Chapter 41: I Will Give Them Medicine

Everyone’s school trunks were lined up. Each stuffed to the brim no doubt with uniforms, goodies and gifts. In front of us was a horde of Thestral pulled carriages. It seems we would be taking them to Durmstrung. Each carriage had been expanded by Cadmael’s company to ensure maximum space for occupants and their belongings. Tents had been packed into one that were meant for each house.

The carriages didn’t seem to be required to be filled by house or age so many people were going with their friends. Ethel was already tucked away in a corner reading with Wibert closing his eyes besides her. Cena slipped in next to him to play cards and chat with Emily. She seemed so happy to be with him. As if it was a romantic getaway just for the two of them. Edde sat besides her. He was leaning forward so he could talk to Faolan and my brother. It seems the young boy Jack was besides him trying to get a word in their conversation. Avis and Pembrooke were besides Jack. Pembrooke seemed busy sorting through the different treats she prepared for the trip with Scorpius as her aid. Albus and Avis shaking their heads at their best friends’ resolve for candy.

That left me to sit in another corner besides Albus. Isolda and Cyrus were too busy cuddling across from me to be any help in getting him to ignore me. My eyes trying their best to stay on the newspaper in my hands and not on the crowd of misfits and hooligans in my carriage. The sound of the door opening for Tir and Li.  I reinforced my determination to not look up.

Li pushing his way between Albus and I. “What are you reading?” I tilted the Daily Prophet towards him. The cover was filled with clips of Durmstrung students cheering in excitement for the upcoming tournament. Albus leaned over Li to glance at the bottom article on the front page. It was Delphini Lestrange’s photo. She was currently at large. He found himself pushed back by Li and that irritating smile of his. “Are you excited for the tournament?” No.

I shrugged at him. “As much as I can be…? Maybe?” He chuckled. “Seriously? How can you maybe be excited?” Albus scoffed at him. “How can you not understand what it means to be maybe excited for something.” The two began to bicker and I turned to look out the window. The thestrals had begun to run over the water already. We were on our way.

병 주고 약 다 (Byeong jugo yak junda)


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