Chapter 4 : Conversations At Lunch

I walked out of the classroom quickly. The entire time I could feel Albus’ gaze on me. Cena cracking up laughing next to me. “I don’t think you need to be in a rush to lunch.” Ethel nodding her head. “They’ll be at our table anyways.” I ignored their comments and kept walking. Wibert throwing me a life line. “It’s most likely about her brother. They are attached at the hip.” The other two nodded as we reached the doors to the main hall.

The beautiful and giant room lay before me. There was something warm about seeing all four tables and those having fun in them. My brother stood up when he noticed us and waved his hand. He was sitting next to a blonde girl I‌ hadn’t met yet. They seemed to be getting along so I‌ sat on his other side. My brother smiled and introduced the girl. “This is Ophelia.” I nodded my head. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled brightly. “You too.” The girl on the other side of her leaned forward to introduce herself. “Honore.” I‌ noted my brother’s slightly displeased expression.

Cena slid down next to me. A light-hearted smile on his face as he whispered. “Ophelia is a Burke. She’s pretty innocent unlike the rest of her family.” I followed his eyes to a silver-haired and blonde-haired boy farther down the table. “The other is a Lestrange…” I‌ made no comment but nodded my head. Ophelia cutting in to our conversation. “I‌ heard about the game you and Albus played.”

A voice a bit away cut in to the conversation. “People are already talking about it.” I‌ looked at the young boy confused. Ethel without even looking up introduced the boy. “That’s Oliver Nott. He’s the biggest busy body in the castle.” Oh. The young boy chuckled a bit. “So you don’t want to know about the upcoming surprise test we may or may not have in DADA.” I watched her cutlery pause for a brief moment but she said nothing. Oliver cracked up laughing. The girl by his side hitting his arm. “Ollie.”

Wibert shrugged. “That’s Oliver’s girl friend, Adrastea.” Why was I suddenly learning everyone’s names? I reached out for my brother’s hand underneath the table. He took it readily. He was a much stronger person then me once he calmed down. Ailean looked at me with a soft smile. “Anyone you want to introduce me to?” I looked at him skeptically. “You did make friends right?” Cena answered him for me. “Your sister making friends?”

Ailean glared at him. “What else would she make?” He threw his hands up. “Protective much? I’m not interested in your sister like that.” I saw Cyst slide into the table. “Who would be?” Ailean narrowed his eyes at her. Rob sliding in next to her and trying to diffuse the situation. “Let’s leave it here.” He turned to me. “Aren’t you going to say anything?” I‌ shook my head. “I’m not really interested if Cyst would want to date me?” Most of the people around us cracked up laughing.

To my horror Scorpius chose to sit next to me on my other side. Of course, Albus besides him. He smiled at me widely. “Having a fun day so far?” I‌ looked at him like he was stupid. “Why are you sitting here?” Scorpius eyes swam nervously. “Because I’m in Slytherin House?” Ethel rejoining the conversation. “Don’t mind him. Scorpius is just excited at the idea of another oddball friend.” I watched the cousins awkward banter begin. “There isn’t anything wrong with wanting more friends, Ethel.” She pointed the knife at me. “There isn’t anything wrong with being choosy about one’s friends.” Scorpius sighed. “She is in Slytherin House.” Ethel shrugging. “That’s barely a standard these days.”

I‌ sighed. “Does everyone here lack manners?” Albus scoffed. “I‌’m sure you aren’t the guide of manners.” Oliver leaning over from down the table. “I‌ can’t wait to tell the Griffindors. Albus Potter salty over his loss to unknown new orphan girl.” Adrastea chuckling by his side. “You’ll set James off for a week.” I‌ watched Albus seem to almost twitch. “Someone is starting to sound more like Rita Skeeter.” Oliver simply shrugged at the idea. “I’d make a solid salary.”

Ailean sighed. “Is every lunch going to be like this?” Ophelia smiled. “Thinking about the future isn’t so bad. I’d like to work Wizard Wheezes.” Cyst shook her head in disappointment. “You would have to be a joke to work for a Weasley.” Rob chuckled to himself. “Or at least know how to tell one.” I‌ watched the young girl get agitated. “I am plenty funny.” Everyone in the table shook their heads no. Sulli seemed to finally arrive  at the table. “What is everyone talking about?” Rob pushed over a mug of something towards her. “How unfunny Ophelia is.” She nodded her head and looked at her. “You really have no humor what so ever.” What blunt thing to say…

Albus interrupted the conversation. “Doesn’t matter either way. She’d never get hired.” Sulli looked at Albus shocked. “He speaks his mind now?” They all nodded their heads. Albus looked annoyed. “I‌ was never mute.” She shrugged. “Yea, but you were always a quiet sourpuss.” The silver-haired boy down the table scoffed. “Quiet. The child stands as an obnoxiously loud sign.” Scorpius looked at him annoyed. “Give it a rest, Serpens.” I turned to look at Cena. He nodded his head. That was Ophelia’s cousin. Another Burke.

Serpens shook his head in disappointment. “A failure of a pure blood such as yourself shouldn’t have a comment on anything.” Albus cut in between them. “Still upset about your family being in‌ Azkaban?” Ailean looked at everyone confused. “Isn’t that your giant prison?” Why was he interrupting the conversation… I looked at my brother confused. Why was he ignoring me?! Albus smiled. “It’s a terrible place.” Scorpius looked away uncomfortably. Serpens glared at Albus. “A terrible place filled with people who hate you.” Ophelia looked uncomfortable. “Serpens…” The silver-haired conceited prick smiled widely. “Shouldn’t the orphans at least know that the one trying to become friends with them is hated by most of their other housemates.”

I looked at him annoyed. Smug assholes were the worst. “Shouldn’t you know by now us Orphans don’t care about your last names and what comes with it.” Ailean nodded his head. “It seems Potter, Malfoy and Burke are all last names we should be glad not to have.” The table started to crack up laughing. Scorpius and Albus had small smiles on their faces; while, Serpens looked like someone had stabbed him. “At least there’s family attached to my name. You two have nothing.” The entire table got quiet. I‌ watched Ailean’s hair swirl between red and black. His eyes getting red and slit like as well. Cena and Sulli seemed to watching him as well. Although, both just seemed curious. I turned to look at Rob. He was just sitting their silently. Rob was also watching the show.

I‌ looked at Serpens. “I‌ have a wonderful brother.” Serpens rolled his eyes and pointed to the younger blonde-haired boy. “As do I. Anything else?” Ailean nodded his head. “We have Cadmael.” The entire table froze. Serpens finally cracking a smirk that seemed to say ‘I am superior’. “Your guardian is Cadmael Yaxley. The crazy hermit Cadmael Yaxley.” I‌ turned my head on him. “Who cares about a nick name or whatever. Cadmael is a great guardian.” Ailean nodded his head. “And he isn’t in Azkaban.” Ethel put her cup of tea down. “No, He was one of the few Death Eaters that were pardoned.” Ailean looked down uncomfortably. I could only shrug. “So, that’s not our problem. Sounds like it yours.”

Ophelia looked suddenly very offended. While, my new ‘friends’ still just seemed amused. “How can you say that? They did horrible awful things.” I‌ shrugged. “Bad people do good things. Good people do bad things. Why should I‌ care about which ever was the other person. They aren’t in our lives.” She was definitely now offended. “Because it’s a matter of what is right and wrong.” I rolled my eyes. “That sort of stuff changes all the time.” Ophelia hit the table. “That doesn’t mean a person should lose their own moral compass.” Ailean glared at her. His hair a now a dark red. His eyes a dark black. “Says someone who has had a privileged life.” They all turned to look at my brother.

He continued speaking. “You all had the luxury to sit around and worry about what is right and wrong. That is a privilege for those who can afford it.” She started to stammer. “Just because my family has money… It doesn’t mean I-”I interrupted her. “Yes, it does.”  Rob cut in awkwardly. “I think we’ve found the place to stop for the day.” Cena nodded his head. “Yes, the entertainment has turned too serious.” I scoffed at him. “What, you all can’t handle the truth. Pure bloods, half bloods, muggle born or not all you have pretty cushy lives here.” Ailean nodded his head. “Certainly, to be able to sit around and casually discuss crimes of those unrelated to them.” I nodded my head at his statement. “Not actually having to worry about how it effects them.” Ailean continuing, “Or the consequences of their actions.”

The entire table by us was silent. Serpens being the one to speak. “The orphan children think they are so smart. If you wanted to debate this nonsense you should of just asked for Ravenclaw.” I just started eating again. “What would be the fun in that.” Ailean’s hair returned to its blue green and his eyes to their normal dark blue brown. A small smile on my face. “If I didn’t take advantage of my pure blood status I wouldn’t be able to make your life miserable, Serpens.” Cyst broke the tension with her loud laughter. “She’s pretty funny. Ophelia you should learn from her.” Sulli nodded her head. “That’s better than any joke you’ve tried to make.”

Ophelia started eating more annoyed then ever. “Fred finds me funny.” Adrastea shook her head in disappointment. “He has such poor tastes in women and humor.” Oliver smiled. “The one with poor taste is Louis. He actually finds her funny and he isn’t dating her.” I turned to look at Albus. “Your family has the worst tastes.” A small smile appeared on his face. “I doubt she’ll end up family.”

Cena leaned towards me so he could whisper quietly. “The one she really likes is James. How long she stays with Fred is an in-house wager if you’d like to join in.” I‌ nodded my head. “Later, when I know more.” Cena winked as he leaned away from me.

Ailean squeezed my hand under the table even harder. What was on his mind?


Azkaban History

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