legacy. He took his wand out, finally. “Stay out of my business.” Shannon rolled his eyes at him. The two were very lax for having their wands out. “Daft little boys should stay out of it.” Florence nodding her head. “Watching out for you for James is already a difficult task.” Everyone could see Albus beginning to lose his cool.

Scorpius stood up to try and soothe Albus. “Albus, it’s okay.” Florence flicked her wand. “Incendio.” Cena suddenly appearing to pull him out of the way. The entire courtyard looking at her shocked. “You all saw that. Malfoy was going to attack.” Scorpius looked at her annoyed. “I was not!” Albus pointed his wand directly at Florence. “Using an Incendio charm!”

Rushed footsteps echoed in the courtyard as Professor Longbottom appeared. “That is enough. All of you separate from each other this instant.” Wands were lowered as they all turned to him. It was weird seeing an angry look on his face. “All of you head to dinner early. House points will be taken away from you later this evening.”

The two looked like they were about to complain but the Professor was having none of it. “Go.” The majority of students running off. Once the two were gone the Professor seemed to shrink back into the form of my brother. A large smile on his face. “So, Emily how many house points are they losing?” Those of us remaining cracking up laughing.

She shook her sighing. “I’ll leave it up to the Professors.” Ailean turning to look at Albus. “You owe me Potter.” He seemed annoyed but nodded his head. Scorpius smiling at him. “Thanks.” My brother simply shrugged. “Don’t mention it, Scorpius.” A sly smile appearing on my face at the sight of Albus looking shocked. I’m sure he was thinking why Scorpius but not Albus.

The reason was simple… Scorpius truly was his own person. Albus was not.


Snape vs. Lockhart

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