Chapter 40: Geneology

All of us shuffled into the Great Hall after the break after breakfast. Classes today had been canceled. The Headmistress explained why, “As you know it is customary for the visiting schools to perform an opening entrance. We’ve already gone over the simple steps but we will now combine it with the individual portion’s you’ve chosen as a house and practice the complete entrance.” We had decided on an individual portion? We had practiced this said individual portion?

She turned to Hufflepuff. They seemed to be going first. Emily and Hugh stepped forward. Hugh even seemed a little bit happy for once. “We decided since we were going first to make sure everyone had proper refreshments.” Emily cracked up laughing. “We will happily be providing Butter Beer and classic Hogwart’s desserts for all.” She gestured towards the corner where a few House Elves were waiting. It seemed they had already made the food arrangements. The Headmistress nodded her head. “Proceed then.”

I watched the Hufflepuff students trot out on time with their hands clenched behind their backs to appear as if they were skipping joyfully. In rows they began to twirl causing yellow lights and sparkles to appear in rhythm. From them would be where the food and drinks would appear on the table. When they were down they bowed and then side stepped back. It was simple, elegant, beautiful and humble. I definitely clapped earnestly at their performance. Sometimes, I wished my life lead me to them.

Patsy ran forward eagerly. “And now comes the Sho-” She was cut off. “We have already discussed your performance Miss Rooks and I believe the answer was no.” Benjamin stepped forward and smiled. “Of course, Headmistress. I promise we reigned her in and created something safe.” He was met with a nod of approval and a gesture to perform.

The house side stepped from behind the Hufflepuffs to in front of them. The fading pale lights began to pulse in rainbow colors until staying at a bright blue. As they danced various Ravenclaw students used the lights to make shapes or designs in the air. It went on smoothly until they were all thrown towards Patsy. Her rainbow teeth glowing brightly as they formed above her in a line before exploding into a storm of blue and bronze colored confetti that settled on the form of an eagle. It seems she had misunderstood the advice I had given her. The Headmistress sighed. “It will be toned down before we depart tomorrow, Benjamin.” He nodded his head and turned to smile at Patsy, who was too busy enjoying the applause. A hint of a smile appearing on my face as the corner of my mouth tilted up. When Patsy wasn’t directly in your face she was a marvel to watch.

James stepped forward. “It doesn’t matter how flashy they make it. It can’t outshine what we came up with.” We all turned to look at him. He was just so damn arrogant. The sound of a lion’s roar appeared as the Gryffindor students jumped from the sides or above to in front of where the Ravenclaw students would of been standing. Ostentatious assholes per usual. Their performance centered around James and his crew. It was filled with feats of athleticism and fun magic. Images of red and gold, lions and swords filled the air or reenacted. It ended with James beheading a snake. Everyone turned to look at Slytherin. Sadly for them no one seemed to react. It was obviously expected from them.

The Headmistress looked at James. “Absolutely not.” James looked at her excited. “But our house led the charge to defeat Voldemort. It is import history for our house! We should show it.” There were whispers and noises between the students. The Professors looked over at the Headmistress uncomfortably. Before she could say anything Rob stepped forward. Everyone turning to look at him. An annoying smile was on his face. “Headmistress, I think the ending is fine.” Sounds of shock filled the room. Gryffindor house the loudest. They thought we’d complain. As if Rob would allow such a thing under his reigns.

Rob smiled warmly. “It is true that it is an important history of their house and a big success story for our school. Even if it was a success from help with students from many houses it is a success that a combat school like Durmstrung would appreciate. I think it is fine to remind them of our school’s accomplishments.” Some of the Professors and students were looking at him gratefully and warmly. Others looked at him skeptical or annoyed. Meanwhile, the Headmistress seemed unsure of it. “I will think about it tonight. Show us your individual portion.” He nodded his head.

Rob snapped his fingers and a line of Slytherin students walked forward from the side and blew out dark green powder from their palms. Since Sulli was in line I’m sure it was her creation. Cena pulled us with him as the rest of us gracefully walked through the smoke and bowed politely. Silver sparkles appearing on our house robes. Ailean was led to be my partner for what seemed to be a waltz? All of us were dancing? Silver and green sparkles lingering in the air as we twirled. They were like a silent but powerful storm of dust that covered and pushed out the ostentatious red lights. This wasn’t so hard to learn last minute.

I shouldn’t of spoken. The music picked up slightly and everyone stepped back except my brother and I. Cena’s voice appearing by my ear. “We heard you can dance.” My eyes catching the annoying smirks of Tir and Li. My brother’s nails piercing into me to get my attention. I nodded my head and changed the dance. We could improvise a set of steps and twirls that led to him show his transfiguration abilities. One that would wipe that smirk off of James’ face. My brother and I dancing with each other until he circled himself around me as a large dark green snake. He snapped at the James for a moment before our housemates returned around us so he could return to normal to bow politely at the end.

Rob stepping forward smiling. “As you can see Professor, we have no qualms about including a serpent in one’s performance.” Now everyone was looking at James. He looked completely agitated. “That is ridiculous. There is no way that can be allowed.” Rob looked at him confused. “Why not? That is a natural ability for him. He simply turned into our house mascot.” Rob flinched and turned to look at the Headmistress. She didn’t look happy but nodded. “I will allow it.” Everyone in the room having their own expression and sound to the announcement.

She clapped her hands. “Now, let us practice the entire thing from start to finish with everyone’s parts. It must look seamless and wonderful.” Everyone in the room moved to the front doors to do a run through. James shot Rob a look. He only smiled and shrugged. We would have to confirm our individual part.

During the break James and his group came over. Was he seriously going to complain about the snake thing again? It was already approved. Houde spoke first. “Didn’t Voldemort have a secret kid?” Some of the students turned to look over at us. The Professor were at the other end of the hall. It was perfect timing for them. Rob didn’t seem bothered. “I wouldn’t call it a secret if the child was announced to the public?” Elias crossed his arms. “There could be others. The other Death Eaters could of had them.”

Emily walked over annoyed. “Why are you even bringing such a thing up? We are supposed to be practicing for our entrances.” James glared at us. “Because, it calls into question who the parents of those two are. To be able to turn into a snake.” More and more students were looking at us. Ailean rolled his eyes and his head shifted into that of a bunny for a moment. “I’m a metamorphmagus I can shift into many things. I became a snake for my house’s performance.” Students began to calm down. A bunny could never be threatening.

Florence interrupted. “Turning into a full animal like that isn’t something any metamorphagus can do!” I rolled my eyes at her. “Do you know many meramorphmagus then?” She grit her teeth. Shannon glaring at me. “No, because it is an ability only passed down by certain pure blood families. As in the Death Eater families.” Everyone looked tense again. Sulli looked up from her notebook. She had started working on notes as soon as the break started. “It is a fact that Death Eaters were not just select pure blood families and there are many families related to said pure blood Death Eaters that were not ones: such as the Potters and the Weasleys.”

James marched over to her. “Take that lie back right now!” Tir stepped in-between the two of them. “I’m not going to let you harm her over a fact you can find in any book on genealogy, James.” He looked over at a worried Florence and sighed. James taking a step back. “Your lucky Florence likes you or else I would shut you up for a comment like that Carrow.”

Houde walked over. “Isn’t it basically a fact that one of their parents was a Death Eater. With all of these other facts involved. Like how their mother disappeared from the country, was never listed on any official document, Cadmael Yaxley the known Death Eater associate pure blood as their guardian, Ailean being a metamorphmagus and their placement into Slytherin house.” Many of the Slytherin students stood up. Rob being one of them. “You better not be saying Slytherin students are the same as Death Eaters.” He shook his head no. “Of course not, you just haven’t been caught yet for your crimes.” A few students went to walk forward but Rob held them back. “Leave it. As a Flint he is over conscious of his family’s ties to Death Eaters.” A few of my housemates smirking at Houde’s reaction. Cena was one of the students who was not.

Ailean stood up. His hair was a horrendous mix of reds, blacks and oranges. My brother was completely enraged by this performance. “My mother’s name was Muireann.” Shannon interrupted him. “And her last name!” I stood up. “There was never a last name recorded. However she entered the country it was illegally that is a fact, but according to the documents on her and comparison with documents the Magical Government had their is an impossibility of her being a Death Eater. And any pure blood from the family lines you mentioned would of had their children illegitimate or not recorded.” Ailean nodded his head. “There are absolutely no records of our mother existing in any of those family trees. And your government worked very hard to try and see if there was.” Many of the onlooking students looked over uncomfortable. At their age no one really wanted to be involved with such heavy things.

Elias scoffed. “A lack of proof doesn’t mean she wasn’t one.” Sulli glared at him. “It also means she wasn’t one.” The two half siblings glared at each other. Ailean glared at all the Gryffindors, “Whomever my mother belonged to died alongside her. If you want to know you are free to go find her grave.”  I glared at them. “Her body was dumped in one of the forests if you can find it. We certainly were unable too.” The air grew somber. More and more students, while still unsure of their own stance, looked own at the confronting Gryffindors as relentless and cruel. Ailean’s hair and eyes turning completely black. “So you can take all those facts and shove them up your red asses.”

I put my arm around him. “Ailean, enough.” He shook his head. “I hate them. I hate all of you. Being so presumptuous all the time. Thinking you know everything.” I looked at Faolan. He quickly appeared on Ailean’s other side and tried to help me pull him back. Rob stepping forward. “That’s enough, James. The professors are coming back and enough trauma has been shared.”

They all turned to look at the upset Professors. James scoffing as he led his people back. Faolan giving Ailean a quick squeeze before returning to his housemates. I bent my head down to appear as if I was consoling him. “You can’t get so agitated, Ailean.” A sarcastic chuckle could be heard in his whispered response. “I only let a little slip. Think of it as foundations.” My arms squeezed around him tighter. “As gambling on one you mean?” My immature brother pinched me. “Shut up. This is what I do, remember?”

I sighed and leaned away. “It’s just a slip up so be careful.” My eyes watered as I looked at him like a nurturing concerned sister. All eyes on us. My hands patting his head slowly and gently. “I will.”

The hall had become awkwardly silent. No one moved or said anything. Of all people, It was Pembrooke who moved first. She pulled out a bag of cookies from her pocket. “I baked cookies for today.” Scorpius cutting in after her. “These are your Coconut Calmies you talked about, right?” She shook her head no. “They’re called Raspberry Restorations.”

He nodded his head seriously. “That’s too bad. I had already started a jingle for the Coconut ones.” The atmosphere in the room relaxing. People slowly going back to what they were doing. I looked over at Pembrooke. She was nervous still but happy to be of help.

Whoever said Hufflepuffs weren’t brave were idiots… The one standing in front of me seemed amazing right now.

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