Chapter 30 : Games Begun

We all sat down at the Slytherin table once we parted from our Hufflepuff saviors. Emily had earned a hug from Cena for her good work. I really was scared for the girl. It felt like he was training a dog more than being proud of his friend.

Rob was immediately interested in what happened. “I heard something happened during break.” Whoever was keeping him so updated really needed to be worse at their job. Cyst shook her head annoyed. “Those two tossers have finally crossed the line.” She leaned into her boyfriend. “Isn’t about time we get rid of them.” Scorpius looked upset. “You don’t mean…”

Ethel handed him a piece of toffee. “That’s not what she means.” Rob smiled at Scorpius and Albus. The two were clearly unprepared. “I’m glad you two are alright.” Albus looked at him confused. “Really?” He nodded his head. “Of course, if you two got into a fight not only would you be injured but we would of lost house points.” The two of them seemed to accept that answer.

Serpens poured himself some tea. “What are we going to do about them?” Ophelia looked at her cousin scared. “Nothing to James. Not James and Fred.” Scorpius chiming in after her. “Or Rose!” Rob ignored them and took a sip of his own tea. “Nothing. We have to see about Durmstrung.”

All of us turning to see the Headmistress arrive at her podium. The announcement of the Tri-Wizard Tournament had begun. We were leaving in three days. The room echoing with loud cheers. Many students chanting James’ name. Everyone so sure he would be chosen and he would win.

My eyes looked over at Albus. Scorpius was too busy clapping to see the look in his eyes. The one of agitation, fear and uncertainty. I reached over and put my hand on top of his. “It’s alright, Potter.” Albus looked at me shocked. I quickly withdrew my hand and turned away from him. I joined the crowd in clapping.

Both my brother and I did. The games were beginning.


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