Chapter 38: Dreadful Red

Rob waited until the chamber was closed to speak next. Everyone looked at him. “I think now is the time to make this official.” We all seemed a bit nervous. Louis smiled. “I thought of the name Chimaeram Society. Cool, no?” A few people chuckled at his attempt to lighten the atmosphere. Corrin seemed to like it a lot though. “That strangely fits: part bird, part lion, part snake and I guess in our case part badger.” Cena cracked up laughing. “I never thought I could be part badger.” Emily smiled the widest. She leaned closer to him. One day I would find out how that started.

Avis smiled nervously as she pulled out some tie pins. “I’m glad you like it. Louis asked me to make these.” We all turned to look at them. They were cute platinum tie pins. In the circle part there was a chimera of the four house animals. I smiled at her. “I didn’t know you knew how to make jewelry?” She smiled. “My mom makes jewelry. Something like tie pins I can make easily.”

She handed them out one by one to everyone. “Later on, we can add some enchantments but right now they are ordinary tie pins.” We all took our time to slide them on our tie. I looked up at Rob. “And the blood pact you want us all to make?” The room tense again. Edde stepping forward, briefly glancing over at Emily. Well, well. Emily was involved in this. “These are really serious things, so it was hard to think up of the basic ones but this is what we came up with was one basic principle to start with: The Chimaeram Society will remain a secret to everyone not part of it. If there is anything else we can add it on later through regular club rules.”

Everyone sighed in relief. They all seemed to be expecting much worse. I sighed. “Isn’t that too vague?” Emily nodded her head. “I think so, which is why I thought we should start with something like: (1) no talking about the Chimaeram Society with anyone not part of it, (2) no writing about the Chimaeram Society with anyone not part of it and (3) no introducing new members to the Chimaeram Society without a majority approval of current members.” All of us looked around the room. Quiet a few people were looking at Albus. He seemed unsure but nodded. “I can prove easily that Scorpius should be a part of this.” I looked at him unsure. If he thought he could that was on him.

Tir looked over us all. “Is everyone sure about this? You have to before we begin.” Every single one of them slowly nodded their heads. Why was it so easy for them to come to this conclusion? My brother look over at me. I agree, people were stupid. They had no idea what they were signing up for.

Louis smiled at everyone. “Remember, we are taking this oath for everyone in school. This isn’t about anything else but making sure Hogwarts becomes a safe and happy environment for all of its students.” His ability to entice people combined with his inspiration words really worked. It was as if many of them temporarily forget their own personal agendas. Slowly everyone nodded their heads.

Each of the four house heads held out their wands. Rob taking a deep breath. “Everyone hold out your arm.” We all followed his instructions. Tir’s wand lit up first. “This is going to sting and because their is so many of us it may look weirder than the ones we see in books.” I could hear a few people gulp.” Louis’ wand lit up next. “You can’t move during the process so take a deep breath before we start.”

Everyone took a deep breath. Edde’s wand lit up. “Repeat after me, but use your name. ‘I swear that I will not talk or write about the Chimaeram Society with anyone not part of it. I also swear that I will not introduce any new members without majority approval.”

The phrase was repeated twenty four more times.

A blood red Ouroboros formed on everyone’s wrist. It lasted only for a moment but in that moment it glowed such a dreadful red.

The walk back to our dorms afterwards was silent. Everyone had their own thoughts on their mind. Even Albus was quiet.

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