Chapter 6 : James Potter

I walked back towards the main hall. All that time with Kneazles was surprisingly more tiring than one would expect. It didn’t help either that after Tir and Li left a bunch of people were staring at me. Even now they were looking. It was especially tense from the Gryffindor students. What had I‌ really done to them? I‌ entered the main hall. Fleeing made one early to places. Barely anyone was there yet. It was great. Sitting down almost alone at the table. Everyone else to occupied finishing whatever they had to finish before their friends arrived. Hopefully, if I‌ was lucky, I could convince everyone to leave me alone this meal. I leaned forward and put my head on the table. Days felt so long here.


That wasn’t a voice of someone I‌ talked to. I‌ begrudgingly looked up. Red robes. Yellow robes. “Yes?” Yet another arrogant and cocky looking boy stood before me. “You know who I am right? No need to go through introductions?” I‌ shook my head no. “Why should I‌ know who you are? Or help you keep bad manners?” All those around him looked shocked. The boy in front of her nodded his head. “I‌ get it. Your whole act. Who cares about the Potters.” I looked him up and down. Smug, check. Arrogant, check. Self entitled, check. Hordes of followers, check. “I‌ should of guessed Potter; you’re right. You fit all the boxes.” A reddish brown haired boy besides him rolled his eyes. “I’ve seen you with Cena. You should be a better actor.”

I‌ sighed. “I’m assuming then you are Cena’s miserable and disliked brother?” The boy, I now know as James, seemed to grow even more irritated. “You think I’m going to let you talk to Houde the same way you talk to Albus.” I‌ tilted my head in mock confusion. “You assume I‌ talk to Albus as if he’s a miserable and disliked brother?” A small smile on my face. I‌ can’t help that I smile when I‌ get nervous and uncomfortable.

James glared at me. “You Slytherins are all alike.” My smile got bigger. “Are we? Yet, here I‌ am not wanting to put up with your bullshit. That doesn’t sound like something Albus would do.” He pulled me up by my arm. “Don’t talk about Albus.” I‌ rolled my eyes at him. “Or what. We are in the middle of the main hall and everyone is looking.” James turned his head to notice that indeed everyone was looking. Including the Professors who had arrived. James let go of my arm.

Annoyingly, Albus and Scorpius were the next to arrive. Albus looking at his brother. “James.” I watched James look down on his brother- literally and figuratively. Albus had it hard in the brother department, huh. “Albus what are you doing hanging around a girl like this.” Scorpius peeked around to give me a questioning look. I‌ raised my shoulders in confusion. Mouthing  him the words, “I have no idea either.” Albus crossed his arms. “How is it your business who I talk to in my house. In Slytherin House.”

James walked away from me towards Albus and Scorpius. I‌ noticed Cena and them finally arrived, silently by my side. None of them were helpful. “It’s exactly because you are in Slytherin House it’s my business. After five years with these people surely you have realized by now how miserable and insufferable they are.” Albus glared at his brother. “Aren’t you really the miserable and insufferable one.”

I turned towards the incoming Rob. Professor Rhiannon by his side. He knew how to choose professors well. “That’s enough of this Potters.” We all watched him turn around and flinch. “Professor Rhiannon.” Our House Head glared down at the boy. “Grabbing another student, insulting a group of students… Is this how your father would want you to behave.” James looked at her annoyed. He doesn’t seem to like our potions teacher very much. “But Professor they started it first.”

“That’s utter nonsense, James. We all saw you start it.” Said that annoying voice. I‌ turned to look at Tir and Li. Around them was a group of Ravenclaw students who had been watching. Professor Rhiannon looked at him. “Is that true Tir? Did James start this?” He nodded his head. “Yes, Professor. James walked over to our side of the room and threatened Hyo-Eun with Houde. When she said she wasn’t going to talk to him he insulted her. After that he started to insult Slytherin House and his brother. When she said for him to leave he grabbed her. That’s when Albus walked in.” Professor Rhiannon turned to Albus. “Is that when you walked in?”

Everyone watched Albus look at his brother. It was a cold look for someone who was supposed to be closely related. “It is Professor. James grabbed her arm and got mad at me for trying to stop him. That’s when you arrived. When he was mad at me for not being in Gryffindor.” We all turned to look at the Professor. She looked even madder at James. “All houses are equal Mr. Potter. How many times are we going to have to remind you of that.”

James scoffed at her. “You’re only taking their side because you were in Slytherin Professor. That’s not fair.” We all felt a giant shadow loom over us. “You shouldn’t be talkin’ like that James. ‘Arry would not be happy to see ’yer fighting ‘yer brother. Or grabbing a girl’s arm.” James looked at Hagrid shocked. “But Hagrid-” Professor Rhiannon interrupted him before he could say anything. “That is Professor Hagrid. Family friendships mean nothing within these school walls, Mr. Potter. Gryffindor has lost twenty house points for this group behavior.”

Professor Rhiannon’s eyes scanned over the group that arrived with James. Her eyes settling back on him. “Mr. Houde and you will have three months of detention- taking care of the storerooms with no magic allowed.” Houde looked at her shocked. James infuriated. “THREE MONTHS!” He turned to Hagrid. “Hagrid!” The half-giant shook his head no. “You shouldn’t put your hands on ‘er, James.” Houde looked at the Professor nervously before stuttering out, “And Albus and Hyo-Eun… How many months for them?”

Professor Rhiannon looked down at him annoyed. Hagrid disappointed. “’Yer asking to punish the girl…” James answered for him. “That’s right. I‌ only came to say something because she was bullying my brother.” Professor Rhiannon rolled her eyes at him. “It doesn’t matter in any case. You shouldn’t of been here. You are holding up dinner.” She looked up at Albus. “Do you have anything to say about being bullied by your housemate?” Everyone turned to look at him. He had been a lot bolder since the start of this year.

Albus shook his head no. “No, Professor.” Scorpius cut in to the conversation. “He’s surprisingly getting along well with everyone.” A few of the Slytherin and Ravenclaw students chuckled. Albus getting along with people was impossible. Professor Rhiannon nodded her head. “That’s what I‌ thought.” She turned to Rob. “I was right in choosing you for Head Boy. You’ve done a marvelous job ensuring we’ve been a wonderful example.” Her eyes looking over at Gryffindor’s current Head Boy, James. “Unlike some of the other houses…” She clapped her hands. “All of you return to your tables. It’s time for dinner.” They all started to walk away. Houde pulling James away back towards their side of the room. He seemed to want to keep going. “Leave it James. We can say something to the Headmistress later…”

All of us sat down at the table. How did Albus end up sitting next to me? I poured myself some tea. “I’m not going to thank you.” He just poured himself his own tea. “I don’t remember asking for one.” Scorpius leaned forward. “Seeing that look on James’ face!” Everyone around them started to nod. Rob smiling. “Well done, Albus. Took you five years but you are finally acting like a proper house mate.” Cena cracking up laughing. “On my idiotic brother’s face!” Ethel cheered Cena. “That was great.” Wibert reaching around to pat him on the shoulder. “Good on you, mate.” Cyst flipping her hair back. “Yes, well. I‌ suppose at least one Potter has some common decency.” Rob wrapped his arm around her shoulders and laughed. Scorpius giving Albus an encouraging look.

My brother walked up to the table. “What’s going on? Why is everyone looking at our table?” Besides him was Ophelia and Honore. I‌ shrugged. Oliver, of course, from a bit away told him everything. “James came up to tell your sister off, grabbed her, got insulted for it by Albus and got all of Gryffindor in trouble right before their game.” Ophelia looked so upset. “You got James in trouble!” She started to walk towards the Gryffindor table. Everyone in the room watching her. I looked up at Honore. “Aren’t you going to follow her?” She shook her head no. “She’s fine over there. Fred won’t let anyone say anything.” Serpens scoffed to himself not so quietly.

Adrastea changing the topic of conversation. “I‌ heard you are hanging out with Tir tomorrow night.” Ailean sat down between Albus and I‌ very quickly. “You are going out with who tomorrow night?” Oliver smiled. “The 5th year prefect of Ravenclaw. The playboy one.” Ailean glared at me. “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t start trouble?” I looked away awkwardly. “I swear I’m not. It’s the damn Potters fault.” Albus smiled. “Don’t blame me for your mess.” Scorpius nodded his head. “You could of said no to the date.” Ailean’s hair turned red. “DATE.”

I‌ fell forward and groaned. “I‌ just wanted to eat quietly tonight.” Cena pat me on the back. Sulli pushing her way into the table late. “So, I‌ heard the Gryffindors complaining. Hyo-Eun has a date with Tir? Chelsey is already fed up with it.” All the Slytherin’s eyes started to sparkle at almost the exact same time. It was if an evil light bulb went off inside all of them with perfect timing. Rob smiling. “Gryffindor’s seeker is having a bad day, huh.” Cyst turned to the Slytherin House’s seeker, Honore. “Seems like you’ll be having quite a few good days for awhile.” I‌ turned to Honore. “You’re our seeker?” She nodded her head. “Reserve, but Oblonsky got injured during his trip home.” I looked around for more explanation. Oliver smiling. He did love to share news. “His older brother graduated from Durmstrung. They are big into dueling and he lost. Badly.” I nodded my head in understanding. “I’m sure Honore is better then him.”

Honore shrugged. “I assume so. In any case, we have a solid team this year. It’s pretty well balanced compared to the other teams.” Rob gratefully explained. “Gryffindor has Chelsey, who is the best seeker we have right now. Ravenclaw has a solid seeker and the best chaser of the year. Hufflepuff’s keeper is no joke.” Cena interrupting him. “She’s amazing. I’ll give her that.” Right, Cena was our keeper… Ailean looked curious. “So our time is just the well balanced one.” Rob smiled. “Ethel and Scorpius are pretty good beaters.” I‌ looked at Scorpius shocked. “You’re a beater?” He nodded his head. “It helps me stay positive. I‌ just imagine it is every boy after Rose.” I‌ looked at Albus. He shook his head no. “I don’t play.” Adrastea giggled. “He just cheers for his boyfriend from the stands.”

I looked at her and nodded. “Oh, that makes a lot of sense.” They all nodded their heads. Scorpius face turning bright red. Albus’ looking white. “It’s not like that. I‌ just said I‌ liked Rose.” Albus nodded his head. “It’s true. He has the worst taste in women.” Scorpius turned to him. “Says the man who liked Delphi!” The two started to bicker and we watched them. Finally, I‌ turned away. “Old married couples are boring.”


Harry Potter 19 Years Later

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