Chapter 31 : Digging Yourself Into A Grave

Class was boring and uninteresting. I was not in the head space to listen to it. Instead, my mind was wondering and thinking of other things. The games were beginning and there were so many pieces on the board. What roles would her brother and her have to play? What was going to be expected of them? When she was told to change pages in her book she noticed words slowly appearing themselves.

Tonight, the Chamber Bathroom. Come alone. Tell No One.

As quickly as they appeared they disappeared. Well, it seems the game is going to go at its own pace. My eyes shifting from my book to slyly around the room. No unusual reactions. But any unusual reactions for the people I was considering would mostly not show anyways. I could only sigh. An annoying voice cut through the professor’s words. “Professor, Hyo-Eun is cheating.”

My eyes looked up from the heavy course book to the dry ghost of a professor. He floated over to me. “Are you cheating, Miss Yong?” I looked at him confused. “I don’t understand, Professor Binns? What would I be cheating at? We are currently within a lecture.” He turned to look at Florence. “Miss Bean, that is a valid question. What is she cheating at?” Her face scrunched up confused. “She’s doing the homework due at the end of the class from yesterday! I saw her.”

Professor Binns turned back to me. Still confused I pulled out the homework from my bag. “I can turn it in to you now Professor?” He looked over the papers and shook his head no. “At the end of the class is fine. It seems you understand the beginning of the Giant Wars just fine.” Professor Binns turned back to Florence. “Miss Bean, you do not accuse a fellow student without proof. Do you understand?” The stubborn fool looked at him agitated. “I saw it, Professor! I really did!”

Ethel turned around in her chair. “Can you stop interrupting class, already. It isn’t fair for the rest of us trying to learn.” He turned to face Ethel. A smile on his ghostly face. It was obvious she was one of his favorites. “Quite right, Miss Greengrass. We are trying to learn.” Professor Bean turned back to Florence. “15 points from Gryffindor.” Pausing for a moment before he smiled wider. “And 5 points to Slytherin for handling the matter tactfully as usual.” I guess this year we were his house favorite.

Ethel shot me an annoyed look before he went back to the lecture. Cena slid over a note.

Rob’s going to kill you.

I glared at him.

I can handle it.

Once again Florence’s voice interrupted the lecture. “Professor now she is passing notes!” The ghost sighed and floated back over to me. I silently held up the note I had received.

I am going to kill you.

Professor Bean looked shocked. Annoyed he turned around. “Who sent this vile note!”  Tir raised his hand. “Isn’t it obvious Professor. It was obviously one of them. They called out that she even got that note in the first place.” He turned to look at Gryffindor. Shannon shaking his head no. “We wouldn’t send something like that! It has to be one of those snake’s setting Florence up.” Edde sighed and raised his hand. “Professor, this is the second time she’s interrupted class. If we don’t finish the lecture we will struggle with your homework.” Professor Bean looked around the room. I finally spoke. “Professor, I’d rather ignore this and finish your lecture. To me, it doesn’t matter that much.” He looked at me sympathetically.

Isolda raised her hand next. “Professor, I think this is too much. She interrupted twice now and Edde is right. We need this knowledge to succeed.” Cyrus shaking his head next to her. “And a note like that is horrendous. Especially if by odds she or her friends sent it.” Pembrooke shook her head nervously across the room. “And that is a scary note to receive.” Avis wrapped her arms around her as if to comfort her.

Shannon hit his desk. “This is a ridiculous performance by her and her friends. They’re trying to make us look bad. Professor!” Karl scoffed and interrupted. “I don’t even like them and even I can tell they wouldn’t do something like this. Professor, can we please just return to the lecture? The Giant Wars are an important part of our history.”

Florence went to speak but the Professor cut her off. “Enough of this. Florence go to your House Head immediately. That’s another 20 points from Gryffindor. 30 if someone speaks up again!” The entire red robed clan looked around anxiously. All except Shannon who glared.

The professor turning around to go back to the board and continue his lecture. At the end of the class as we all filed out he floated over to me. “You need to be careful with notes like that. Take care of yourself.” He was a surprisingly sweet ghost. I nodded my head. “Thank you for the advice, Professor.”

He smiled back at me as I left. The usual were waiting around. Shannon and his group a bit away staring daggers at us. As we went to walk by he stood in front of me to try and stop me. “You won’t get away with this much longer, you know.” I could only sigh. “I am telling you you are going mad. I’m not doing anything.” Albus smiled. “She’s way too dumb for anything clever.” Now wasn’t the time to argue with him.

Shannon only shook his head angrily. “As if we’d believe anything out of that poisonous mouth of yours.” A boy next to him stepped up. “You shouldn’t go after our house. You’ll regret it.” Scorpius awkwardly cut in. “Technically, wouldn’t it be a venomous mouth? I mean… I don’t think snakes are poisonous right?” Ethel sighed. “They can be.” Shannon’s face turned red. “Stop that!”

Edde walked over. “Can you just drop this matter for a few minutes? You are agitating everyone.” He and his groupies turned to look at everyone else. There was a crowd of annoyed faces. Shannon looked shocked. “Are you kidding me? You all are falling for this!”

Isolda stepped forward annoyed. “Can you just go away already. Can’t you see we don’t want to be involved in this fight you have.” Edde nodded his head in agreement. “We don’t care about your feud with Slytherin. Leave us out of it.” The Gryffindors looked shocked but eventually left. Shannon the last to leave.

I sighed and Pembroke pulled me into a hug. “We did it.”

Digging My Own Grave – Thrice

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