Chapter 3 : Levioso

When the class was over I sighed. Sitting in a formal class setting was horrible. My head falling onto my desk. Cena’s annoying laughter ringing in my ear. “You couldn’t even vanish one snail.” Ethel’s prideful one following after. “If you stay like this you won’t even qualify to sit at our study table.”‌ The sour sounding voice that followed could only be Wibert. “It isn’t meant to be easy. Cut her some slack.” Ethel’s groan almost seemed to echo. “Sympathizing with fellow failures will not help you.”

I‌ lifted my head up. “Aren’t we supposed to have a break before the next course?” The three looked at me unconcerned with my question, so I continued. “Doesn’t that mean I should be free of criticism and instruction?” Cena cracked up laughing and Wibert cracked a smile. Ethel on the other hand seemed annoyed. “To think you would say such naive things.”

“She says other absurd things. Why should this be any more surprising?” said Albus Potter behind us. We all turned to look at him standing there. Cena leaning forward with an interested smile on his face. It seems I was going to become a different sort of toy for the bored boy. “Albus has something to say? Why isn’t this a new experience.”‌ Albus scoffed but said no more. Scorpius interrupting. “Vanishing snails isn’t as easy as it sounds. It took me a few tries at home before I could do it myself.”

I watched his cousin scoff. “A few tries? For this silly ‘ol spell. This is why the Malfoy house is on a decline.” Albus turning his attention to her. “And this is why the Greengrass house is on decline. Always having a larger bark then their bite.” I watched her stand up to face him. Wibert shaking his head. “This sort of behavior isn’t any good. We’ll end up losing house points.” Was that all that mattered in this situation? The house points?

Cena cracked up laughing. “But this is entertaining. Since coming back this year our two favorite oddballs have so much more confidence.” He turned to look at me who had started to try and flee the scene. “And they seem to be pointing it at our newest oddball.” I stopped in my tracks and turned to glare at him. How dare he impede my escape. “I’m not that odd.”

All of them turned to look at me as if I‌ was in denial. Really! Albus just shook his head. “Not a very bright one is she?” I glared at him. “Are you really going to try and start with me again?” Cena leaned over to Scorpius. “I‌ have five galleons on the girl. You?” Scorpius sighed. “I‌ am obligated to put the galleons on Albus.” He looked at me smug.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Why are you looking so smug? The only person who bet on you isn’t even doing it because he thinks you will win. He’s ‘obligated’.” I watched Albus shoot a look at Scorpius before retorting back. “I‌ don’t see anyone here that would be here for you… Is that why you seem so bitter right now?” Cena turned his smirk towards me. I hated this place already. “Bitter? Unlikely, considering the person trying to insult me is a small petty young boy.”

Albus walked over to me. Wibert putting his arm between us. “Guys, Rob will kill us if we lose house points this early.” Ethel walking over to his side. “They wouldn’t last that long. I would kill them first.” Scorpius reaching forward to pull Albus back. “Let’s just take a walk before charms.” He pulled his arm free from Scorpius. “Why should we? A‌ simple contest can settle this.”

I watched Scorpius lean closer to whisper, “Albus…” A smile appearing on my face as I‌ crossed my arms. “You should listen to your friend, Potter. It would be embarrassing to lose.” Cena diving between the two of us before Albus could get any closer. “Alright, alright you two. Let’s settle this round in the courtyard. I‌ have an idea.” The two of us glaring each other as we all followed him out.

Scorpius turning to Ethel. “Ethel…” She shook her head no. “I am not ruining my reputation for him, Scorpius.” Scorpius looked at his cousin with a pleading face. “Just this once? For the house points…” She seemed to go silent as she thought over it. Wibert interrupting with a curious expression on his face. “What will you do if Hyo-Eun wins?” Scorpius shrugged unsure. Ethel just shook her head. “It’s surprising if either one of them actually won something.” Scorpius frowned. “You really should be more positive.” Ethel ignoring his comment.

The small group headed towards the courtyard. Cena jumping up onto one of the stone ledges in the center. He clapped his hands. “Ladies and Gentleman. Children of all ages. Here we shall see who takes the first point for a tale as old as our schools beginning: Old Family vs. New. Will Albus Potter, son of the famous savior win over his new rival? Can Hyo-Eun Yong remind Potter’s boy why he isn’t supposed to be in Slytherin in the first place? The Entry bet is at 5 galleons, ladies and gentlemen.” Hyo-Eun looked around shocked. Cena had drawn in a decent sized crowd.

A tall Hufflepuff girl stepped forward from the crowd. “The competition should be fair, shouldn’t it? I’ll referee.” Cena nodded his head. “We leave the job to you Miss Head Girl.” I‌ turned to look at Wibert. He sighed. “That’s Emily Smith. She’s Hufflepuff’s Head Girl.” Ethel scoffing. “A desperate girl when it comes to flattering Cena’s whims.” I nodded my head in understanding. Cena did seem to have a bit of a fan club.

Scorpius looked around nervously. “Referee what? Nothing has been decided yet.” Cena shook his finger no. “How can you say that, Scorpius? You have already put down 5 galleons on Mr. Potter here.” The crowd started to make mocking noises towards the two boys. Albus looking up at Cena. “Just tell us what the competition is already?” I watched the annoying red head nod his head. “Alright, first we shall need two volunteers.” His eyes scanned the room.

Cena pointed out the first student. “Lysander, won’t you come up and join us.” The second year Ravenclaw boy nodded his head and walked forward. He seemed to be an odd mix of shy and confident. Maybe more quiet then shy… Cena turning away from him to look at the crowd. His eyes settling on a Gryffindor girl. “And so we won’t be accused of anything biased, Rose can you do us a favor?”

She must of meant something for the way Albus reacted. It looked like he swallowed something very bitter. The Rose girl walking forward annoyed. “What is this all about Cena? Some of us have things to do between classes?” Ethel seemed to be very annoyed by the girl. “Studying again, Weasley?” Rose rolled her eyes. “As if I‌ would have to study to beat you.” The two girls glared at each other. Scorpius walking towards Rose of all things. “Rose, there is no need to worry. Albus is just having some fun.” She completely ignored what he said and turned back to Cena.

Cena pulled two cards out of his pocket. “Each of these cards will be given to the two of you to hide. Whichever of the two find their card first wins the round.” Lysander nodded his head and moved forward to collect his card. A smile on his face. “I can hide this anywhere?” Cena nodded his head. “I can’t tell someone from another house not to make it too hard.” The younger boy nodded his head and eagerly ran off. Rose taking her card warily. “Alright. Since Albus will win anyways.”

I‌ watched her shoot him a look before walking off to hide it. For someone who had actual faith in him Albus received it quite coldly. In fact, he had turned his head on her. Cena looked at Emily. “Albus will find Lysander’s card and Hyo-Eun Rose’s.” We both nodded our heads. She raised her hand high and swiped it down. “GO!” I‌ watched Albus rush in the direction Lysander had went. Cena jumping down from the stone ledge with a refreshed smile on his face. “What’s wrong? Are you giving up from the start?”

I‌ shook my head no. “No, I’m just not going to run around like an idiot when you have that creepy smile on your face.” Cena looked so upset. “Creepy? Me?” Emily walked over to me. “Shouldn’t you be off to find Rose’s card?” I shook my head. “Yea, I’ll go now.” The crowd whispering and chatting. Albus and Scorpius had more nicknames than I‌ imagined. My feet walking heavily in the direction she ran off in.

After a few minutes of walking a black rat scuttled towards me. I bent down, stroked its tiny head and pulled out a tiny piece of cheese I‌ kept in case he was hungry. “Which way Ao?”‌ The rat started to scurry down an assortment of halls. Finally, I‌ came upon a somewhat large tapestry. He started to squeak. “Hmm…”

I reached up and felt the edges of the cloth. There was something behind it. Bending down to pick up my rat I pulled up the bottom edge. There was indeed a tiny door to a passage. I slipped through. It was an unusually boring hallway for it to be of the secret sort but sure enough I found it ending by the Charms room no less- our final destination.

I turned away from the exit and walked back some ways. After a few steps Ao started to squeak. My hands felt the walls until they stopped on a loose stone. Pulling it out, I found a card on the other side. Sighing, I‌ headed towards the Charms room. The crowd was waiting but I‌ hadn’t seen Albus or Scorpius.

Cena smiled at me. “Have you found Rose’s card or just given up?” I held it out towards him. “Here.” Everyone looked around shocked. Ao had already returned to some dark corner in the castle. Cena nodded his head. “I’m glad you found it but you might want to let go of that card.” We all looked at him confused. “That’s an Exploding Snap card.” I looked down to see a corner of the card’s top was peeling off. Below it was a darker blue color. Exploding… CENA HAD THEM HIDE EXPLODING CARDS. OUR HOUSE POINTS!

I quickly ran to the nearest window and threw the card out. “Levioso!”  The card suspended in air, not by anything, as it exploded safely. A few seconds later we all turned around to the sound of another explosion below our floor. While Cena was laughing, Wibert had started to calculate everyone’s final debts. Ethel walking up to me. “You had me worried there for a moment.” I couldn’t help but sigh. “Don’t worry over this. I‌ wouldn’t lost house points to one of Cena’s stupid games.” She looked me up and down in an appraising manner.

Everyone turning to see an annoyed and unkempt Albus. Besides him was a worried Scorpius. When he stormed up to me I couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Better luck next time, Potter.” My attention turning to Scorpius. “You should probably learn to be more responsible with your money.” He shrugged in embarrassment. “It’s alright. I‌ have quite a bit of it anyways.” Albus glaring at me. “This isn’t over.”

I couldn’t help it… I smiled like a smug asshole. “Not all of us want to keep playing with you? I‌ have things to do.” He walked even closer to me. “I’m telling you this isn’t over yet.” I‌ waved him off. “Right, I’ll get back to you when I‌ care what a Potter has to say.” My attention turning to Scorpius. “Or a Malfoy.” The door to the Charms class opening. Instead of a light tap on his nose I pat his head. Considering he was taller than me I was pretty glad it came off as condescending. I entered the classroom besides my new worrisome housemate ‘friends’.

Charms today was the levitation charm. It seems I‌ was ahead on that one…. I‌ do like practical things.

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Exploding Snap – Magic Muggle

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