Chapter 9 : H

I was walking down the halls with Ethel, Wibert and Cena. Scorpius and Albus almost seemed like stalkers the way they hovered in our shadows. Karl and his lot as well. When we reached the Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) classroom I saw Tir and Li waving. Cena pushing me forward towards the Ravenclaws. “Go have fun with your man.”

I‌ completely ignored his comment and headed over. The two of them were smiling. Their friends looking over curious. Tir looking at me sympathetically. He was a pretty great actor. “We heard what Karl said. You feeling alright?” Li hit his arm. “Tir, you shouldn’t be so straightforward about these things.” The duo were a good team. They were really believable together. “It’s fine. You kind of get used to those comments. Can’t be helped right?” They looked at me sad. A girl besides them shaking her head no. “Don’t. You shouldn’t get used to such nonsense.” It was my turn to act. I smiled at her. My award winning hint of sadness in it on full display. “If we had parents I’m sure they would be the type to want us to not be such an arse back.” The boy besides her shook her head. “You had quite a tongue back there.” The girl besides him hitting him.

My smile grew bigger. “I said that’s what they might of wanted. Not that I was always good about it. When people insult my little brother I‌ get a bit rash.” He looked away awkwardly. Tir and Li smiling more. You two weren’t the only actors. “I didn’t mean it like that. Your brother seems okay.” I‌ looked at him confused. “You’ve met my brother?” The girl besides him nodded her head. “Your brother is pretty funny. Cyrus brother is in the same year as him. Obsessed with him metamorphmagus. He takes it so well.”

I chuckled a bit. “Yea, he’s a bit used to that.” Cyrus looked even more awkward. “I’ll try to ask him to back off a little. Ailean doesn’t have to be a spectacle.” I shook my hands no. “No, please, don’t worry. Between us, I’m pretty sure Ailean likes the attention. He’s quite shy and it forces him to talk to the people who approach him.” Cyrus nodded his head. “I see.” The girl besides him hugged him in relief. “I’ll keep watch on him too, just in case.” I smiled at the two of them. “Thanks.” The girl sticking her hand out. “I’m Isolda by the way.” I shook her hand. “Hyo-Eun….You already know that though.”

Isolda giggled. “Of course. We all heard Tir asked you out tonight.” I turned to look at him. He pretended to glance away awkwardly. “I’m normally not the one who asks.” Li leaning against his table sighing. “He always makes the beauties go to him.”‌ I looked at Tir warily. “I’m not sure if I‌ should show up now. My date seems like an arse.” Cyrus nodded his head. “Oh he is.” Tir glaring at him. “Don’t talk about your prefect that way.”

Isolda took my hand. “Go, give Tir a chance. Somewhere down there there is a heart that needs to be healed.” Since the entire Ravenclaw house and some others were watching I‌ nodded. “Well, if he is brave enough to have asked me I could give him one night.” Li pulled me towards Tir. He bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “My thank, my lady.”

I took a step back. “I’m not your lady.” He smiled cockily. “Yet.” Everyone turned to see the teacher walk in. Ignoring Tir I waved to the other three. “See you guys later.” Apparently, the only open seat was by Scorpius and Albus. Cena was smiling at me. Albus on the other hand looked annoyed. “You are really going out with that playboy?” I sighed. “Since when is that your business Potter?” Scorpius giggled. Albus growing annoyed. “It’s Al-” I cut him off. “Albus Severus Potter. You’ve mentioned it before.” I turned my head on him to look at the Professor. Class was starting.

Scorpius was doing his best to cover up his laughter. Cena turning around to flash me a thumbs up. This scoundrel was another reason for all my problems.

The class was absolutely more boring than expected. Basics for beginners? How would textbook reading and common sense explanations actually help anyone. The entire class was just boring. Only Ethel seemed engaged enough to answer the Professor’s questions and that was only for display- not interest.

A note appearing on my desk. It was from Scorpius?

Thanks for before.


I slid the note into my textbook and wrote one back.

Not needed. It wasn’t for you two.


A few moments later a new one arrived.

You don’t actually hate us?


When I‌ saw it I‌ groaned. All I wanted was to have them move on from this idea of talking to me.


Just don’t want to be involved with what comes with a Malfoy and a Potter.


I‌ noticed Scorpius expression looked sad when he read the note. It wasn’t my problem. We all have things to live with us. His was his parents. Mine was a lack of them. Sadly, a response made its way to me.

Is it because of me? Or our dads? Or James?


Once again I‌ slid the note into my book. Writing my own note. When it was done, I raised my hand. The Professor looking my way. “Professor, I‌ really don’t want to interrupt but there is a problem.”

Scorpius looked anxious as he walked over to me. I‌ handed him a note. The Professor reading it and looking angry. “Karl Jenkins… Florence Bean.” The two students stood up surprised. One Slytherin and one Gryffindor. He held up my note and read it out loud.


I heard you aren’t keen on the new orphan as well. If you are free tonight I need you to ruin Tir and her’s date. She’ll be devastated.


The two of them looked completely shocked. Most of the students did. Tir and Li looking at me with smirks on their faces. As if I‌ did it for brownie points. Cena looking at me with a more curious smile. Ethel and Wibert seemed annoyed by the whole ordeal. Scorpius looked on anxiously. The professor continuing, “Is this true?”

The two shook their heads no. He turned to look at me. I‌ put my head down. “I’m sorry professor. I don’t want to get my house mate in trouble. I‌ know he said he hated my brother and I during breakfast… But if he helped her we would probably lose house points.”

He nodded his head. We were known to do anything when it came to house points and house loyalty. It seems he assumed house points weighed over loyalty to an arse. While Slytherin remained silent, Gryffindor’s 5th year prefect Shannon stood up out of his seat. “Professor this is ridiculous. Florence wouldn’t send a note like that. There’s no proof.”

Tir stood up. “Shannon, don’t lie to a Professor!” Apparently bowing in apology was a shocking sight for Tir. “I’m really sorry Professor. This is all my fault. Florence likes me and even though I‌ turned her down… I‌ didn’t think a date would cause such a mess.” Everyone in the room suddenly started to look at Florence harsher. She was already known to act obsessive towards Tir. So far, I had been a pretty polite and helpful student. The Professor burned the note. “The classroom isn’t the place for children’s drama to play out.” Everyone nodded.

He turned his head to Florence. “Gryffindor and Slytherin will lose 15 house points for passing notes like this in class. Since none of the accusations can be proven as Shannon has reminded us, Florence Bean shall be given one week of clean up as punishment.” Everyone in Gryffindor reacted. They all seemed upset. Shannon getting involved again. “Professor, there is no proof of anything.” He turned to look at Shannon. “Another 5 points from Gryffindor for this behavior and two weeks of cleaning for their prefect.” They all started to complain. The Professor silencing them. He turned to Tir. “Tir, don’t allow your personal habits to interrupt class again.”

Tir nodded his head. “I’m sorry, Professor.” Ravenclaw got no punishment in the end. Gryffindor took that the hardest. In the ordeal, I‌ wrote a reply to Scorpius.

This is what happens when Malfoy + Potter gets involved in things. It blows up even bigger. You two haven’t learned how to be your own people. You have no idea how to manage yourselves. Why do you think you can then ask people to endure it for you?


As the Professor returned to his desk Scorpius looked up at me. He seemed even more solemn. I ignored him and did my best to pay attention to the rest of class. The Professor calling me to stay behind. He seemed to look tired. “Hyo-Eun, if you are having problems adjusting you are free to talk to us.” I‌ nodded my head. “Yes, Professor.”

He leaned forward on his desk. “That includes issues with your house mates.” I nodded my head. “Professor, I’ve had no need to come to you before now. My brother and I‌ have been shocked by how kindly we have been treated. From all the rumors we heard it is unbelievable. Karl was a surprise. I wish I‌ hadn’t even said anything in class.” He narrowed his eyes for a moment. As if he instinctually didn’t believe me. I looked down awkwardly. “I was hoping it would alert the staff to his behavior. My brother and I‌ are prepared for things like this… But… What everyone didn’t hear was how badly he talked about other house mates. I knew no one would say anything. Rob does his best to keep it under control, but…”

The Professor sighed. It seems he understood what I was trying to say. “Hyo-Eun, you don’t have to fight other people’s battles. However, brave it was for you to do so.” Me brave? Yea, right. It was a calculation- nothing more. I looked up at him and nodded. “I’m sorry for using you Professor. My brother and I have never had people treat us like family. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t lose that. I’ve never seen him this happy. He loves this school and the people in it.”

The Professor stood up and walked over. He put his hand on my shoulder. “You don’t have to do things like this to protect your brother. You two will settle in time. There’s no need for you to try and be so clever this early.” I nodded my head in understanding. “I won’t do something like this again.” He smiled. “I’ll keep an eye out on your brother so you go learn how to have some free time.” I smiled. “Yes!” The Professor pushed me towards the door. “Now hurry along and catch up with your friends.”

I was eager to leave the classroom. My brother and I‌ had trained ourselves how to act since we were young. It’s how you survive. We got better food and shelter. The two of us learned to hide and master the unnamed gifts we had been given. The backstreets had become like our backyard. Still, it always made me sick after acting this much. My stomach knotting itself up. People were such pathetic creatures. The truth always seemed to break them apart.



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