Chapter 35: Courtyard

I sat quietly on the stones in the corner of the courtyard. Everyone after Divinations headed for lunch and I decided to be selfish for once and skip out on it. This hour was going to be for me to nap peacefully.

I could hear the heavy steps of someone dragging their feet and shudders went up my spine. Even with my eyes closed I could imagine whose foot steps would those be and why they would be here to annoy me. “There she is, Al.”

My eyes opened slowly. There was no way they would just let me go after noticing me. Albus’ footsteps confirmed it. “Why are we even bringing her food?” The two finally reaching right in front of me. “So she doesn’t get hungry.”

Scorpius turned to me and smiled. “Here’s some bread for later.” I sighed before I took it from him. He was very much like a child. “Thanks.” He sat down and I screamed on the inside. Yep, he was very much like a child. Albus sat down next to him. He was facing away slightly with his face red. This one was child #2.

I took a bite of the sandwich. It was good. “It’s good.” Scorpius smiled wider. “I’ve seen you eat it before so I assumed you’d like chicken.” If things went my way I would sigh, stand up and walk away but things weren’t meant to go my way. I could only nod my head before my next bite. “It’s pretty hard to dislike chicken.” Albus turning to face us. “I told him that.”

At least there was one way I could get a moment of stress relief. I reached forward and pat Albus’ head. “I’m sure you did.” He hit my hand away and his face turned bright red. “Don’t touch me!” Scorpius cracked up laughing. Seeing Albus like that always helped calm him down.

I turned away from him and back to Scorpius. “Now that I have my sandwich aren’t you going back into the hall?” He shook  his head slowly. The child was nervous again. “We were thinking of staying here with you.” Of course, they were… “I see.” Albus pulled Scorpius’ arm. “See, I told you she wouldn’t want that. Let’s go back.”

I covered my mouth and forced a giggle out. “I don’t think that’s what I said.” His hand dropped to the ground and his face changed shades again. That was something fun in its own way. Scorpius pulled out two more sandwiches. One was handed to Albus. Each of them starting to eat their own. They planned a picnic…

A few minutes of awkward silence later and Scorpius was the first to speak. “Gareth will be alright, you know. He’s a good man.” Albus rolled his eyes. “He’s too old to go anywhere anyways.” The two looking up from their food for me to respond. “I already know they will convict him.”

The two of them exchanged a look with each other before Scorpius spoke. “There’s no way.” Albus nodded his head. “They aren’t that crazy.” I sighed and wrapped up what was left of my sandwich for later. My eyes on the ground as I responded. “It’s easier to see things as they are from an outside point of view than from inside of it.” Scorpius looked down upset.

Albus on the other hand got angry. “You don’t know the future so don’t say everything like it is a fact.” I tucked my sandwich in my bag. “I don’t have to know the future to say it is likely they will send an old broken man to prison because of his last name right now.”

When I went to stand up Albus grabbed my wrist. “If you aren’t from here you should stop talking as if you know everything about us.” Scorpius looked between the two of us concerned. “There’s no need to argue…” I pulled my arm free. “We’re not. I’m just not coddling you.”

He stood up to glare at me. “I do not coddle him.” I rolled my eyes at him. “Sure, you don’t.” Albus pointed down at his best friend. “There is something called positivity.” The chuckle that came from me was real this time. “And you’re the King of Positivity?”

Scorpius immediately stood up to get in-between us. “Stop it. I know emotions are charged right now but that doesn’t mean we should take it out on each other.” The both of us saying at the same time, “I’m not.” He was such an annoying child.

Albus looked irritated. “Then who should I take it out on.” Scorpius looked at his friend shocked. For him, he could not see what it was that prompted Albus to speak out, but I could see the progression. “My family is leading the charge.” His entire body seemed to sigh. Albus sitting back down on the ground. “It’s my father who is sitting in that room today.”

I sighed. There was nothing else for me to do but sit back down. “Well, your dunce of a dad should be able to at least see the obvious truth.” Scorpius slowly sat back down. You could see his own feelings appearing and disappearing on his face. His father had not been invited to even sit in the room. Despite, being married to one of Gareth’s relatives.

Before Albus could respind we all heard the sound of someone wincing. There was someone watching us. I sighed loudly. “It’s Florence isn’t it?” The two of them taking a mpoment before they smiled. “Only she’s that crazy.” “It has to be.”

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