Chapter 34: Jingle Needed

When we all finally left for potions the walk was quiet, on our end. All around us students were whispering, gossip or jeering.  It all depended on what side of the bench they sat on. If they thought they sat on any at all.

When we entered the door to the classroom I immediately walked to Pembrooke and Avis. Unlike the others, I had work to do. “Pembrooke, I mentioned introducing someone. Are you up for it now before class.” She looked completely stunned. As if she couldn’t fathom I would quickly push such a thing through. Avis coming in with the assist. “Of course she is.”

We walked over to Albus and Scorpius. One of them looking wary and the other anxious. I gestured toward Pembrooke. “Here is the genius baker herself.” Scorpius nervously held out his hand. Thankfully, Pembrooke was incredibly the kind sort so she shook it. “I’m not really a genius. They’re mostly my mum’s recipes.” He nodded his head excitedly. “I heard you are looking for a jingle for them.” Albus sighing. “Please tell me you aren’t seriously volunteering to make up a jingle for her.”

Scorpius grabbed his friend’s shoulders. “I am completely serious when it comes to jingles.” Albus could only sigh deeper. “But you are terrible at them. It makes it even more embarrassing.” Finally the nervous atmosphere around Pembrooke faded away. She was smiling at the idea. “Terrible or not aren’t jingles cute?”

Avis pat her shoulder. “They aren’t, Pem.” It seems she may soon find some companionship with Albus. Scorpious shook his head no. “They absolutely are.” He turned to look at Pembrooke. “They complete the goods.” The two shaking their heads in understanding. Chuckles coming from them. A warm bubble being created in the room.

Of course, Florence had to be one to break it. A large sneer escaping from her mouth. “How could they be joking about baked goods at a time like this.” Her obviously meant to be heard comment followed up by her stare at Ethel. Who was being unusually quiet. Even with her mother’s and aunt’s names being thrown around. It was clear that the energy she was holding on to was going to be spent on something else. Something she deemed more important.

Potions returning to such a dim atmosphere. Even the professor seemingly giving up on everyone’s attention.

The walk to Divinations was no better. We passed Elias making his way towards Sulli. There was a letter in his hands. Did he get it during breakfast? “You seriously brought dad into this!”

Sulli who had been quietly going over her personal notes as usual looked up annoyed. Varied expressions crossed her face in an unnormal manner. She had very few sore spots that would merit her having a public reaction. Their family being one of them. “I don’t see why not.” Cyst nodded her head. “The fool at least makes a decent character witness.”

Elias glared at her. “Stay out of this Selwyn or I won’t stay still about you insulting my father.” Rob sighed quietly. “That was actually her being nice about him, though…” That was true. She was being her awkwardly nice self.

Shannon and Florence making their way to where we were observing from outside the courtyard. She glared at us. “Can’t even bother to go over and help a ‘friend’.” I could only sigh at her. “Sulli can handle herself.” They all nodded. Even the naïve Pembrooke and the obtuse Albus could understand she was the type who preferred to be her own mouth piece.” I had been an example of her frustration when she wasn’t just a few days ago.

Shannon butting in with his follow-up. “It’s not surprising. All of them just using each other when it is convenient.” One of their friends glancing over to Pembrooke and Avis. The two had been tagging along with our walk due to Scorpius refusal to let go of his opportunity to become friends with them. “The poor Hufflepuffs getting dragged along with it.”

Avis glared at him. “There is nothing poor about us.” Pembrooke nodded her head. “Exactly.” Florence rolled her eyes at them. “Getting caught up in their games makes you all completely poor individuals.” Shannon taking his obvious retort. “So willing to walk into a complete tragedy.”

Edde had separated from the Cena group sometime during all of this. He made his way into the conversation. “Isn’t it time for Divinations. Wouldn’t want you to lose even more credibility with the Professor by being late Shannon.” The Gryffindor glared at him. “Shut it, Slytherin Lackey.”

He was simply met with an eye roll. “Or what? If I recall I completely kicked your ass when you dueled me last year.” Oh, that was an interesting tidbit of information. Observing situations like this was truly worth some ‘popcorn’.

Shannon’s face turned bright red. “You got lucky is all. Next time I’ll-” His floundering remark being cut off. “Let’s hurry up. I hear we are going over our first Dream entry. Wouldn’t want to be late and be made to read ours out loud.” He was being completely ignored. All of us walking away to our respected activities during his next retort.

Sadly for him, Shannon was indeed a smidge late for Divinations. He was made to read his out loud. The wanker dreamed about embarrassing us in front of the whole school.” It was met with a lot of laughter and a disappointed professor –.

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